‘An Undemocratic Totalitarian Regime’

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Marc MacSharry

Now you know how we all feel.

The Dáil will debate and vote on a Sinn Féin confidence motion in Simon Coveney later this evening.

More as we get it.


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26 thoughts on “‘An Undemocratic Totalitarian Regime’

    1. goldenbrown

      keep your euro and save up for a tube of Pringles, the gimps are going nowhere

      sure the clowns of destiny were even circulating some virtue signaling whatsapp poll earlier under the guise of Cosmhuintir…ya ok whatever ye say, but trough, lol

      fair play to MacSharry and all but this will go on party lines, business as usual

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        and Marc pronounced Mork, when I last saw him anyway
        has played right into Mount Street’s hands here

        when they get Jack Chambers through tonight
        believe me they’re going to be cracking open the cans there

        Marc McSharry isn’t the Sligo Leitrim oul sod n’ turf bhoy he lets on he is

        1. goldenbrown

          hahahahaha as predicted…even Cowen is voting yes, the duplicitous conniving fupp that he is

          this bizzaro show is over folks, wagons in place, easy win for FG and their gimps

          lol, Irish politics not worth the paper it’s written on but FFG are gonna need some gerrymandering at a scale never before witnessed to get through the next GE methinks

          I’d be watching the oul REIT portfolio

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Been saying it all week
            Even the Indos to a T.dee
            Except for Harkin – I expected her to abstain, so I expect some greasy gravy coming her way
            Marc pronounced Morc was a bitta craic I didn’t expect, but appreciated all the same
            And shouty Johnny has only ever done all his talking away from floor debates

            It was so obvious they’d have room to spare on the vote
            Most are FF and FG DNA anyway

            The gas thing is about all the #Cronyism speeches n’ soundbites is that none of them allude to one of the smelliest acts of this Government

            The appointment of former Registered Lobbiest, former Fianna Fail Senator, Geraldine Feeney to the Standards in Political Office Commission, aka SIPO.

            They actually put one of their own into SIPO
            Independent oversight my ●

    1. Clampers Outside

      I chuckled at the socialist bit. I’d bet the ‘democratic socialist’ bit was added recently to appear modern or more European… or something to that affect :)

      1. Mick

        Didn’t Bertie Ahern claim he and FF were socialists and “one of the most left-wing governments this country has ever seen” in 2004?

  1. John F

    I think there is a good chance that this no-confidence vote could bring down the government. All the other no-confidence votes that Sinn Fein has called over the past few years were broadly seen (with some validity) as PR stunts. That ever so slightly takes away from this one. But this is the first with an inconvenient coalition government.
    That being said, it has put Fianna Fail in an unbearable position, their grassroots members and some backbench TDs want Martin to get rid of Coveney, after all their own party members were fired from senior political rules for arguably less. However, doing so will likely cause been Fine Gael to pull out of the coalition and this will prompt another election.
    With the way FF performed in the last by-election. They are looking at a massive defeat and do not want this. For that matter FG didn’t perform particularly well and don’t want an election either. But their hand may be forced.
    It will be an interesting one.

  2. eamonn

    be subservient to Micheál Martin knowing he, in his turn is being subservient to Fine Gael – no matter what you normally eat, that must leave a dirty taste, what a price for being in the tent.
    how does it make sense, censured by your peers for not supporting your competition ?
    this bit made me chuckle though -“rather than that of a democratic socialist republican party of and for the people”
    Well done Marc – for this at least.

      1. jungleman

        “Limerick Independent TD Richard O’Donoghue pointed to the Sinn Féin benches and said not one of them would be fit to replace Mr Coveney at the present time.”


  3. GiggidyGoo

    Simons speech reading is not very convincing so far. All ‘my department’ etc. A little ‘mea culpa’. And then the usual ‘I’ve been in politics for 33 years etc. etc. etc. Look what i’ve done etc. etc.’
    And an attempt at blaming SF for something, that he is responsible for. The chap hasn’t a clue.

    The background music to the vote isn’t very uplifting. Kinda funeral parlour-ish


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