Some Assembly Required

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This afternoon.

New York, New York.

They have a common agenda.

Save yourselves.


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6 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required

  1. johnny

    …phew,looks like the pandemic killing all the NY dinner parties and do’s,not to mention missing all those irish state paid fancy lavish meals at exclusive restaurants, has not caused Ger,skip any meals.

    speak for yourself Ger-looks like she’s taking another nap after a slap up irish breakfast at fitzpatricks,ah gwan …a dash baileys with that coffee,ah gwan….stop it John,it’s too early,oh its always baileys time somewhere Ger:)

    -My name is Geraldine Byrne Nason and it is a dream job for me to represent Ireland at the UN. I believe that for Irish people, the UN is part of who and what we are. It is in our DNA. As a small country, with its own troubled past….'s-welcome/

    like WTF-you pay her do this.


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