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  1. Dell

    Excellent. Looks like a nice safe place to eat. Cheers for the address. Will definitely go next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

      1. Dell

        Which means, above all else , that you are not there. So winning straight away there. Who is to say what time this photo was taken? . I know very few cafes and restaurants that do a lot of business all day long. Off with you and your attempts at shaming a small business trying to do their best to stay in business while keeping their customers safe.

    1. Micko


      Everywhere is following the vaccine passes, no? So everywhere is “safe”, no?

      What I think you meant was;

      “Excellent. Looks like a nice place that follows the particular ideology I also follow”

      1. Dell

        Actually , no they aren’t. I know of quite a few who don’t so clearly what you think I mean (and thanks for that condescending little piece of vomit) is completely wrong. Maybe go get some fresh air micko… Isn’t that what you usually prescribe after you make some kind of snide comment that people pull you up on ?

          1. Dell

            As per usual, that Apology for your incorrect, condescending drivel looks an awful lot like deflection. Just because I prefer to go to restaurants that at least attempt to keep their customers safe doesn’t mean I have any problem with say the likes of you or man on fire going anywhere where they don’t. So fear not, I won’t be reporting anyone and you and yours can dine in any establishment that will have you but who may only observe whatever health policies they see fit. Good luck with that.

          2. Micko

            Apology? eh

            But wait, Hang on a sec?

            Are you saying that you went for dinner with mates and they DIDN’T ask for a vaccine cert, you would walk away in disgust?

            And how are yo gonna feel when the requirement goes on Oct 22nd? Will you feel safe then or will you stop going out?

            We’re already at 90% vaccination of the adult population.

            How high does the percentage have to be until you “feel safe”?

            So yes – ideology.

          3. Dell

            Micko , if you want to call deciding to eat in restaurants that follow public health guidelines and laws an ideology, work away , I couldn’t care less what you decide to call it . I do however care about bodger singling out this little business because they are following public health guidelines and therefore potentially causing them a lot of grief from the likes of the people he promotes in his other posts. To counteract the negative connotations that were in the post , I was merely pointing out that these people go about their business in a safe way and therefore are worthy of my custom. If they follow the guidelines with regard to covid, there’s a pretty good chance they are following other health guidelines. As I said. Good luck to you and yours going to restaurants that don’t.

          4. Micko

            Ah look Dell, I’m not trying to pee you off.

            I just don’t think exclaiming that somewhere is a “nice safe place” just because they have a sign is very helpful.

            And, since you havn’t answered any of the three questions I’ve asked you, am I safe to assume that you havn’t really thought about them too much before now?

            Which is fine, but I hope you do ;)

          5. SOQ

            Personally I think sticking a sign in the window is a really good idea. Saves time for those who can’t or won’t show papers- to avoid. Likewise the few in the opposite direction but despite their loud online presence, are just a few.

            But, anyone who thinks this is about safety is at best naïve. People can still spread and catch and still get sick, so if you are going to support such discrimination then at least be honest with yourself as to why- it’s about coercion.

            Everything about these vaccines has been about coercion, about passports and in due course, about digital certificates. But fortunately, like most new systems, the technology is nowhere near as good as planned and the vaccines are already failing.

            What happens when Ireland becomes like Israel and you need three shots before your passport is valid again- are you going to take it?

            And then the forth? And then the fifth?

          6. Dell

            Oh please.. this is what you do .. you come on incredibly condescending and then feign innocence and as if you were somehow reasonable and reasoning with me … You weren’t. You were being a pompous git.

            As for your questions . No I do not eat in restaurants that dont ask for vaccine certs. I have a vulnerable child with heart issues amongst other things who has decided she does not want to be vaccinated for now and I respect that decision, as I respect the decisions of anyone who has decided not to. so we rarely eat it in restaurants right now but when we have , I’ve checked beforehand that they have a vaccine cert policy or we’ve eaten outdoors during the summer.

            Yes things will change and eventually there will be no need for certs but we will have to be careful about eating out then and it will be dependant on how high the community transmission rate is i suppose and covid figures.

            I’m not latching onto covid rules for the fun of it and yes micko, I’ve given this some thought.

          7. Micko

            Jesus Dell,

            That’s quite a lot to take in.

            That sucks about your kid. And apologies (for or)if I upset you – it wasn’t my intention. Just quippy banter.

            I can understand that. Sounds like you have enough stress going on and I don’t want to add to it.


          8. Dell

            Apology accepted. You weren’t to know what is or was going on in my life and I hadn’t planned on sharing it either and only did so to explain why I am pretty careful about where I eat and why it’s important in our particular circumstances to do things the way we do. I also have a small business and have encountered a lot of nastiness from people who are anti vaccine and anti mask , so I suppose I’m a bit more defensive than I should be about the little business being highlighted here for that reason also.

      2. Dell

        Oh and micko, if everywhere is following vaccine pass rules, why is this little business being used for a public flogging ??

          1. Dell

            You are not capable of much more than teenage-like insults and one liners are you ? Bless. More to be pitied than anything else.

          2. just millie


            I refer you to my comment on Saturday, and your following responses. What exactly are you defending here, other than a kneejerk response to an opinion you clearly disagree with?

            Dell is neither a bully nor a troll, and your responses are childish, puerile and as substantive as wet cardboard. Instead of addressing any points made, you rely on lazy one-liners. In this instance, you are the troll here.

          3. Man On Fire

            Dell is an insincere bully who has a long history with this site. I’m sorry if you see it differently.

          4. Dell

            Coming from you , I’ll take that as a compliment . I’d definitely prefer not to be in your favour. You talk about me being a bully and you literally came on this article to criticise a small business following the law and health guidelines. A few years ago id say you couldn’t make it up but I’ve grown used to expect this kind of thing from anti maskers who come into my business and from nasty little one line commenters like your self.

          5. Dell

            A direct quote … It’s empty.. ROFL….why would you be rolling around the floor laughing at it being empty? You are full of it.

          6. Man On Fire

            But it is empty, that’s not a slight on the business, that’s your sensitivity projecting. Dell, you’re an insincere person.

          7. Dell

            You can’t even be honest about your own nastiness , that’s pathetic. ROFL at it being empty is hardly being nice or telling Daisy she may as well go to a library. You’re a spineless keyboard based bully who can’t handle anyone pointing out bodgers twisted narrative or the damage he’s causing by encouraging paranoia and far right propoganda. You are not even a proper bully, you’re like the kid that stands behind one and punctuates the bully’s words by repeating one liners. Scuttling out from behind someone to throw kicks into people and scuttling back again. You are pathetic.

        1. Dell

          As for me not being a sincere person , now that’s projection coming from the guy that trolls the comments with nasty one liners and insults. Get a life you nasty piece of work.

      3. Nigel

        It’s such a self-flattering misnomer to blandly characterise other people’s disagreement with you as ‘ideological,’ as though there is some Great Debate that you are a part of, instead of just eliding the fact that someone claiming that Trump is still president marched through Dublin yesterday becasue they also don’t like masks and think the vaccine is evil.

        1. Micko


          What are you jabbering on about?

          Are you upset that some lad wore a Trump T Shirt or something?

          Jesus man – you’re hilarious

        2. Micko

          Sure… I haven’t claimed anything of the sort.

          Oh and I know I’ve said this before, but Trump was US President.

          Not “president” as you’ve stated above. The little fellah in the Aras is our guy Nigel. ;)

          You’re obsessed with the States man. Maybe you should move there?

          Keep their divisive left / right crap out of our country.

          1. Nigel

            Tell me about Sandy Hook, MoF, and whether it was a real mass shooting or some sort of ‘false flag’ event perpetrated by ‘crisis actors.’ If not, then maybe you’re right!

          2. Nigel

            Could have given your answer in the two words you used to avoid it. Are you too ashamed of your views on the Sandy Hook Massacre to share them?

          3. K. Cavan

            Yeah, Nigel is obsessed with the US, isn’t he? I’d never really noticed, although he clearly follows by rote the entire Woke Progressive agenda, which really doesn’t translate to anywhere else. I think maybe he wishes he was in America, fighting the Deplorables & given how many guns they have, that might be a good thing.
            I mean, of course, that Nigel would disarm them with his ”logic” & ”reasoning”, not that they’d just shoot him. Perish the thought.

          4. K. Cavan

            Micko, for all the Covid Cultists, it’s all about ideology, that’s completely obvious. They constantly try to paint anyone who disagrees with them as some sort of right-wing, Trump-supporting member of the KKK, obviously an attempt to enhance their fantasy-life as Progressive Freedom-Fighters.
            It sure isn’t about science, otherwise one of them might’ve tried to debunk or even question any of my posts that have referenced facts about Virology, instead, they’re studiously ignored. I might as well have just made everything up.
            No, I didn’t.

  2. SOQ

    That when a café puts a sign like this up becomes news, is very telling. Also very bad for business, but that is their choice.

    Big boycott of such going on in NYC I see- the peasants really are revolting.

    1. K. Cavan

      SOQ, France, Switzerland also, probably everywhere people have brains & spines. So, not in Ireland, methinks.

  3. V aka Frilly Keane

    Brilliant place for Brekkie lads

    and they do a BYOB dinner service

    really convenient for the D6 D6w crowd as well
    loads of parking, and loads of public transport access

    less than 10 min walk for the KCR, probably the same from Rathmines / Kenilworth

  4. Paulus

    The Monto there on Sundrive Road
    They want to scan your vaccine code
    It’s making people’s heads explode
    Oh what to do?

    Those anti-vaxers stuck in ruts
    Will tell you with no ifs or buts
    The jab it can inflate your nuts
    And langers too.
    (To you).

    1. Poor oul divil

      I’d tell an anti-vaxxer
      To put one up their jackser
      Give them a wee relaxer
      I call “the jab”

      No way am I joking
      Though I’d love what they are smoking
      It’s not wee blunts they’re toking
      It’s the Afghan Kush

  5. fez

    Local business is law abiding, stop the press. Should we go with that for tomorrows headline, or a grand expose of Bodger holding a phone, giving him super powers from 5G

      1. Dell

        So some disgruntled antivaxer sends you a pic of his local cafe /small business who are following rules and the law and you decide it’s ok to put it up here and give the address so the likes of the people outside Leo’s house Sunday can get all riled up and go make their lives hell? You lot have been crying about small businesses being closed down because of restrictions and whatnot and then you do this … Pretty hypocritical but not surprising. And people wonder how things like staff being harassed outside hospitals come about .. this bodger, is how it comes about.

        1. Bodger

          Dell, it was more of a wistful post with the cafe’s name and all. Also, it should be said, no one fought more for small businesses than those who are unvaccinated.

          1. Dell

            Rubbish . No one fought more for the unvaccinated than the unvaccinated. I run a small business and the unvaccinated have done nothing but come in to the shop and made demands that are contrary to public health guidelines, making me and my daughter ask them to mask up etc every single time they came in . This post alone shows how little respect the unvaccinated have for businesses,.
            They loved them when they could use them to further their own cause.

          2. Dell

            Bodger, some of us small business owners , though we are struggling financially, have family and friends that needed to be protected. The unvaccinated protesters fought for the unvaccinated protesters and neither asked or cared about what the small business people needed or wanted.

          3. Bodger

            Dell, I wanted your business to stay open, I argued here against the lockdowns that were destroying you and your family’s livelihood, and now? I am a leper to you and the Monto café. I’ll make my own sandwiches and fancy coffee from now on.

          4. Dell

            Bodger , what part of you not asking what small business people needed or wanted don’t you understand? Yes I was forced to close my business for a very long time and I’m not sure it will survive but my daughter who has quite a few underlying health issues is alive, no thanks in anyway to you and your fellow protestors. Do you understand that we are not just our businesses ? We are people with parents and children and friends that we also need to protect. Letting covid rip through the community without at least trying to stop it would definitely have wiped out some of my loved ones , my small business woes pale in comparison with that , and if you don’t get that , you really are more lost than I had imagined.

          5. Dell

            I don’t really care what you believe or don’t believe , it is at least common decency to ask the people you are supposedly standing up for , what they actually want or need. I can almost guarantee you, given the uptake of the vaccine, most people didn’t want people protesting lockdowns. As you can imagine , I know quite a few people working in hospitals because unfortunately we spend a lot of time there and I have sisters who are nurses both here and in England and I trust them when they tell me that my girl would have, at best, quite the fight on her hands should she get covid. So you can believe whatever narrative you want , I chose to believe people who are both friends, family and more importantly qualified to know what they are talking about.

          6. K. Cavan

            ”my daughter who has quite a few underlying health issues is alive, no thanks in anyway to you and your fellow protestors”
            Dell, you need a bull plop vaccination.

        2. K. Cavan

          Dell, everything you’ve posted here is based on your ridiculous assumption that to oppose the mass injection of toxic mRNA concoctions is to be an ”anti-vaxxer”, which merely demonstrates your total ignorance of the subject.
          Every single previous vaccine was an Inoculation, a proven, state of the art technology. The mRNA injections are all registered with the US FDA as ”gene therapies” because that’s what they are. Even then, nobody would have ever recommended inoculating an entire population, because there’s a price to be paid for interfering with our fantastic natural immune system & each Inoculation carries risk, so it was used sparingly, only on the vulnerable.
          These injections, the most toxic ever used on humans, failed every animal trial, with 100% mortality, yes 100% mortality, when subjects were challenged with the virus they were supposed to be protected against & have been mandated by Bill Gates, a billionaire college dropout who has stated publicly that he wants to use these injections to reduce the population by 10-15%, while making a cool 2,000% on his pharma investments.
          The Evolutionary Pressure put on Sars02 has created Escape Variants & we are now locked in a fight to the death with a virus of a type we’ve been living with for at least a millennium & there is only going to be one winner with a virus that mutates during every reproductive cycle because of the innate instability of RNA.
          For those who’ve been conned into being injected, the outlook is extremely bleak, constant boosters will protect you from the rapidly-emerging variants but at a huge cost in side-effects, which include dropping dead on the spot & even that will only work for a limited time, as the immune system cannot sustain such interference indefinitely, not a single person who’s been injected has any chance of living the lifespan they were previously destined to. The scientist who discovered HIV gives them four years, I think that’s pessimistic but he knows more than I do.
          This is by far the biggest medical disaster in history & it’s only just begun, there is nothing but early death awaiting millions of people, exactly what Kill Bill wants, in order to ”Save the Planet”
          I know enough about Virology to know what’s coming, unless we stop these injections immediately & accept the huge toll they have already doomed us to & I have plenty of backup, including the man who invented, then abandoned, mRNA technology. I know the science, I’ve listened to the experts, I am not an ”anti-vaxxer”, you will regret both your decision to be injected & the nonsense you’re spouting here but for the former, I wish you the best but fear you will not encounter it.
          Nothing can stop what’s coming.

          1. Dell

            If you think that I, or anyone, is going to wade through that paranoid complete and utter bull , you’re sadly mistaken. I skimmed it and it was pretty much the same paranoid junk you always spew so I doubt I missed out somehow. You’re so far down the rabbit hole, you poor misfortunate, that they will have to get an oil drill to get you out and possibly some kind of explosive device to blow the door of your bunker. For the love of whatever deity you follow , get help.

          2. K. Cavan

            Ah, Dell, I triggered you with science. You ”skimmed it” but were able to pass judgement. You come across as the violent, thuggish type, maybe not man enough for a standup fight but a bit shouty, for sure. Am I right?
            Are your family scared, your friends scarce? Even those here who agree with you find you a bit repulsive. Not me, I like you & your ”oil drill”.
            Heaven help any poor creature who has to engage with you, you sad, pathetic bully.

          3. Dell

            Pot calling the kettle black . Triggering me? Now that’s hilarious. You think someone as paranoid as you can trigger people with your rantings? What will you and your paranoid little mind do when all this is over? Ah I’m sure there’s some other cause you will do your own fantastic research on that you can preach at everyone about here. It must be sheer torture for your family to be anywhere near you. You are a very scared little man that I feel really sorry for, nothing more. Your sense of self importance far exceeds your actual achievements in the real world and you are the epitome of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. Get help .

          4. Dell

            Giggidy goo , another conspiracy nut with an inflated sense of self importance and relevance. Run along little man .

          1. White Dove

            Broadsheet commenters or should that be playground monitors. Perhaps you meant it as a joke, Charlie, however that comment is really unacceptable given the innocuous nature of the post and Bodger’s polite discussion above. I for one welcome Broadsheet’s questioning attitude in the face of COVID-19 hysteria.

        1. K. Cavan

          Go away, Charlie, everyone knows what you are. There’s a whole world of bought & paid for media out there just waiting to tell you simple, reassuring lies & avoid the complicated truths.

  6. Tarfton Clax

    Unfortunately the mighty Matt the Rashers a few doors up has closed down. A complete shame as their breakfasts were legendary. A full fry with liver and I think kidneys and a mug of tea with lovely toast. Best hangover cure ever.
    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

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