Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was called “that fellow Down Under” by President Joe Biden during an international call

Let’s face it, it doesn’t look great
When you’re working as a head of state
And then, to your shame
Forget someone’s name
And end up just calling them “mate”.

John Moynes


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2 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Johnny

    It was a slap,a nice one,I’d say there’s more headed his way.
    He is considered ‘hostile’ and no friend of America.
    In fact him and his dirty Murdoch run dump are ignored.
    Hence,that fellow down under,in America that’s like saying dead man walking.

    ‘Donald Trump has awarded Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison a prestigious American military decoration for “leadership in addressing global challenges” and strengthening the alliance between the two countries.‘

  2. Johnny

    Ireland would be a awful lot worse of if the previous guy had stolen it again.

    While Uncle Joe,is far from perfect people like me can now go about their life without wasting bandwidth,on oh say immigration,it had gotten very hostile coming in pre-covid for the irish.

    No visas for the undocumented,constant ICE -immigration cops- pressure in irish communities which often border other immigrants hoods.

    The LBGT community-living in Chelsea at the time-felt under constant harassment by a emboldened NYPD…just looking for meth…..trying turn drug dealers into snitches to go big,the previous guy unleashed ‘law enforcement’.

    I could go on and on,but America spoke,loud and clearly and fairly,shame we still have deal with losers like that fellow down under.

    This is a great Irish American,nice profile,for me it’s a much better way start day or read about states,

    It’s harvest season here,that means we have get in all the flower,I will send bodger some drone footage.

    Busiest time year for me,but America does have lots people like Marty and yeah Joe,who are friends of Ireland, the previous guy most certainly was not.


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