Classic Cars In Your Area


This morning.

Deansgrange, county Dublin.

Carlosfandango writes:

Delicious ‘91 Saab 900 Turbo in the NCT centre…


Dublin city centre.

Name that impeccably-aged jammer, anyone?

Thanks Przemyslaw Zbieron

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9 thoughts on “Classic Cars In Your Area

  1. Liam Deliverance

    1979 (as per the reg) Mercedes 350SL, the 450 SL is very similar but based on the dimensions I’m thinking it’s the 350

    The Saab is lovely, excellent condition by the looks of it.

    Sadly you have reminded me that my own aging jalopy is long overdue an NCT but I know it will not pass, the airbag light stays on.

      1. goldenbrown


        hard to beat a Mk2 Jetta TD, a great over-engineering era that was

        there used to be a Polish fella working up there at that particular testing shed that made it his business to take care of people coming in with older classic hardware….an interesting experienced character who really enjoyed his cars, lengthy chats, big fuss. hope he’s still there as mine is due soon and I almost always use that place

        1. Man On Fire

          I’d like to meet him.

          Today cars are shocking, models being scrapped because of airbag lights and mysterious engine management lights.

          Diesels are an absolute joke, down pipe filters, egr flanges and associated piping, all designed to fail, all tied into the ecu, melted plastic components all sitting in landfills when perished, the waste is an absolute disaster.

        2. carlosfandango

          As it happens, I find myself in that particular NCT fairly regularly and generally in old cars as I have a fondness for them. I’ve always found Deansgrange to be a bit more erm.. ‘sympathetic’ when it comes to testing older vehicles.

  2. johnny

    …my first car,bought it with a closing bonus from a hedge fund,the roof is a nightmare,omg in Dublin yikes,it just is an awful job normally as its about p* ss rain on you and the car,all manual to lock it in place,the floor was rotted out,it was always a burner car for me,they just not great on distance or long drives, you definitely need chamois butt’r,drove it hard from Montreal from NY,it’s ‘fun’ around town or short drives,now driving a M4 Coupe,modified or with aftermarket work,much happier or as my regular passenger always says,while she laughs loudy,oh wow look Johnny,Johhny it has a Guido setting….more:)

    it was as if i had a mid life crisis early.or a really small shoe size,always kinda felt like d**k driving it.

      1. johnny

        …you just have have the limits lifted on the black M4 coupe,quite a nice fat loud 6 speed shifter,the shop add’s a new ‘setting’ and yeah a few bits and pieces,which the GF affectionately calls Guido ….Johnny,Johnny please,c’mon the GUIDO setting…johnny…just -press the big M setting sport plus twice-all the dash goes RED…..then she screams and this plays loud….while smoking a fat blunt:)

        No sleep ’til
        Foot on the pedal never ever false metal
        Engine running hotter than a boiling kettle

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