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  1. SOQ

    This is of course part of a world wide event before the usual useful idiots start with their labels and slurs.

    1. Nigel

      Be sure to have a minute’s silence as a gesture of respect for all the people who have died of or been left seriously ill by covid.

        1. Nigel

          Everyone who has suffered during the pandemic because of things related to the pandemic should be commemorated. The tragedy is not divisible.

        2. Pat

          Also don’t forget people directly and often quite seriously harmed as a result of banging their shins or tripping while carrying boxes of vaccine in from vans.

          1. SOQ

            Sure- lets trivialise injuries and deaths- it’s hilarious.

            For those of you who took those injections in good faith, remember this- the manufacturers have indemnity for four years. That is what they estimate to be the window of liability in which any / all injuries will occur.

            So, it will be 2025 before most people know if they are clear of such too.

          2. Pat

            There’s nothing ‘trivial’ about vaccine related trips and falls despite your attempts to hush it up and pretend it’s not happening.

            Unlike you, some of us give a damn about vaccine related leg injuries. #grazegate #ouchmyhumanrights #bigplaster

    2. Nilbert

      Nice touch, complaining about slurs before they even happen, while also calling people idiots.
      Classic SOQ

    3. Redmond Comerford

      Useful idiot here with a slur: Is there a Bier Keller we can go to afterwards for a putsch launch? Guns — but no masks please! Let’s get this party started.

  2. Kim The Cardassian

    “We will welcome those that are ready to change their mind, and to admit that they were wrong about their fear-induced support of tyrannical policies.”

    What a shower of tossers.

      1. SOQ

        Objecting to medical passports which serve no purpose and injecting children with experimental concoctions without any long term safety data is not far anything- it is as middle of the road as it should get.

      1. Cui Bono?

        No, it’s fighting for our right to be allowed into cafes, bars, cinemas, restaurants etc. the same as vaccinated people.

        We are opposed to segregation and this digital vax pass system and have been warning about it since March 2020.

        1. Nilbert

          It’s not really though, the vaccine passes are a short term emergency-health response.
          They will be phased out shortly.

          Same as all of the other restrictions that are currently being lifted, despite all the hysterical bleating over the last year that TOTALITARIAN NAZIS ARE TAKING OUR FREEDUMS AND WILL NEVER LIFT THESE RESTRICTIONS.

          1. Cui Bono?

            “They will be phased out shortly.”

            when exactly will this happen?

            They are expanding on it in most countries in the world and I’m sure this winter it will be required in even more places. It should never be permitted in the first place because if the vaccines work then it’s not needed and if vaccines don’t work then it’s not needed.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          You don’t have the right to go into cafes, bars, cinemas, restaurants etc as all these are private properties. Management has the right to refuse entrance regardless of vaccine status.

          All this hystrionic hyperbole comparing yourself to South African Blacks and WW2 Jews cos you can’t sit inside with a latte! People are definitely laughing at, not with you.

          1. SOQ

            @Daisy- IT IS THE LAW- business do not have a choice.

            Many are ignoring it of course because otherwise they may as well just close up but this is a government decree- otherwise nobody would be bothered.

            Pubs and restaurants have enough to be doing trying to keep afloat without that stupid NPHET nonsense.

          2. SOQ

            There is nobody on this site who spews more vitriol and bile than you darlin- self awareness is clearly not your strong point.

            In the past you have argued in favour of vaccine passports and injecting children with experimental concoctions- at least be honest and admit that your stance is because you disagree with the reasons why people are taking to the streets.

          3. SOQ

            Once more- in the past you have argued in favour of vaccine passports and injecting children with experimental concoctions- at least be honest and admit that your stance is because you disagree with the reasons why people are taking to the streets.

          4. Walter Ego

            Well said Daisy. thankfully these Covidiots are far and few these days. But it’s always the small dogs that bark the loudest. Fair play to you standing up to them, day in day out. I usually just look at their idiotic postings, move on and thank fck i don’t know them personally. Honestly i bet they’re a constant embarrassment to friends and family.

          5. Poor oul divil

            Well said WalterEgo
            The amount of negative energy these guys consume would keep a pig farm’s anaerobic digester going 24/7

          6. bisted

            …I see the hesitancy assembly is clashing with the q march on Capitol Hill in Washington…does this mean they’ll be there in there tens instead of dozens?

        1. Cian

          Italy is to make it compulsory for all workers to have a Covid “green pass” – proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus.

          Definitely not mandatory.

          1. Micko

            The pass is mandatory Cian.

            Read what I said. “ No pass no job.”

            If you don’t comply with the pass, you have no job.

            You think this is fine. I think it is not.

          2. Nigel

            You think it isn’t fine to try to make sure that someone doesn’t have a highly contagious disease that has caused worldwide lockdowns before coming into a place of work?

          3. Micko

            “ to try to make sure that someone doesn’t have a highly contagious disease”

            Vaccine doesn’t stop you from carrying or passing it on Nigel. You know this. Stop pretending.

            Antigen tests for everyone at the door would make more sense if that was the goal.

            But this stopped being about science a long time ago.

          4. Nigel

            ‘Vaccine doesn’t stop you from carrying or passing it on Nigel.’

            That’s not what I said.

            ‘Antigen tests for everyone at the door would make more sense if that was the goal.’

            Now you’re just quibbling about methods

          5. E'Matty

            @ Nigel – eh no, Micko is responding to your point “You think it isn’t fine to try to make sure that someone doesn’t have a highly contagious disease that has caused worldwide lockdowns before coming into a place of work?” The problem with your statement, as Micko rightly points out, is that a vaccinated person can still contract and transmit the virus and so bring it inot the office just like an unvaccinated person. Your claim of seeking to prevent an infected person coming into the workplace therefore has no merit, no basis in science. As Micko rightly said, if preventing access to the workplace to those who are or may be infected is the actual aim, ALL employees/attendees should be subject to antigen testing. That is the only way to actually discern who has or does not have the virus and therefore poses a potential transmission threat. Micko’s point is based on factual evidence, yours in a zealous devotion to vaccines and vaccine discrimination, no matter how illogical or anti science.

          6. Nigel

            Again you’re quibbling about method. If vaccines fail to reduce transmission and infections, then perhaps antigen testing for everyone will be the way to go, or back to lock downs. I’d hope for vaccines to work, personally, the former option might be unworkable, the latter undesirable.

          7. E'Matty

            @Nigel – and you’re missing the point that vaccines do not do what you claim is the objective in refusing entry to the unvaccinated policy. Vaccinated people can be in the office happily spreading SARS-COV2 to their hearts content. As Micko and I have already said, if prevention of the transmission of the virus was the actual aim here, you would need to have a system that actually prevented infected people from entering the premises. Your approach doesn’t do that. The only clear, and likely the simplest answer, is that you test all using rapid antigen tests and then you know that everybody in the office is at least not viral and therefore not a transmision risk. Problem solved, yay! Oh, but then you don’t get to discriminate against those pesky anti vaxxers you hate so much…

          8. Nigel

            ‘if prevention of the transmission of the virus was the actual aim here’

            However if the aim is to reduce the risk of infection and transmission, an arguably more realistic goal, then the vaccines plus tests are the best chance. If it’s vaccines and tests, how are ant-vaxx being discriminated against?

          9. E'Matty

            @ Nigel – eh, tell us why an unvaccinated person who tests negative should not be allowed access but a vaccinated person is?

    1. Zaccone

      How is the rally fascist exactly?

      Calling those with opinions you don’t like fascist demeans the millions who have actually suffered as a result of fascism around the world. It cheapens the word.

      1. tom2

        Becuase its organised and attended by fascists. Two seconds of research will confirm this.
        Oh look who is promoting it. Let’s check the comments.
        Attacks on free media. Overthrowing democratic governments. Hmm that smells suspicious.

        Therefore it is no longer a government and the people of ireland are going to have to clean house so to speak
        Time all this covid nonsense was taken off news media adverts social media shops we no longer need to hear these lies

        1. Zaccone

          From your linked page: “The yellow vest movement is a grassroots movement
          against the disproportionate burden of the government’s tax and policies that are failing the citizens of Ireland. ”

          That seems rather a bit different from actual fascists calling for the murdering of all Jews, homosexuals etc.

          Resorting to such hysterical hyperbole just makes you look silly. If you don’t like the policies the march is calling for then argue against them with fact and reason, and win people around to your point of view. Calling everyone who attends a fascist is just…kinda sad, and unconvincing.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            That’s what they say about themselves, but when you look at the grifters and bigots behind them, you know that there’s nothing grassroots about them. It’s the same small few time and time again which isn’t grassroots, it’s astroturf.

          2. Micko

            Lemme get this straight Daisy?

            Comparing vax passes to fascism – That’s Hyperbole.

            Comparing people organising protests to fascists – That’s NOT Hyperbole.

            Which one of these things is actually restricting people’s freedoms again? The vax passes or the protesters?


          3. Zaccone


            The last rally I can see an article about on broadsheet looks like it was attended by thousands of normal enough looking men, women and children. Doesn’t look like a “small few bigots” to me.

            (I’m fully vaxxed and haven’t attended any such rallies full disclosure, but I just think its incredibly dangerous in a democracy – and stupid on a singular level – to start labeling anyone whos views you disagree with as fascist when they’re very clearly objectively not).

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            “Comparing people organising protests to fascists – That’s NOT Hyperbole.”

            No that’s your misinterpretation.

          5. Nigel

            ‘was attended by thousands of normal enough looking men, women and children.’

            Judging the nature of the politics of a demonstration by how ‘normal-looking’ the people attending are seems like as much a non-starter as ‘they were dancing to Bob Marley.’ And yes, it also requires a deeper dive than just reading how the organisers describe themsleves. And to be honest, if the people attending don’t do that deeper dive, or if they’re willing to attend their events regardless, then they really, really can’t complain if they’re linked with them, because that’s what happens when you go to events organised by a group – you’re linked to that group.

          6. Micko

            “ to start labeling anyone whos views you disagree with as fascist when they’re very clearly objectively not)”

            Don’t worry Zaccone, it’s only idiots who do that.

            Loud idiots. But I really don’t believe it’s a representation of society in general.

            They’re best ignored. Most people are cool ;)

          7. Zaccone

            @Nigel when someone claims an event is attended by only a “small few” bigots and fascists I think its fairly reasonable to assume photos that show thousands of ordinary looking families at a peaceful demonstration disprove that.

            The photos look far more like people participating in democracy by making their opposition to government policies known in a peaceful, organised, manner than fascists trying to destroy our democracy and implement a dictatorship, to my neutral eye.

          8. Nigel

            Fascsts and bigots can look ‘ordinary,’ fascists and bigots can demonstrate peacefully. Fascists and bigots enjoy the same rights to participate in democracy by making their opposition to government policies known in a peaceful, organised, manner as the rest of us. This is a very superfcial way of judging whether there is a bigoted or fascistsic element to a demonstration or movement.

          9. Micko

            People who go around calling people fascist and bigots are same type of tools who proclaim they’re “anti-fascist” or “anti-racist” on their Twitter profile.

            Ehhh… That’s the default you fricking morons!

            That vast VAST majority of people are sound and are anti fascists and anti racist.

            You might as well put “carbon based, metabolises food into energy, anti-drowning”

            Absolute idiots.

          10. Nigel

            ‘That’s the default you fricking morons!’

            I think that if this were the case, you wouldn’t be calling people who describe themselves as anti racist ‘fricking morons.’ It wouldn’t, for lack of a better word, trigger you like this. If it were your default, you would simply say ‘yes, I am anti racist, too,’ instead of treating it like a dark unspoken family secret that must never be spoken out loud.

          11. Nigel

            Is that a video of you saying we’re all antiracists? Because you already said that here. You don’t need to keep repeating yourself.

          12. Daisy Chainsaw

            Micko, your willful stupidity is showing.

            Try learn to read what I actually write, not what you want to believe I wrote.

          13. Poor oul divil

            I think Micko has a very valid point.

            Yes there is potential for extremists to sort of adversely influence “regular” folk who then get sucked into their vortex of hate, as happened that awful time at Charlottesville.

            However it must be obvious to even someone whose reasoning is as incredibly specious as yours, Nigel, that just as there are militant terrorist fascists, there are also exist quite as many militant terrorist anti-fascists as well, and that to paraphrase Orwell, if you look at one and then at the other you could not tell much difference?

            But hey – what would I know, eh? Like you I’m just some sort of self appointed expert waffling in tinternet

  3. SOQ

    It really is an indictment of the stale conservative Irish mentality where across the free world people are organising and protesting in such large numbers without fear of being labelled ‘far right’ and yet in Ireland, it couldn’t possibly be anything else.

    Oh look at who is organising it they scream. Newsflash: most people couldn’t give a fiddlers who organises it as long as it happens and if it shines a light on how controlled and downright spineless the so called Irish left actually are- then all the better.

    ALL the centre left parties claim to be against vaccine passports- so where are they?

      1. SOQ

        Is it so difficult for your brain to comprehend the fact that some people may attend both? That you think in such school yard ‘them ‘n us’ terms does not mean everyone else does too.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          If they do, the crossover will be minimal. Antivaxxers are more likely to turn up at something organised by Grift/Youth Defence or Iona.

          1. SOQ

            Neither are vaccinations? Ok well- the people who get them maybe, that remains to be seen- but definitely not the vax themselves.

      2. Micko

        Ok. I’ll bite… since ya threw it out there for ‘some reason’

        “Rally for Choice” you say?

        Rally for something that already passed? That seems unnecessary.

        1. andrew

          As unnecessary as rallying against a temporary, emergency measure that only affects a small number of numbskulls.

          Is there a switch on the side of your head, Micko? Perhaps behind the ear or something? Could you try activating and see if it helps? Try to do it before your next comment and we can see if makes a difference.

  4. Junkface

    Jesus. I don’t think people understand what fascism or racism is anymore. The levels of tribalism in society are getting crazy. There is more to life than all of this rubbish. Enjoy yourselves! :)

  5. CelticTiger

    The number of visitors to Broadsheet.ie has dropped by almost one third in the past six months, could this be anything to do with the increase in anti-vac rhetoric? I am both disappointed and sad that a site I once enjoyed has become a pale shadow of its former self.

    1. E'Matty

      Yet, it is now at this time that it has risen to the glorious heights it has in terms of courage, integrity and honour, publicising issues of real importance to the lives of all. The only media outlet in Ireland providing any alternative to the State sanctioned, State funded Covid hysteria and vaxx everything narrative. It’s simply your normie nature that has you put off by this coverage. This is Broadsheets Finest Hour, and nobody said it was going to easy….you’ll find coverage more to your liking on all other mainstream media sites.

    2. Bodger

      CelticTiger, I’m sure your figures are right and the reason is my posts. Many of our regular contributors have also gone for the same reason. It’s very sad and I can’t blame them when they sincerely believe in the prevailing narrative. I’d do the same.

      1. Bitnboxy

        That is very honest of you to admit Bodger. For me the site used to have a sort of healthy cynicism and a progressive thrust but rather than promote a healthy debate around Covid-19 (lockdowns, vaccines), BS is now nakedly conspiratorial to the point of Q-fanaticism attracting the very worst. I believe you know you have gone too far but are so far down that tunnel you have wagered it is not worth turning back. I will continue to drop in and out if only to be a pest to some of the most idiotic of commenters but the volte face in terms of the BS editorial line is indeed depressing.

        1. Conor

          As a long time visitor since the beginning, this post is spot on. Sums up my own feelings perfectly, I only drop in now once a week or so and inevitably stumble across some sort of anti vax nonsense

      2. Papi

        Is there anyone not on the naughty step, other than the ones who agree with you now, Bodger?
        Going on nearly a year now.

    3. Zaccone

      Most websites have lower traffic now, in summer with things open and people going on holiday, than they did 6 months ago in the depths of winter lockdown. I wouldn’t be so quick to blame Bodger’s occasional post questioning the government narrative.

      1. CelticTyger

        An equivalent Irish site journal.ie has shown over a third increase in visitors in the last six months.

  6. Bitnboxy

    SOQ – darling. Does anyone actually click on links posted by others? I never do. The time you waste on here defies belief. I wish I were so unencumbered that I could devote such energy to anonymous online comment forums. I just hope you have something else going on – sincerely I do.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        An’ look who’s asking
        Cheesuz t’night

        F’n delusional now at this stage

        Did ye ever hear of “The Bends”,
        A decompression illness? Usually divers that ascend / resurface too quickly. Well Lads that dug tunnels under rivers, like for trains, or to build foundations for bridges, suffered from it

        Well The Delusions is the rabbit hole version

        Has to be

          1. V aka Frilly Keane


            I’ve been posting here longer than you
            Since the start – now that would be an interesting artifact
            My first ever post on Broadsheet

            Had a column (s) on the go as well there for a bit
            Did better that most columnists for attracting interactions
            Still got cancelled

            Why should me being seen here be a surprise?
            Same Oh?
            Go on
            Tell me

            Why should my being here be a surprise?

  7. Verbatim

    Ye’ all must be coming out of denial by now that the vaccines don’t actually work!
    Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Luc Montagnier stated in a recent interview that epidemiologists know, but remain “silent” about the phenomenon known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).
    While it is understood that viruses mutate, causing variants, French Virologist, Luc Montagnier contends that “it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.”

    1. Bitnboxy

      Absolute and utter bull liar! “Verbatim” my derrière. Get ta plop.

      “A baseless quote has been widely attributed to a Nobel Prize winner to claim people will die from antibody-dependent enhancement after receiving a COVID-19 jab. There is no evidence to back up this claim, nor was Reuters able to find any instance where the laureate made this comment. Indeed, most of his work in relation to Covid vaccines has been at best misread,at worst deliberately manipulated by anti-vaccine groups”.


      “Canadian Times Live” ain’t a reputable source. It is not the Times of Canada.


      1. Verbatim

        Apologies, didn’t mean to burst your bubbles!
        I found it very interesting, at the time, when the virus appeared outside of China, Montagnier was one of the first to claim that it came from the Wuhan lab and was man-made. He was immediately denigrated by the MSM (Reuters included). Now look, even WHO are no longer disclaiming this. Also, as a virologist, and not the only one, to say vaccinating during a pandemic was folly! Look at the countries with almost fully vaccinated population, they are having alarming surges of deaths. Be very interesting to see what will happen with Ireland soon, will it “re-open” in October.
        The solution will have to be Ivermectin/VitD/zinc, or some such combination.
        We are coming full circle sadly, those of us who stuck with reality and didn’t buy into the big pharma/media fueled fear will be proven right, but that will be no consolation. Peoples lives have been ruined by the likes of your good-selves, at different levels of the totem pole.

          1. Dell

            That man has died since then . I doubt any that encouraged the behavior of the crazy that got him to leave feel an ounce of guilt .. I’m looking at you Dolores, Gemma , john and bodger. You don’t even have the decency to be ashamed of the lies and misinformation you promote and regurgitate day in, day out. Shame on you… You fed this.. you are as responsible as the nut who convinced him.

    1. Dell

      Here’s hoping he will pull through.. no thanks to the dangerous idiots on here promoting all sorts of crap

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