This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Housing Eoin Ó Broin on the Plinth ahead of introducing legislation in the Dáil today that would remove the Part V affordable housing exemption for developers.

Housing Minister Darragh O’ Brien’s Housing For All plan includes measures to increase social and affordable homes in new developments from 10pc to 20pc – except, if a developer bought land between 2015 and 2021.

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14 thoughts on “No Exemption

    1. Rob_G

      I know that they have to live somewhere, but Jesus you would be sickened if you paid €700k for a brand new house, only to learn that your neighbours don’t get out of bed until noon.

        1. Rob_G


          As you say, a lot of people who work hard cannot afford such a house, and have to live in a less nice house, and pay handsomely for the privilege; why should they also have to pay for people who don’t work and contribute nothing to live in €700k houses for free?

          1. Rob_G

            I’m right, and you know I am.

            Why should one person have to bust their b*ll*x to in order to pay €450k+ for a tiny house with no garage, while someone down the the road gets a brand new big €700k house for free? How is that fair?

          2. Ghost of Yep

            It’s not fair. I just think you blame a subset of society for the degeneracy of a portion and think that if they were somehow removed it would all be fine. Its really not that simple but I’m sure you know that.

          3. just millie

            The idea that any house valued at 700k is being used for social housing is absolutely hilarious. At least pick a realistic sum of money.

            Or show me exactly where this is happening.

            And as someone in the process of buying a house worth considerably less than that, I certainly wouldn’t begrudge anyone next door to me social housing. We all need a roof over our head. Having nearly been made homeless this year while also needing to avail of social welfare has a humbling effect, I’ve found.

        1. Rob_G

          You want all the unemployed people to live in free houses within walking distance of the city centre, because the idea of them having to get the bus to visit their ma is too great an injustice for you to countenance, so I think that your views can be safely discounted.

          1. scottser

            1. not all social housing tenants are unemployed.
            2. social housing is not free.
            3. social housing includes properties in every region and development in the country.

            goes to show what you know about social housing buddy

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