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  1. f_lawless

    Disgusting ptopaganda from the Irish Mail on Sunday. Of course a key underlying function of corporate media is to try to mold public opinion according to the vested interests of elites and could there be a more brazenly transparent example of this than declaring “BOSSES SHOULD BE TOLD ABOUT UNVAXXED STAFF” (which would be contrary to Irish law) off the back of their own dodgy opinion poll?
    More Covid vaccine coercion

    1. bisted

      …have to agree with your estimation of the Mail on Sunday dodgy opinion poll…sure everyone knows that over 90% of the population have been vaccinated… maybe more ratlickers read the Mail…

      1. E'Matty

        Whilst 90%+ have been vaccinated not all vaccinated people support the Vaccine Pass access to bars, restaurants, gigs etc for example. Not all vaccinated people have become idiot authoritarians. So, you cannot assume all vaccinated people will support another infringement on the rights of the unvaccinated, as this breach of privacy would be.

        1. Papi

          “The rights of the unvaccinated”
          You chose to be excluded, no problem with that, but now you bitch and moan and whine about your exclusion?
          Can’t have both baby. Pick one. And stop bitching like a whiny toddler about it.

          1. SOQ

            And what happens when Ireland becomes like Israel where you will need three jabs to hold a vaccine passport and soon to be four? At what point are you going to become one of the unwashed Papi? 5- 6- 10 injections?

          2. Papi

            When I decide, I’ll do it privately and not ask your permission or broadcast it in here 30 or 40 times a day.
            Try it.

          3. SOQ

            And yet you feel it is ok to broadcast your contempt for those who make a private decision not to get vaccinated?

            Because if vaccinated are just as infectious as unvaccinated then that is all it is- a private and personal decision.

    2. f_lawless

      Eye-opening account of the situation in Lithuania where they’re a bit further down the line with the ‘Covid Pass’ system


      “I’m not political and I’m not an activist. But I am moral. And what is happening is morally wrong. Deeply, deeply wrong.

      That’s why I want to stop it – for my country and for every other country. Lithuania is the harbinger of the future facing every nation if we continue down the path of a Covid Pass regime.

      1. Cian

        You can get the Opportunity Pass in 3 ways:

        – If you’ve been vaccinated (approved vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, J&J).
        – A negative PCR test. Valid for 48 hours after the sample is collected.
        – Proof of having had Covid in the last 7 months. You must have had a positive PCR or antigen test result confirmed at the time by your family doctor and entered into your official medical records.

        In the middle of August, our country added a fourth way to get the Opportunity Pass: “a sufficient level of antibodies” based on serological immunoassay for COVID-19 IgG antibodies or total antibodies test. Valid for 60 days after a test.

        1. E'Matty

          Sorry Cian, what’s your point? Oh yay, if they a PCR test, the unvaccinated get 48hrs of access to society.

        2. f_lawless

          Government propagandists are really exposing themselves these days in attempting to defend the indefensible.

          Further quote from the piece on the Lithuanian situation:

          “The (Lithuanian) government contends that the vaccine is not mandatory because you can still get the Opportunity Pass if you have immunity from infection or if you do tests.

          However, it’s a fig-leaf to mask the pressure to vaccinate.

          Our government pays lip service to immunity from prior infection, but in practice makes it difficult to use as a basis to receive the Opportunity Pass. Officials explain that they’ve made it burdensome because they don’t want citizens to purposefully infect themselves in order to avoid vaccination..

          As for the testing option, it is similarly designed to be difficult. ..The burden of the PCR test is the time and money. Labs offer PCR tests for 60-75 eur and give results in 12-24 hours. The government only recognizes the test as valid for 48 hours from when the swab sample is taken, not from when you receive the result from the lab. With the wait to get the result, this means you would need a test almost every day in order to maintain a valid Covid Pass and continue your life without restrictions.

          That number of tests would cost more than 1000 eur in lab fees per person per month, plus the time of going to the lab.

          The government explicitly created this burden of time and money, as well as the risk of being forced into isolation, in order to promote vaccination instead of testing.

          There’s been a lot of controversy about the PCR-only requirement because it’s obviously vindictive, so the Cabinet has indicated that they are changing the rules to also allow the cheaper antigen test.

          But whatever form of a test they allow, the intention is clear: the government is putting maximum pressure on us to get vaccinated. Our freedom has become conditional on vaccination or daily testing…

          ..Additionally, if you get a positive test result, even if you have no symptoms, you and all your contacts must isolate for 10 days, which for many people means the loss of income from work…

          ..We can’t afford to do PCR tests every 1-2 days. Together, my wife and I earn about 3000 eur per month. We calculate that the testing for both of us necessary to have the Pass for workdays only, not on weekends, would cost around 1500 eur per month, or half our income. Plus more than an hour of time each day to go to the lab, wait, do the test, and leave.

          A change in the rules to allow antigen tests reduces our cost to 500 eur per month. That amount is on the limit for us: we could afford it if we reduce our food budget, cease savings, and eliminate most expenditures other than housing, utilities, taxes/fees, and necessary transportation.”

          1. SOQ

            From Alex Macheras @AlexInAir 11:21 pm · 17 Sep 2021

            “UK government confirm tonight that if a person has been vaccinated in Africa, or South America, or countries including UAE, India, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand, Russia…

            …you are considered “unvaccinated” and must follow “unvaccinated” rules No entry = 10 day home quarantine & tests”


            I’m sorry- what now? In what way are say Pfizer jabs from these countries supposedly different to Pfizer jabs in the UK?

    3. SOQ

      Of course it is propaganda, they are completely bought and paid for by pharma.

      But most people now know that someone’s infectiousness is not determined by their vaccination status and already there is clear evidence that whatever efficacy there was, is now waning- Israel is preparing the roll out of number FOUR so where does it end?

      The problem is that despite the already highest level of recorded injuries from a vaccine in two decades, and each booster brings its own set of risks. The US FDA has already rejected a plan to blanket booster because of concerns about new serious side effects and / of additional fatalities.

      At what point do people ask which is the most dangerous? CoVid-19 or six monthly incremental vaccinations?

        1. E'Matty

          No it has not. They’ve been inflating the numbers using the died WITH Covid BS since day one. The true number is a fraction of the 4.5 million.

          1. E'Matty

            @Cian – you cannot simply attribute all excess deaths to Covid. There will have been many of those deaths which were directly resulting from the restrictions imposed and fear instilled. I know of two people who have died of cancer due to late diagnosis resulting from the restrictions. We will be counting the deaths caused by the restrictions you all supported for years to come.

          2. John

            You are puking bull droppings. Every single country on Earth that has been infected with the coronavirus has suffered a terribly tragic increased amount of deaths.

            For you to dare to argue otherwise is a hateful insult to all family’s and victims who have lost loved ones

            Perhaps it is possible that you really do not have the comprehension to understand basic medical statistics along with the other anti-vaxxers and covid deniers on Broadsheet.

            I would explain them to you all but I don’t have any crayons with me

        2. Cui Bono?

          You’re still parroting this lie Cian.

          You are in denial.

          We have been counting so many people who died of other causes as covid and you know this.

    4. John

      Employers have a duty of care to their employees and customers, anyone ignorant enough to refuse a vaccine and then expect them to not inform their employer of their vaccine status should be otherwise employed elsewhere or sacked.

      Fancy a medical practitioner breathing down your throat without a mask or without having being vaccinated?
      If I said anything to offend you it was purely intentional

      1. SOQ

        Actually- given the infection and hospitalisation figures coming out of Israel right now, especially after the third shot, I personally would prefer if a medical practitioner breathing down my neck was not vaccinated at all.

  2. Steph Pinker

    ‘81% say President is right to not go north’ – leaving aside the obvious – he should’ve gone wesht at de crossroads where yer man fell down in a ditch beside de hedge that night after de famoous wake in ’81 with de big snow and de smhall lambs on de night of de full moon; meself on de udder hand, would keep left, go south, ask directions and get a ride over de border, ’cause de north is a divil of a place ta pin down an’ it depends on who yer talkin’ ta.

    In de heel o’ de hunt, de quickest way from here ta there isn’t walkin’ – I’ll tell ya that fer nothin!

        1. Fergalito

          Andrew Neil, now ex-GB news
          Must surely regret playing loose
          Left his BBC gig
          To embrace his inner pig
          Which Janet says needs pamplemousse

          1. Poor oul divil

            I’m eating dear Spain’s luscious peaches
            My heart beating for Northern French beaches
            And our heroes who fled
            Lest they were bombed stone dead
            As Boris makes Churchillian speeches.

            Poetic license for the change of fruit please.

    1. ian - oG

      The language alone is embarrassing but the sentiment is ever worse.

      “Charm offensive””. “Level.”

    1. tom2

      I was just about to post it. Hahahah. Every single day there are new people to laugh at. Has the penny not dropped for the rest of you anti-vaxxers yet?

      1. SOQ

        That you find the death of one or more individuals to be funny, simply because you disagree with their opinion, on a matter which is really none of your business, says way more about you than anybody else.

        Is wishing death onto people because they have concerns about a vaccine with no any long term safety data really where you are at? If so, then I suggest you take a good look at yourself.

        There are still plenty of people who are fully vaccinated dying from CoVid-19. The majority of those in Israel are fully vaccinated, but nobody is gloating about that because a life is a life, no matter what.

        1. E'Matty

          Let tom2 comment away. Any reasonable person, whether vaccinated or not, would be disgusted at his childish gloating at the death of others. He’s a sick twisted pathetic character on here. Himself and Daisy would make quite the couple.

          1. Bob Fleming

            Any reasonable person would think an anti-vaxxer who urged others not to be jabbed in spite of overwhelming evidence of the fantastic success of vaccinations and then subsequently died a miserable death from Covid deserves everything that came to them.
            If, by making them an object of derision, one other person decides to get the jabs then deride away.
            Likewise deny these clowns and spoofers access to flights, pubs, restaurants and jobs dealing with the public.
            Having seen a close friend pass away from Covid before they got the chance to access the vaccine I couldn’t give a toss for those who wheezed their last breath in an ICU still insisting that vaccinations are a con.

          2. Micko

            I don’t understand the argument for this man dying being a good thing.

            You guys say it’s so he cant influence others into not taking the vaccine. So he can’t create anymore so called “victims of misinformation.”

            But you don’t take into account the HE may be victim of misinformation himself.

            And the person before him and so on and so on.
            A never ending cycle.

            At what point does a person go from a victim of misinformation to a person who “deserves” to die?

            In good news though, the man you said was dead yesterday is apparently not dead.


            So much misinformation everywhere eh?

          3. E'Matty

            “the idea that I could stroll in there and say ” Hi guys, I’ve decided not to get vaxxed.Anyone fancy a pint ? ” without getting a shower of abuse is fanciful.” Sounds like your local is full of complete Muppets. I and most of our group are open about being unvaccinated (also completely accepting of those who have chosen to be vaccinated) and we openly flout the nonsensical masking rule when going to and from the toilet. Our local let’s us do as we please.

          4. Truther

            I also would not be seen dead in your local Bob.

            Fully vaccinated though.

            So, probably not in e’Matty’s local either.

            But either way I’m quite certain I couldn’t stand either of your company for long.

            So wouldn’t catch much.

            Enjoy the pint and the game, I have a few bob on your team as well.

          5. bisted

            …do as you please Mattie…like smoking and stuff…do you drive home…no seat belt on and on the other side with your headlights off…edgy…

            @Truther…Matties local sounds like the place for you…to be seen dead in…

          6. Poor oul divil

            I agree.
            Let Tom2 hammer away.
            So long as I never have to have a pint with him.
            Or you either, Matty.
            In vino, veritas.

        2. V aka Frilly Keane

          How your hypocrisy doesn’t suffocate you Sameoh
          Is a mystery to me

          There you are, and rightly so, getting all rightous and almighty
          Over a crass remark over someone’s demise

          Yet you seem to forget your own
          Utterly foul and gawd awful posts
          Asking Luke O’Neill to pick a tree – to swing from

          Your sincerity
          On anything
          Is as reliable, trustworthy, authentic even
          As the Balenciaga sneakers on Meath Stree for 50 yo-yos
          I hope that man’s family aren’t taking comfort from the likes of you

          Seriously Bodger – if this is the state of your side of this skitshow
          You’re all already loosing

      2. just millie

        That’s an incredibly callous and spiteful comment. A person’s death should not be reduced to an opportunity for simple mockery just because you disagree with an opinion of theirs.

        1. Poor oul divil

          May I suggest a more successful strategy with puerile attention- seekers on the forum is to avoid getting into the refuse tip with them?

          1. Charlie

            Or maybe he didn’t cross enough fingers? Or maybe he believed the Earth was flat? Or maybe he believed in every conspiracy theory he could swallow?

          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            because you think Broadsheet is about being useful, that’s sweet, sewing kits, water filters a second pair of hands and puncture repair kits are useful,
            it’s entertainment/news/ bit of a laugh, a place to debate ALL viewpoints…lord knows that’s going out of fashion fast,
            the internet isn’t the real world, there’s no obligation to be useful. There’s no obligation to be polite either or respectful but it sure would make for a nicer place to be entertained.

          3. Charlie

            “It’s entertainment”, “bit of a laugh”, Christ! No it isn’t. It may have been but it’s now largely populated by angry political know-alls’, angry dummies with an agenda and occasionally a superficial, shallow, useless, idealistic watery Kumbaya paragraph such as the one you’ve just posted.
            “It’s not the real world”, “It sure would make for a nicer place to be entertained”? The “sewing kit” site is your best bet.

          4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Strange you missed the debate all viewpoints part and being respectful, well not so strange.

          5. Charlie

            Ok, I’ll play. “There’s no obligation to be polite or respectful…”. “Strange” you can’t accept your own advice. Well, not so strange really.

          6. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            ah yeah I’m well known for my vicious, mean spirited streak on here, always in the argy bargy, being abusive, that’s so me :)
            Night night Charlie, I really never understood the appeal of being angry on the internet. Say hiya to Oro ;)

          7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            lol, beats your gaslighting.. am I doing this new kids jibber jabber right ?… something snowflake something something triggered

          8. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            first sensible thing you have said, isn’t it nice to end on a good note, dors bien

          9. tom2

            Janet are you really doing a “both sides” appeal? Hey lets just hear these fascists out, see what they have to say.

    2. Kdoc

      Yesterday’s Freedumb rally was interesting. A small vocal group on the fringe appeared to be accusing Millar of being in league with the Gardaí! At one point they were repeatedly roaring, ‘Garda Protest’. They seem to believe that the YV leadership are Garda plants to keep the protests within certain parameters – others want more robust (aggro) protests.
      Gilroy assured the attendees that the tyranny would stop when 100,000 attended! That’s highly unlikely as on a bright Saturday afternoon they drew no more that around 500.
      Jaypers, the limits to our freedom are cruel beyond belief: Notwithstanding the attention of one jellyfish, I had a beautiful swim in the Irish sea at Portmarnock on Friday. Saturday morning I had a great spin on the bike to the Howth Summit car park. This afternoon I’m going for a hike in the Wicklow mountains and tonight I hope to have a few pints with friends – this tyranny is tough going.

      1. SOQ

        Well in my opinion there is defiantly something seriously wrong when where yesterday in Paris, Montreal, Melbourne and New York there were thousands upon thousands out on the streets and yet in Dublin, it was such a fringe event- even Belfast had a better turn out than that.

        There is another angle to it which is that unlike Paris where the police are actively policing passports, outside of the city centres in Ireland, it is largely being ignored. If it was being enforced with the same zeal, then I am pretty sure you would see a very different public reaction.

        Which begs the question as to why introduce passports at all if they were going to hand the enforcement over to the Irish Tourist Board- that is just silly. It’s nearly like they were ordered to so went along with it without any intention of implementation The guards probably said no to getting involved of course- and who would blame them.

        1. John

          The idiotic “freedumb” rally was promoted by and attended by the usual rent a mob, low rent low lifes. The lies and misinformation that were puked at the rally are only surpassed by the anti vaxxer lies and misinformation in Broadsheet posts.

          Anyone with any cop on would not be seen dead at these garbage rallies that are promoted by Broadsheet.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Who was the weirdo in shorts with the American flag and maga hat? Aside from being the core support of the yellow vests? I loved the older woman with the whistle. it was annoying scrolling through the video, I can only imagine that it was driving the ratlickers mad!

    3. Mick MacMichael

      Two disgraceful commenters lauding someones death and laughing about it, to try and score some points or other. How low do you get?

        1. Poor oul divil

          You might as well be Tom2 with the way you’re conducting yourself in here. I can’t help but feel my rights to my valuable oxygen are being violated by you. Not to mention my share of internet bandwidth. Try to have a good day; like a hog does in the slop.
          Good man yourself.

          1. Truther

            So you are a medical professional or first responder tom2?
            And you have also time to go on the internet all day?

      1. Poor oul divil

        Oh we’ve been and can go lower in here!
        As yer man says above just try to be thankful you’re not in the gutter yourself.

      2. Truther

        Mick try to be aware that there are people who exist in here purely to be the exact opposite of what a normal human being behaves like and how they generally interact with others. Try not take it to heart.

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