Donegal: Mica families to submit redress proposals to minister (BBC)

Mica-affected homeowners should get 100% redress, says Minister (Irish Times)

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12 thoughts on “Mica Drop

    1. John

      Yes, Why does the tax payer have to foot the bill here. Surely the builder and the builder supplier are liable (or their insurance companies). Are they not all supposed to be fully bonded and insured.

      1. Mr.T

        They should be – but poor government regulation means they arent.

        Quarries have been a law unto themselves in this state since its foundation. Read up on CRH and see how quarrying and cement works are untouchable in Ireland

      2. Cian

        The arguement (from the block supplier) seems to be “The government didn’t inspect the blocks – so it is their fault”

        Which seems to me to be bizarre. If the blocks were substandard they were substandard, and they (or the quarries that supplied the raw materials) are at fault.

        1. Nigel

          The government are responsible for regulations, inspections, the enforcement of standards and for making sure that those responsible for sub-standard construction are liable for the damage they’ve caused. If the government refuse to take responsibility for making sure the industry is properly and fairly regulaed, then yup, it’s going to come back to the taxpayers, because that’s what happens when we elect people who refuse or fail to make sure that bad actors are held to account. It isn’t the first time we’ve been taught this lesson and, sadly, it probably won’t be the last.

        2. Mr.T

          And if the quarries were allowed to trade sans insurance, sans inspection – with the state being the regulator? Who is at fault then?

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