Stop Building Back Better

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This afternoon.

Construction has ceased in large swathes of Australia after union members attacked their HQ over Vaccine mandates.




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7 thoughts on “Stop Building Back Better

  1. SOQ

    What the Australian construction stand off is showing is that unions need to tread very carefully over mandatory vaccinations- in this case they are being kicked to the kerb because of them.

  2. Micko


    “Pockets of resistance” you say?

    Sounds like Oz is gonna be one big episode of Allo Allo soon…

    I wonder will Rene get caught hiding “ze fallen maddona with ze big boobies” ;-)

    1. Chris

      It’s where the boot came down the hardest. Tyranny without the illusions. I think a sizeable amount are now aware of what they face. I wish them strength.

  3. Paulus

    ‘They work in a land down under.
    Those union reps, they were outnumbered.
    Does it make, does it make you wonder
    Will construction now just fall asunder?’

    (Flute solo).


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