How The Swiss Roll


Secret Nazi bank accounts.


Cuckoo clocks.

Now this.

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31 thoughts on “How The Swiss Roll

    1. Mr.T

      Is it not by definition segragationist? A policy whereby certain people are excluded(segregated) from establishments?

      1. SOQ

        On this topic there is always one if not two new names to throw an insult and then disappear. On other platforms it is well accepted to be AI bots, but I am not sure what Broadsheet’s excuse is.

        1. E'Matty

          Tbh, I am doubtful there are many, if any, AI bots doing the rounds. The majority who appear on these pages and other Irish media comment sections appear to be paid for human shills with a script. I’ve always said if you had a dozen well trained paid for posters, you could dominate most Irish online media.

          In UK media, your more likely to be engaging with some squaddie from the 77th Brigade.

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        d’ya know what I’ll throw up the recipe etc here on Tuesday’s papers
        and some pics on the twitter so

        when you’re out an about – if you are like, I know the last year has been tough
        but if you get a chance to do the charity shop book shelves browse
        keep an eye out for “Leith’s Step-by-Step Cookery”
        I’m guessing it was published somewhere between 1990 and 95
        picked one up there during the summer
        Fantastic – it’s like all of Mary Berry’s older (pre bake off) publications in one
        best 50cent ever
        over 100 pages of techniques alone
        and all the recipes are completed on the same page so no flicking over and back
        and glossy so can take a wipe
        all my Nigella’s are spoiled with greasy buttery sugary jammy chocolaty finger prints

        As the rear dust cover says “Don’t go into your kitchen without it”
        and I love picking up old cookery books, just to see the previous owners book marks and notes
        but this one is a treasure I never expected

        If there’s any Langers about – lads I have the recipe for (Cork) Snowballs now almost spot on
        Same for Tipsey Cake, got the Cork Cream Sherry n’all so Christmas ’21 is going to be like its 1976
        With everyone home from Dagenham, and Ray Cummins coming up with the cup (✿◠‿◠)

        have come up with a lovely traybake Mill, perfectionists might call it streusel, but I’m calling it crummy
        And its perfect for your gaff, slices nicely into fingers/ squares for smallies, to fit on their little bowls like
        and you can use whatever jam you pick up locally or make yourself from what’s on offer in the Lidl Aldi, everything really is already in your press

        anyway, you know where I am, chat soon hon’

        1. just millie

          I must keep an eye out for the recipe and the book. I love old cookbooks in particular. One thing I badly need in my kitchen is a shelf for all the cookbooks.

          Sadly the baking ones are going unused at the mo, for reasons I shared with you before, but I’m slowly getting back to it. In the meantime, I’ll just bake vicariously through you and by watching gbbo.

          I actually turned my spiced banana bread into a streusel/crumbly cake to great success and it is only gorgeous with a cup of proper coffee. Massive fan of crumbly crummy cake here so post that recipe too when you have the chance.

  1. Nigel

    Sitting outside – so they’re socialising in the safest conditions as suggested by our best current understanding of how covid spreads? Yay? Good for them?

    1. Man On Fire

      And index finger to the businesses running the segregation passes, and the clueless hipster patrons inside.

  2. SOQ

    Do vaccines work? Then passports are pointless. Do vaccines not work? Then passports are pointless

    Fair play on the Swiss- not sure what good it will do mind as the pharma fascists keep marching on.

    Interesting that Sweden now has Israel on a red list, which is no real surprise- the country which followed the real science still has to protect itself.

    1. K. Cavan

      Australia’s the place they’re testing out how Authoritarian they can get on people’s asses before the parliament gets burned down (it’s redundant anyway), Israel is the place they’re checking out how many boosters it takes to make cremation acceptable to Orthodox Jews.
      Both states have very high State Capacity, everywhere else it was hollowed out by the need to protect huge, badly-run banks from the Red Ink virus.
      Sweden is where they’re testing out if Real Science and the Human Immune System trumps TV Science & fake vaccines.
      “Herd Immunity!? I don’t want to be part of a herd!” said no immunity-rejecting neo-Marxist BS contributor, evah!
      I used to think that Ireland voted the ugliest, least personable weirdos into positions of political power but, strewth! the Aussies clearly have the most repulsively punchable politicos.
      No wonder so many modern politicians are childless.
      Or is that just a coincidence?
      Yeah, it’s a coincidence that they have no stake in the future.
      And no steak in the future.

    2. K. Cavan

      SOQ, at a minimum, Vaxpass will make all forms of socialising a bit more like crossing a border.
      The reusable shopping bag, the mask, now the Vaxpass, things that you have to go back to the car for, while your partner waits, huffily.

      “You’re just going to have to get used to it”

  3. Kim The Cardassian

    There is very little opposition to vaccine passports in Switzerland so when the twitter lad says “The Swiss” he may be over representing his research group

    1. K. Cavan

      Yeah, if the Swiss were asked whether they’d rather not bother, cos Vaxpass serves no useful purpose, I’m sure they’d all demand them.
      If huge disinformation campaigns in the media tell them that, somehow or other, the Vaxpass will protect them & the alternative is joining an excluded tribe, it’s a different story.

    2. E'Matty

      Yet in March of this year the Swiss voted by an overwhelming 64.4% of voters in a referendum to reject the creation of the legal basis for a digital identity verification system, to be licenced and controlled by the state but provided mainly by private companies so not quite as clearcut as you may be attempting to claim Kim.

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