Period Disruption


This morning.

More than 30,000 women in the United Kingdom have reported that their periods were disrupted after getting a COVID-19 vaccine

Via Sky News:

Dr Victoria Male, a lecturer in reproductive immunology at Imperial College London, said most women return to normal after a single cycle and there was no evidence that vaccination affected fertility.

In an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal, she said the changes were not confined to a single type of vaccine, with reports among women who had received the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines.

If there is a link between vaccines and period disruption, she said “it is likely to be a result of the immune response to vaccination rather than a specific vaccine component”.

She said research into this possible reaction is needed to understand why it might be happening.

COVID-19 vaccine ‘disrupted the periods of thousands of women’ – but changes ‘short-lived’ (Sky)


Nicki Minaj swollen testicles claim ‘wasted’ Trinidad health officials’ time (BBC)

Pic via Sky

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34 thoughts on “Period Disruption

  1. Paulus

    Expect a wave of wild consternation
    Brought about by this vax situation.
    Of the ladies, a segment
    Who thought they were pregnant
    Realise it’s delayed menstruation.

    I’ll stop now.

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    the disruption isn’t the go walk about mores the pity, it’s more like constant heavy bleeding, that’s not a disruption, that’s an exhausting, messy head wreak

    1. SOQ

      This started with numerous reports on social media which were dismissed as ‘anxiety’- read: silly women.

      Now the UK’s Yellow Card system has 35 000 reports alone. But its not just period disruption, reports of young girls as early as eight and post menopausal women in their seventies who had virginial bleeding. This is usually a symptom of cancer of course.

      Some are apparently not vaccinated, but are in close proximity to people who are- which takes the whole thing in another direction. .

      There has also been reports of painful testicular swelling but not nearly as many.

      Time will tell if there is any long term damage but it is yet another injury which was not known during the development of this rushed experimental therapy.

          1. K. Cavan

            Janet, any idea why Mr.T and Cian think male doctors know nothing about women’s health?
            Are they simply morons?
            It’s just that my GP is a woman, y’know?

  3. An older man

    Selling my bike to a younger chap. Nice bloke. Looking to start a fam. Mrs cycle stopped post jab. Tested but not pregnant worried. Picking bike up this am will ask if it was reported.

    1. An older man

      Selling my bike to a younger chap. Nice bloke. Looking to start a fam. Mrs cycle stopped post jab. Tested but not pregnant worried. Picking bike up this am will ask if it was reported. Update: it was not reported

  4. Nullzero

    This should be an interesting and good spirited debate, or have too many people been offended to the point of no return?

  5. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    your period is a really good indicator if you are in good health and good nutrition, it’s the first thing to go when you are seriously ill or over training or recovering from a virus, it’s not some random unconnected disorder, it’s an integral part of female health.

  6. J9

    There are so many things that can cause period disruption including over/under excersizing, perscription drugs (thyroid medication, antipsychotic, steroids), non prescription drugs (ibuprofen, aspirin) stress, age … The BBC reported on the possible link between vaccination and changes in periods as far back as May. I have been vaccinated and there has been no change to my menstrual cycle whatsoever. One of my friends has said she’s has had heavier bleeds since vaccination, which she has reported to the HSE. We are both 43 – so this could also be linked to peri-menopause.

    1. SOQ

      So what about those who have been bleeding who are too young or too old?

      Of course that is not mentioned in the media reports but there are accounts of such.

    2. K. Cavan

      Sure, J9, a lot of things can cause problems with unusual menses but they are problems & the things that cause them are bad.
      That’s the point.

  7. Johnny

    Niki dropped a bomb in ‘18,music for me is often a time a place a person a moment a drug.

    When this came out,we all new NY was going legal,I was in LA full time when it dropped,missed NY a lot,it’s just a great album for me,all my friends kinda hated it,which I why I kept playing it on a loop,this is one the albums I played back to back for two weeks,it just was a great moment when it all looks just F great.

    Thanks Niki.

    Ganga Burn,no blue balls here baby,she’s just a great artist.

    Few thousand pounds awaits to harvest,to loud music,have a great one.

      1. johnny

        yes dharling,its the Jean-Paul Belmondo of period songs,leaves me Breathless.
        …..oh every day is a school day for you J,how long did you live/nanny in Paris, mon Cheri:)

          1. johnny

            Au pair v femme de chambre,i blame the jesuits.
            Hommage national à Jean-Paul Belmondo.


            (Depuis la cour d’honneur des Invalides, le Président de la République Emmanuel Macron a rendu un hommage national à Jean-Paul Belmondo)

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Johnny I’m not being mean but I have no idea what you are getting at, I find your comments hard to follow,
            my above is this about periods was a joke as you randomly post about very unrelated subjects…
            Since you asked I was there for 19 years and in that time ran a bar in the red light, while working as a print technician and getting my own expos ready in the day, I eventually ended up running my own real estate company as my taste in life for the good things over took either of those incomes ;) so no au pair or chambre de b. pour moi :)

  8. K. Cavan

    Bill Gates, having driven us mad with his crap Operating Systems & repelled us with his slimeball megalomania & awful haircuts for decades, has finally claimed his place in the history books. These fake vaccines have killed many thousands of healthy people & inflicted millions of injuries, a toll that represents a huge multiple of the damage caused by all other vacinations combined. They are clearly the most dangerous medical intervention in history. Exactly what Bill has publicly stated is their sole function.
    To think that I used to call Windows Vista an abomination.

  9. realPolithicks

    We’ve had an 80% increase in the amount of rain this summer in Massachusetts, we’re also around the same percentage in the number of people who have been vaccinated against covid. Coincidence, I think not.

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