12 thoughts on “Refer Madness

    1. John

      The lesson is that you demonstrably have exposed your own deep level of basic medical ignorance on vaccination.

      I would explain it to you except that I can’t understand it for you.

      Now toddle along and try educating yourself and please stop embarrassing yourself in pubic

      1. hmmm

        So vaccinated people getting infected means the vaccines are working?

        Is that the so-called science everyone is supposed to trust?

    2. scottser

      what’s the hospitalisation rate like? i’m guessing the numbers either deceased or in hospital are mostly unvaccinated but if you could post a link to the contrary we might contextualise your random stat a little better and maybe then learn a lesson from it?

      1. SOQ

        All we know is that cases are going crazy and that hospitalisations and deaths are also rising. Some media outlets are claiming that very few vaccinated are becoming seriously ill, but never present any data to back it up.

        Given such a high vaccination rate however, and that the most vulnerable would be double if not triple jabbed, it is highly likely that quite a number of those whom are seriously ill or who have died, are from that group.


    3. SOQ

      The lesson is that the vaccines are at best, nowhere near as effective as promised, but why people need to be bribed or bullied into taking them is another story.

      In this case, if a senior is compos mentis and choses to not take it, their decision should be respected, especially as it makes no difference as to how infectious they might be.

    4. Micko

      Singapore is a really interesting case though.

      Similar population to Ireland, they lockdown later than most countries (April, I belive), the cases they saw were mostly in foreign workers and they had very few deaths and cases – Only 60 deaths

      They also really protected their senior citizens:

      “The elderly in the general population in Singapore have been advised to stay at home as much as possible,[49] while resident-facing staff in old folks homes are being housed on site or separately in hotels.” Wikipedia

      There was also a theory that they got hit with SARS in 2003 and this may have provided some level of immunity in the population to Covid.


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