“We Helped Flatten The Curve Of An Infodemic”


Mark Little of disinfo agency Kinzen


The Business Post reported that The Department of Health is paying Kinzen, an Irish media tech start-up, to identify online misinformation related to Covid-19 and the Covid-19 vaccines.

Via The Business Post:

The work, which began earlier this year and consists of almost daily briefings from Kinzen to state officials, marks the first time the department has engaged the services of a third-party company to conduct work on misinformation. It is also believed to be the first time a government body in Ireland has paid a third-party company for this type of work.

Kinzen, founded by former RTÉ news journalist Mark Little and Aine Kerr in 2018, promotes itself as a service which can track disinformation campaigns online. It says it has developed its own automatic speech recognition (ASR) system which can sift through audio and video content to highlight “high risk” material. It combines this with a language model it feeds with terms which are relevant to searching for potential misinformation.

…Little said the work with the Department of Health was entirely “research-driven” and did not involve the company’s scoring system which rates content depending on the level of “risk” identified.

…Little said that all credit for Ireland’s successful rollout of the vaccine should go to public health workers and the Irish people. He said Kinzen was proud to have supported the Department of Health.

“Our role was to bring a global perspective on disinformation to the Irish environment,” he said.

“By helping public health communicators stay ahead of campaigns of disinformation, we hope we helped flatten the curve of an infodemic that deepened the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in other countries.”

Not all heroes deploy tasteless metaphors.

Kinzen briefing the Department of Health on Covid-19 online misinformation (Business Post)

Pic via Mark Little

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31 thoughts on ““We Helped Flatten The Curve Of An Infodemic”

      1. Cui Bono?

        and you’re big on ad hom and strawman arguments whilst ignoring the data and scientific studies so could well be paid to be here.

          1. SOQ

            Well Daisy, what we do know about you is that apart from trying to insult as many people as possible, you support the use of vaccine passports and injecting children with experimental vaccines- which is pretty much straight down the line FFG government propaganda.

          2. Chris

            You’re not answering a simple question, refusing to define your position. You have nothing of value to say.

  1. johnny

    ..its yet another relaunch or rename or pivot or new beginning or restart or on a new platform or yet another one from his failed Neva Labs,which was….

    -MEDIA BIGWIGS IN the US have joined Irish investors in putting cash into Storyful founder Mark Little’s latest news startup.

    Dublin-based Neva Labs was co-founded by Little and fellow Storyful veteran Aine Kerr last year. The startup is focused on the development of a new digital subscription service that would provide users with a more personalised news feed.-


    Kinzen, the media tech start-up founded by Mark Little and Áine Kerr, has closed a new $2.2 million (€1.84 million) investment round led by Danish start-up accelerator FST Growth.


    1. johnny

      …why don’t you ask them,most these counts are on here daily,deliberately,sabotaging and wrecking the place,he was always jealous of bodgers hair:)

      1. johnny

        …you hardly get out bed all excited to meet a bunch thick culchies and dullards at the HSE-hold on let me pull out your fingernails,its just desperate work,last chance saloon stuff,try collecting and their will be billing disputes,always is unless you DO exactly as they want…oh hold on:)

        1. SOQ

          I have done some work for them in the past- that they were hacked is hardly a surprise- imagine those ejits being in charge of a vaccine passport system once the boosters start rolling?

    1. Chris

      Complete control of the narrative is the answer. The UK is introducing an online ‘safety’ policy – meant to silence any or all information that isn’t convenient to Govt policy. NZ is doing the same.

  2. Mr.T

    All but the most ardent bootlickers can see that this is a worrying development, and that we’re creeping down an authoritarian path.

    *This post has been marked as misinformation*

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