Slightly Bemused: Sausages Update


Around Midnight last night at the Bemused family kitchen

Last night

Further to yesterday’s Slightly Bemused column concerning Little Slightly and Irish culinary matters.

Slightle Bemused writes:

We set Little Slightly loose on the Kildare shopping scene with her cousin Glitter Slightly. Shoes were bought, foundation secured, and sunscreen for their upcoming trip to Spain – all organised without request for permission and certainly without remorse.

She arrived home, having again decided my drive is too narrow, and bags were taken from the car. Being the caring father, I offered to help. I was given the bag for the fridge. In which 2 packs of a pound each of sausages was secreted, nearly at the bottom. Once my chuckling subsided, I put them in the fridge.

I was asked if I wanted some mash. I had not realised this was merely to be a side to the whole pack of sausages slowly cooking beside them. At least she eats them skins and all!

I came downstairs at nearly midnight, and she paused, fork halfway to lips, and asked if I wanted any sausages. There were six left. Now there are two. Who knows what the night will bring?

Should I mention that she bought the sausages having gone into Dunnes to get American-Style bacon as per Know Knots‘ recommendation in the comment on my column…Let this be a lesson: your words have consequences. In this case late night snacks :-)

Yesterday: Slightly Bemused: Kitchen Confidential

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19 thoughts on “Slightly Bemused: Sausages Update

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        what happens on tour stays on tour
        ( slightly I’m sorry…not sorry for corrupting your wholesome thread :))

  1. Paulus

    Now some of you chefy types here will throw up your hands in horror, but:

    Tip a portion of beans into a bowl.
    Add VERY finely chopped onion.
    Add a dash of soy sauce, sprinkle with ground black pepper and stir.
    Microwave at a low-to-moderate setting in several one-minute bursts. This is to cook/soften the onion. (One intense blast won’t work). Taste and repeat as necessary depending on microwave’s power. This elevates the humble bean to another level!

    1. goldenbrown

      don’t feel bad…there’s a whole movement around this kind of thing…hacking off the shelf canned foodstuffs to transform them…I have a vague recollection of some Michelinstarred guy doing just this very thing about 10 years ago to his customers with campbells cream of mushroom soup I think

      with me a tin of baked beans usually sees a dash of Worcestershire sauce and some grated cheddar…or likes of Koka noodles gets major upgrades with some chopped spring onion, chopped chicken if I have any, oyster sauce, good pinch of Korean spicebox spice mix

      sure I just turned yesterday’s leftover risotto into chicken curry not 10 mins ago with a good tablespoon of O’Donnell’s chip shop Curry sauce mixed thru, sneaky knob of butter, 4 mins in the microwave, yum

  2. Uncle Sam

    I wouldn’t eat anything produced in a kitchen as filthy as that.
    Do you live in Direct Provision Slightly ?

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Don’t worry, Uncle Sam. We do clean up afterwards, but that would not make for fun pictures :-) And to be honest, it is the mess that one more person can bring to my own confusion I thought was interesting to share.

      The cooker is starting to show its age, though, and I may need to replace it as getting the surface shiny is getting harder.

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