8 thoughts on “Self-Raising

  1. Pleasure Merchant

    Jacobs & Bolands went on to merger and become Irish Biscuits in Tallaght.
    Now it’s all Nestlé.

    I learnt how to swim in the swimming pool in Jacob’s on Bishops Street.
    First swimming pool of my life.
    I nearly drowned, twice.
    – good times!

    (Now it’s a flipping library, and I have to look the other way whenever I pass by it on the bus, looking at Kevin Street Garda station instead… That hurts!)
    . 27 bus customers who live on the southside will get that joke.
    And 43% of readers

    When you see YOUR OWN heritage being stolen and there’s nobody to scream at…
    There’s always Broadsheet.

    I cri evrytim

    They REALLY DID have a swimming pool inside the building.

    I should know… as I said it was the first two times I almost drowned. You never forget that kinda stuff.

    1. Pleasure Merchant

      …and I still can’t swim.

      I just eat cakes and drift upside down, smoking “cigars”.
      I don’t need a swimming pool to float.

      I’m terrified of the ocean.
      All of them.

      I don’t even like sand.

      Sunshine is everywhere.
      Look for it, but don’t look at it.

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