No Hard Feelings Then


This afternoon.


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29 thoughts on “No Hard Feelings Then

    1. Chuckenstein

      Not to appear before an Oireachtas committee. It’s not a court of law. She was always going to decline.

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      an exorcist would have a better chance,
      by the power of Christ I compel you, throws holy water

  1. Zaccone

    Shes so incredibly corrupt. Doesn’t even have the confidence to defend Coveney’s lies because she knows she’d be caught out.

    1. goldenbrown

      there’s a pair of them in it….Al Zappone + FG enabled by gimpware

      I’ve already made a firm decision on something, it’s now a done deal no matter what, if I’m still around in 2025 I’m voting SF 1, 2, SocDem 3, PBP 4… Lab, no Indys, no Greens and d e f i n i t e l y no FFG or anything that would remotely attract a transfer for them

      I don’t believe in SF as a unit but I’m going to do my part to force them into a govt play and smash this fake system up once and for all

  2. V aka Frilly Keane

    This is just cheap spin
    To create some news noise and fillers
    It’s continuity content from the Government Press Office
    And you bit Bodger

    Not in a million air miles
    Or a 100 Michelin Starred lunches
    Was this ‘wan ever
    Going to put herself in front of anyone
    Least of all an Oireachtas Committee
    To answer questions

    It was never going to happen
    And Leo & Simon knew that full well
    They know better than anyone what to expect from Zappone

    They’ve now made her the baddy
    Ok she’s well up for that role, in fairness
    But they’ve been given a national shoulder shrug
    A shur’ what can you do the Woman wouldn’t step up and give an account of herself
    But we did

    So what’s next

      1. Poor oul divil

        Yes indeed
        Even a stopped clock is right twice a day
        So it is with our beloved baking bean counter
        This is a circus. A sideshow
        Going in for months now.
        A total non story
        Meanwhile we are €230 Bn in debt
        €230 Billion
        That’s actually news
        Yours actually, Creepy Guy

    1. goldenbrown

      no I don’t think so V
      people can see thru Varadker, Coveney and most definitely FF
      and that she’s just a part of this and not the main actress, a solo part
      I know 3 years is a fair stretch but I don’t see too many sunny uplands to hide the stench of tory rule here…it could run the full 90 mins but it’s hard to visualise Varadker at the controls for long
      their only hope will be a natural disaster or two for distraction and in the meantime no more surprises and find some more printed up Euros from somewhere
      telling ya if mary lou puts 2x candidates in my area I’m voting for them, end of
      fupp them and the entitlement they rode in on

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        And isn’t that new look of our two party system

        FIne Gael v Sinn Fein

        Which would probably suggest the Shinners won’t be doing anything different when it comes to dishing out the gigs
        And I’ll be honest
        I don’t expect them to do anything different to what FG & FF have done for almost a century

  3. Kevin Quinn

    The Oireachtas Committee Chair should offer her a return ticket in business class and five per-diems at UN (usually tax free) rates and see if she goes for it!

  4. K. Cavan

    If she can hustle up a seat in the Irish Parliament, (that did happen, yeah?) she’ll have no problem getting sorted & we don’t do punishment for politicians here, not for fixin’ yer mates up, anyhow. Sure we’d have no politicians left……hmmm.

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