22 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Reduce taxes
    Increase spending

    Funny that, The BS Bluebots would normally be out screaming something about Magic Money Trees. Very quiet now.

  2. goldenbrown

    FT…good to see the Chinese lads are keeping everyone safe as usual…black mirror really writes itself, doesn’t it?

  3. jonboy

    I see there are accusations of hypocrisy against AOC over her ‘Tax the Rich’ dress at an event that cost €22,000 a ticket. Why is it considered hypocrisy? If she is campaigning for more tax on herself that isn’t necessarily hypocrisy.

    Are we so conditioned to believe that taxes are completely against our own interests that it would be unbelievable to consider people with money might actually be happy to pay taxes in order to improve society?

    1. Johnny

      AOC is one the most effective political operators in New York,she rocked that dress,it was the first high profile event in NY,to send a FU to Goldman and BS,message received it appears.

      -Federal Election Commission datashows that donors including Goldman Sachs’ CEO David Solomon, Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman, and hedge fund behemoth Paul Tudor Jones have given to the campaign of Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.-


  4. Gabby

    The Kerry babies tragedy, bumbling garda investigation, brutal attitude to a female suspect & her family, and media frenzy – all coming back to haunt us after a lapse of 37 years. Remarkable advances in DNA forensics will settle one question but leave bad memories intact. Justice finally done is no balm for the afflicted.


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