138 thoughts on “Saturday’s Papers

  1. Paulus

    Here’s a thought to get Paschal’s attention
    As he frets at the cost of our pension:
    To create breathing-space
    He just has to embrace
    The merits of cryogenic suspension

    1. Poor oul divil

      Bejasus aren’t the Russians just gas?
      They love to blow smoke up our ass
      To get to lay pipe
      Then charge what they like
      “Live horse and you get grass”

    2. Fergalito

      Michael D, though he won’t foot the bill,
      Met the Pope and they made time to chill.
      Mick gave him a stick
      The best of the pick!
      For his walks on the Palatine Hill.

      1. Poor oul divil

        Miggledy, Jeffrey D, DUP

        Miggledy, Jeffrey D, DUP
        Get invites to nice parties
        But call silly names
        Then fan all the flames
        Of sectarian pig ignorant bigotry

  2. Birdie

    Ah sure Paschal we’re too busy looking after the Canadian pensioners and the oil and gas companies to consider a long term investment plan for our own people’s pensions. Always putting others first, sure aren’t we a great people altogether.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    In case people don’t remember, or conveniently forget, it was a FG Minister, Paddy Donegan, whose comments about a President (Cearbhall O Dalaigh ) led to that Presidents resignation. He called him ‘A Thundering Disgrace’
    Now we have Guffaw Bruton almost mimicking Donegan’s attack on our President. That, folks, is Fine Gael.
    FGers do what FGers do best. We still have a Bruton in Government.

          1. Bitnboxy

            In your head mad auld lad GiggidyGums! You can catch a bitty of the real Bitnboxy below though.

            Bless indeed.


      1. Bitnboxy

        Lol! The hectic psychodrama going on in GiggidyGums head in which FG are to blame for his every and any problem in life continues apace.

        Tune in tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that for more of the same from a mad auld lad with barely a tooth left in his head (by his own admission – chortle!)

        Erra, sure bless. Doubtless GGums might be doing a lot worse without this facility.

        Bless indeed.

          1. Bitnboxy

            ROFL! Mad auld lad GiggidyGums works night shifts at a port. Hardly in a position to be insulting other’s intelligence. Didn’t work out so well for him given his rants about the family courts and his ex.

            Life gives you back what you put in.

            Sorry not sorry Giggz!

          2. Poor oul divil

            Is this kind of commentary really helpful Boxy?
            If as I suspect, the object of your unrelenting hate filled rhetoric on here has some mental health issues, isn’t your pathetic bullying akin to kicking a man sitting in a wheelchair? Get a hold of yourself

          3. GiggidyGoo

            Over-extending yourself there Boxy, trying to juggle too many names. You see, we’re well on to you. Replying to yourself to try cover referring to yourself in the third person. (Scan the code). Sad actually.

            The echopraxia is showing again.
            The narcissism is blatant.
            The gaslighting also blatant.
            The kellys baby needs his bitty.

          4. Poor oul divil

            You may need to consult a professional.
            I mean that in all sincerity.
            You show signs of acute anguish here periodically.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            Funny that. That’s exactly what McCabe told Boxy to do. So, why didn’t you do it?
            As I say, you’ve lost control of yourself now with so many user names. With one you suck up to some posters, while with another you put the boot into those same posters. Even on this item, with a post 3 minutes after the one above, you were at it.
            You were caught out with your Tom2 names as well.

            So, scan the code.


          6. Poor oul divil

            You had appeared to turn over a new leaf earlier this year following a period of reflection. Indeed after which you came in here and seemed to be genuine in your acts of contrition to fellow commentators for your presentations. However lately I do note a relapse to old ways and I suggest to you now in all seriousness to consider whether to have an evaluation with an impartial professional. Everyone can see you’re a harmless oul divil at the back of it all, unlike the awful festering scourge who is constantly belittling you.

      1. goldenbrown

        John Bruton may well no longer be employed as a TD
        but he’s far from being retired from politics

        I for one hope he keeps talking
        ‘cos the more he says the better it gets lol

    1. Otis Blue

      The story goes that Donegan’s tirade was far earthier, apparently calling O’Dalaigh a ‘thundering b*ll*cks and a f*cking disgrace’.

      1. Paulus

        A limerick from that time, (not mine!) went:

        While addressing the troops bold and handsome
        His pre-arranged speech overran-some.
        The TD from Louth
        Put his foot in his mouth.
        And spoke out the back of his transom.

    1. MaryLou's ArmaLite

      The video of them taking him from the hospital is heartbreaking. Delores Cahill and the Antiono fella should be up on manslaughter charges, but the videos of year man saying he’s happy to be home are enough to cover them.

      1. SOQ

        The only evidence that Cahill was involved was from that Italian fella. As for the deceased, may he Rest In Peace but he did appear to put that Antonio person as next of kin- which in itself was a bit strange.

    2. chris

      Are the Midazolam murders to be left at your door Tom2?

      Not to make light of anyone’s death but what is going on is of a magnitude beyond your petty comprehension.

      1. tom2

        Deflect, whataboutery and maybe throw in a slippery slope argument. Same crap every time from you lightweights.

          1. just millie

            Do you have anything to add to any thread aside from:

            – “Poor ~insert name~”
            – Chortle/lol/lmao/rofl
            – Keep digging
            – Vague, pointless, ad hominen rejoinders that literally add nothing to any discussion

            I mean, even an opinion of your own would be a refreshing change at this point.

          2. Fergalito

            Well observed Millie.

            A cheerleader for those MOF assumes to be an intellectual better. Nothing of value to offer other than vapid mantras. Certainly not to be taken seriously. Makes me LOL in fairness, you know when the “woofs” are coming.

          3. Man On Fire

            I’m not a serious person, anyone who takes me seriously only has themselves to blame. I’ve been on this site since 2016 and shared many views, most were ridiculed by people not too similar to you Fergal or Millie, I have my fans, not many, Giggs and Bodger (❤️). At this stage I care not what people think of my comments or indeed my views previously expressed.

            My comments are generally in defence of people being bullied on this site. Ie Giggs, SOQ and Bodger, outside of that I don’t care.

            Oh, I like Janet aswell.

            People who disagree with me tend to hate, that’s life, I don’t care.

            Take from that what you will.

          4. Man On Fire

            B9 is one of the trolls I reply to, it’s currently using a different avatar, same troll though..

            Hint: It follows Giggs around incessantly.

      2. Kdoc

        When you lie down with dogs like Mureddu, Cahill and Gilroy, you rise with serious flea infestation. They are the type of people the anti mask / anti vaxxers are knowingly, or unwittingly, supporting. I don’t know if that man would have survived had he remained in the hospital when he was struggling for breath, but that stunt by Mureddu for the sake of making, what is nothing more than a promotional video, is disgusting.
        I hope Joe is remembered at the Freedumb rally today.

        1. SOQ

          You cannot force someone to sign themselves out of a hospital- what was Mureddu doing there in the first place?

          As for the rest of your nonsense, interesting how none of you have anything to say about the exact same thing happening in Belfast today- that somehow, is different.

    3. Lilly

      That’s really sad. What was the relationship between the younger man and the patient he persuaded to leave hospital? I saw that video last week and it was clear he was in no fit state to go home. He seemed torn, I thought common sense would prevail.

      1. Rosette of Sirius

        While I don’t want to be morbid, but I feel this warrants such a response. If you’ve ever witnessed a person die, especially if it’s cardio or pulmonary in nature, it’s a pretty horrific thing to witness. I have on more occasions than I care to count and carry the scars.

        If he remained in hospital, at least he would have been in receipt of the kinds of end of life medication that ensured he would not feel every dying breath get harder and harder and shorter and shorter until his heart simply could not function.

        He may have died at home, but I sincerely doubt his death was anything but peaceful. It was most likely agonizing and traumatic. Because without end of life medication, it is.

        His doctors knew the levels of oxygen in his system and knew he was most likely a gonner but the also knew they could at least help him pass more painlessly.

        1. johnny

          while studying modern Buddhism,one the more enlightened teacher’s who had worked in Calcutta,used this.

          on the top ward in the hospice are the rich people who can afford all the ‘luxuries’ available to ‘pass’ more painlessly,which they and their families demand incessantly ,panicked and desperately,screaming,terrified of not having enough meds for ‘peace’ of what-mind hahaha-soul…best luck bit with,bit late now….

          in the basement of the Kalighat, or the Home of the Pure Heart (Nirmal Hriday),the poor and destitute from the streets were simply given a bath,and a sheet,some prayers,they lay peacefully with no requests as they passed ,not a sound to be heard she claims.

          to the top floor Rose?

          1. Johnny

            ….unfortunately that’s simply not a option for most,like above,but passing with dignity on your own terms at home is.

          2. Rosette of Sirius

            if you have the appropriate medical support at home, fine, but this lad most likely would not have given how he abandoned his treatment.

            If he is indeed dead, and if he died without medical supervision there was no dignity in his death. It would have been horrific for him.

          3. johnny

            …lots people find more solace in spirituality at the end or close,but best with the meds,some very ‘smart’ people i know, have made very specific plans to decline ‘medical supervision” in order have some dignity.

            -have FFG taken,your right to die with dignity at home now,or do i need permission from the nurses or a prick?

          4. Rosette of Sirius

            What’s FFG got do with this? They didn’t force him to leave the hospital or force him to stay.

    4. Micko

      Some are saying the chap is still alive, so let’s hold off accusing people of “bloodied hands” just yet.

      There’s a post from someone on his FB page saying as much. So let’s hang on and see.

      Anyway, either way, what the hell is with the binary thinking nowadays? Can you not be against lockdowns and restrictions etc and not be associated with the Cahill and her ilk.

      Of course they were wrong to try and remove that man from hospital, he was clearly sick and needed treatment.
      They are headcases IMO

      But this is a very weird way to see things.

      ie. Bodger thinks lockdowns and restrictions are bad, therefore he’s culpable to this mans (potential) death – is just immature.

      If you saw a 10 year old engaging in this type of thinking, you’d correct them.

        1. Micko

          But why is misinformation always one way Tom?

          Did the HSE label Luke O’Neill as misinformation when he said vaccines were 100% effective at preventing deaths?

          Did they label any of the mad stuff the ISAG heads trotted out on Primetime every bloody week as misinformation?

          Or how about the Lancet and world governments when they said it definitely wasn’t a lab leak?

          No, the misinformation label only goes one way.

          Anyway, let’s hope that chap survives and it’s a lovely day too, so let’s all head outside and not get bogged down in this stuff today lads.

          That’s what I’ll be doing.

          1. SOQ

            Its called narcissistic gaslighting. Most don’t even believe what they are saying, but as long as they feel they are getting one up on other people, that is all that matters.

            And when I say most- I mean a couple under half a dozen usernames pretending that their opinion is the majority.

            Why it is allows is another story, because it definitely harms this site.

      1. John

        As Bodger is posting and promoting all of the anti vaxxer and conspiracy junk while ignoring medical science he/she is totally complicit and should be ashamed of themselves.

        1. Micko

          Ah sure we’re all prone to a bit of conspiracy and misinformation John.

          Only today someone claimed unequivocally that a man had died. Now it transpires that he might be alive.

          Or not, who knows.

          So maybe we should cut each other some slack?

          It’s a weird time to be alive sure.

          1. Poor oul divil

            Behind this handle there is a person of true compassion and keen insight into the human condition (even if we don’t always see eye to eye!)

        2. Dell

          @john +1000 but I doubt he has it in him to do so . If the man has died they will try pin the blame on the people who were actually trained and qualified to keep him alive but prevented from doing so. The one thing that seems to ring true in all of these conspiracy nuts and promoters is their arrogance.

        3. Poor oul divil

          Complicit in what exactly John?
          Presenting an alternative viewpoint?
          Seriously, is there something the matter?

  4. Verbatim

    Oh! to be a moderator on this site, I could come along with my little doggie bag and put all the poo in the nearest bin…sigh of satisfaction

        1. jungleman

          In fairness, the anti-vaxxers have in the past dabbled in the idea of bleach as a cure for COVID.

          Not sure if they are still backing bleach though. SOQ, is bleach still an approved cure?

  5. :-Joe

    For what it’s worth, as no mainstream media outlet is covering cryptocurrency with any level of useful information, help or facts…

    …Complicit along with the corrupt economic system, banking, corporate, financial elites, pseudo-governments, corporate media propaganda systems.. etc etc.

    All in on the ongoing subtle joke conspiracy to keep the majority of people dumb, poor and perpetually begging for scraps of what they are already long overdue….

    IMO / Just my two Satoshi’s…

    Right now, Bitcoin will not pass 50K and is heading to the low’s 40’s minimum, then 38 K approx and then likely even lower to 18k approx.

    Possibly even lower but not highly likely before pulling a handbreak about turn and returning to 50K – 52K again soon.

    Prepare yourself for extreme volatility, a lot of crashes from today onwards and a bloodbath starting on Monday when the institutional markets open.

    Wed September 22nd may be your last chance to get yourself organised and your crypto in order.

    Long term investors and the HODL’ers have no need to worry, 100K is only 3-6 months away.

    Most importantly it’s yet again, even one more last chance for everyone who missed out before to get your cheap ticket on board the gift train that keeps on giving to people, the best chance at true financial freedom(not wealth or greed) within the next century.

    Although, if you knew anything about investing in your future you would be Euro/Dollar Cost Averaging into Bitcoin every week, month or year anyway already. As this is the safest way to invest in a guaranteed short to medium term perpetually appreciating asset class.


    Opinion not financial advice.

    GL & HF !


    1. chris

      Bitcoin is a trap to wrest capital out of the hand’s of those that thought they could operate outside of the established financial system.

      Is there any other way out? Metals etc? Probably not, they’ll be taken at gunpoint. 2030 You will own nothing etc…

      1. :-Joe

        I replied to you yesterday but the post has gone into limbo..

        Maybe because I had a URL linking to the medium website and their top 10 infographics on Cryptocurrency, but not sure tbh..

        I’ll try posting again in a minute…


      2. :-Joe

        I’ll put it this way, by a long distance, It’s far much less of a trap than any other financial system that has come before it…

        Look up how Bitcoin will change property rights around the world for the better as an example of why all things considered it’s the complete opposite of a financial trap.

        The current global interconnected and manipulated corrupt financial system is the real trap built on perpetually printing FIAT debt to feed institutional wealth at the expense of the majority of hard working people globally working for an ever-decreasing next to nothing.

        What do you think banks are doing and have been doing for past centuries?.. Looking after the little guy?..

        Ever heard of a “BAIL IN” as apposed to a bail out?
        When the next financial crisis happens the governments in the west are coming for people’s bank accounts.

        First the high earners who forgot to invest savings and then the rest, if there is anything else left from negative interest rates, inflation and fees / taxes.

        Meanwhile the the elites are all moving and storing their wealth and liquidity in assets like land, property, gold (Now almost worthless as an investment) or Cryptocurrency.

        All the big institutional financial players in every corner of the world are invested in it heavily while programming people to parrot the propaganda that it’s too risky or it’s going to collapse in a flash like eh, let me see?.. What repeatedly flash crashes without fail that sounds similar and familiar?

        Look for yourself, every financial institution and player from buffet to your brother is investing in it, at least secretely, if they are not admitting it publicly. Including clowns like brian hayes and pascal odonoghue and their true overlords like the christine le ‘ I must guard the german and french banking hedgemony’. crowd in europe that we never really hear much about over here outside the circle.

        Look to ‘murica.. People like jamie “the worlds biggest financial crook and the scumbag scourge on detroit” dimon of jpmorgan chase are pumping billions into it.. goldman sachs , another disgusting financial corporate cancer on humanity are also investing billions into it too..

        Fake national digital currencies are already on the way but Bitcoin will remain as digital gold and a true store of value like gold once was…

        I think you need to learn about DEFI, decentralised finance systems already operating on blockchain technology. i.e. Cryptocurrency but also digital smart contract platforns like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano etc. It’s already up and running.

        Come on, educate yourself and get on board the train for all people to become financially free(not just accumulating wealth or greed) from the tyranny of the elites.


      1. SOQ

        Yes Millie & J, I am. thank you.

        Despite staring at the fridge and thinking ‘no food’- I consulted that website and then rustled up oat, grated carrot and fresh ginger burgers, served with a red cabbage slaw and some home made hummus- and it was all surprisingly good.


        Has anyone any experience in fermenting? Need some jars but definitely something to try.

    1. :-Joe

      Ahh.. yes, thanks.

      I’m always trying to remember websites like this when I’m hungry but I’ve only got half an hour and I’m staring blankly and confused into the cupboard at a pack of rice, various random tins and a load of herbs..

      Any tips on the current state of vaccines, best ones or issues etc.?
      Not been on here for a while and about to go and get jabbed…
      – Moderna and Pfeizer seem to be the best/safest two afaik.. If possible?


    1. John

      What a bunch of low rent , low life’s at the joke rally.
      Excellent to see so few marchers
      They would not recognise freedom if it came up and bit them on the butt.
      What they all lack in intelligence, they more than make up for in stupidity

      1. chris

        Exactly what you’d expect out of the mouth of a bootlicker of authoritarianism. Imagine trying to stifle one of the corner points of democracy, the right to free assembly.

        Well it looks like you may get your wish John, when the boot is on your throat remember, you welcomed it.

        1. John

          Now now Chris, It’s really funny watching you try to fit your entire vocabulary into one sentence.
          By the way try reading my comment again it was a joke rally attended by a bunch of low rent, low lifes. I didn’t have a word to say about the right to free assembly.
          Somewhere out there, there’s a tree working very hard to produce oxygen so that you can breathe. I think you should go and apologise to it.

          1. chris

            It’s been noted by many, that the most welcoming of tyranny are also the most rabid in their dismissals of those that don’t.
            As I’ve already said, enjoy the boot. I’m at pains to know why those that want it most also want it to be inflicted on other’s. It must be part of their warped sub-clinical psychopathy.

  6. Papi

    Sentence too many spaces.
    Every time with you, Charger.
    Every time.

    Well, that and the hate filled bigotry.

  7. Fergalito

    Fair enough, I take it back. Not that it matters.

    I’m taking this all too seriously, like it’s 12 Angry Men – far more than 12 truth be told.

    Guffaw. Chortle. ROFL etc.! Live long and prosper and may you only ever have to wipe your transom once (ancient Vulcan proverb).

  8. Bertie blenkinsop

    This place is a cesspit lately.
    Don’t @ me, if you disagree you’re probably one of the saps anyway.

    1. Micko

      It’ll get better Bertie.

      There’s a lot of entrenched opinions though and a lot of grudges

      Maybe we need a day like ‘The Purge’ where you can just say anything you like to anyone and really get what’s off your chest

      And then we all agree after that to not use ad hominem attacks and only debate what someone has said that day (in that post) and not previously and let all previous grudges go :-)

      Although we may need a purge a week at this rate…

      1. Papi

        “he stood over every word he posted”

        Are you serious?
        He’s a scumbag.
        Always was, always will be.
        V, cop on.

      2. V aka Frilly Keane

        With the greatest respect to your opinion Papi

        Believe me when I say I can name & shame a number of real scumbags here
        Proper thugs, the kind when they were found out themselves people here didn’t say a word for fear of drawing them on
        Plus the Creeps & the Stalkers & the cowards

        Charage NEVER resorted what these Broadsheet House names did
        Nor he participate in the rush to join in
        Or seek to rally pile ons

      3. jungleman

        Al pacacino IS Charger ffs.. This fool is on here every day with a different name. I genuinely don’t see how people don’t recognise him every time.

      4. Papi

        Cop on does not imply pain, far from it, and as a Cork woman of intelligence, you’d know that. Charger is a troll, a disgusting scumbag who changes his name so he can post here.

        And should be treated as such.

        1. Rosette of Sirius

          Of course you’re correct Papi, but then so is Vanessa. There’s is or certainly was a malevolent group here over the years that doxxed posters outside of their ideology or what ever that they could identify in real life. What Vanessa experienced was elementally sinister.

          Charger is best described as a bad dose of the clap…

      5. Poor oul divil

        Over the years this place has seen waves of stuff like this actually, but the pandemic has really brought out the worst instincts of many.
        We will get through it together however, there is simply no other way.

  9. V aka Frilly Keane

    If we’re to talk about lads MIA

    Let’s talk about Mani
    Mick Flavin
    And most importantly, for the week that’s in it,

    Martco brought a depth to the Bake Offs
    That Epicurious and BBC Good Food never achieved on their own platforms, and would pay for
    My only contribution was to bring it all down to the simple and everyday, and back into the abilities of any anyday any type baker
    Martco made them showstoppers – S11, my last one here, never hit the spot previous seasons did, in some part due to the strategy that is now fully embedded here
    But in the most part, because Martco wasn’t participating

        1. Poor oul divil

          Well in fact I do like your RTE accounting stuff.
          I’d just love to see you do more stuff in your specialist area, that’s all.

          Sorry for interrupting your monologue.

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            Hardly monologue when they are replies to my posts

            Can’t understand your particular fascination with the RTÉ stuff
            Since I barely did a handful, if even that, and zero in over a year
            Nor did I notice Poor oul divil interactions in any of them
            Bit creepy to be making mention of them now, like this
            Out of the blue
            And bare in mind I am aware of a number of your posts that were conveniently deleted by Broadsheet

            Definitely creepy

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