6 thoughts on “The Return

  1. SOQ

    How downright miserable does all that look?

    Whatever about the necessity to return to offices- which will be challenged on a regular basis I expect- there are a lot of people who are not looking forward to the commutes, especially those who are from outside the city.

    1. ce

      You work for 40-50 years

      Sometimes 6 days a weeks

      28 days annual leave a year… if you’re lucky, but not everybody gets that in reality….

      … And half the country is closed for more than a year and the economy does relatively okay…

      Do the sums… and try not to get too depressed… and enjoy your lunchtime roll!

  2. Slightly Bemused

    I was one of the ‘lucky’ ones, heading up to start a new position. Because of locations (home and work) I had to take the car. I had forgotten how much cyclists in Dublin terrify me. With one notable exception, all were good lane holders (that one just veered in and out of the cycle lane without once checking behind or beside him), obeyed the rules as I understand them, but there are so many more than the last time I drove in the city. It was really tense as I once again realised that I am in a two tonne machine which can do a lot of damage to a couple of tens of kilos of combined tubing and people. I may develop a neck like an owl, able to turn in almost any direction :-)

    The cars were actually the worst culprits, with lane hopping and skipping up the turning lanes before veering back into the main way. And added to the mix, the number of electric scooters zipping along at alarming speed.

    I think I may need to invest in a dash cam. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be very grateful for advice. I am wondering if reviewing footage without the knuckle whitening fear may help me devise better strategies.

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