Who Are Those Guys?


From top: Outside Leo Varadkar’s home on Sunday; This morning’s Irish Times

KN writes:

If I wasn’t so completely trusting of the guards and the Irish Times I might have thought this was all a bit of a set- up done on the cheap.

Having being at all the marches to date, I’ve never heard any homophobic comments or chants or placards from those in attendance. It wouldn’t be tolerated. And the stuff I’ve seen from the grainy footage of the protest on Sunday would not have been tolerated by anyone I know at these marches.

This group, ‘We Are Sovereign People’ – whose crap I condemn, by the way – have no online presence, no spokesperson and never publicise their protests, which appear to consist of hanging outside ministers’ houses on Sundays, and provoking the inevitable twitter backlash. Why would they repeat the same failed formula that damages their supposed cause?

Some unnamed members then pledge to the crime correspondent of a national newspaper that they plan future protests outside GPs’ houses. What kind of group is this?


Protesters who targeted Varadkar’s home plan to focus on GPs next (irish Times)


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189 thoughts on “Who Are Those Guys?

      1. Fearganainm

        Daisy is spot on. The people associated with the pickets are well-known, so why bother asking here who they are? They have a perpetual presence at all manner of ‘protests’ and trying to suggest that they are somehow ‘unknowns’ is either a desperate attempt to disown them or a failed attempt at blowing smoke. They are notorious, seldom off social media. No strangers to the protests that the author of this article claims to have consistently attended. The author knows exactly who they are and they’ve been giving garbled explanations for their behaviour thoughout the entire Covid-19 crisis. Why pretend that they are some ‘shadowy group’ when they are very familiar faces indeed?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            They are absolutely your people and have been attending antivaxx/antimask rallies all over the country since their inception.

            Don’t get all Judean People’s Front on us now. Own the bigotry that’s been part of the ratlicker movement since the start.

          2. realPolithicks

            A large amount of the content on this website would fit you right in with these type of people bodger.

          3. Papi

            What was the word you used to describe us, Bodger?
            Complicit. That was it.
            These are very much your people, it’s your line in the sand.

          4. Bodger

            Unwittingly complicit was the term. You know not what you do. Call me anything you like just never say I was on your side, Papi.

          5. Papi

            You added the unwittingly afterwards. Not on my side, then you’re on theirs.
            Or are you so important and all knowing you have a side all your own now? My word.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane


          and oddly enough the name of one very prominent anti’ist
          not outside Leo’s gaff btw

          who rarely gets named here
          or even in the above
          I have on very good authority is a paid Garda informant

        2. GiggidyGoo

          Never heard of ‘We Are Sovereign People’ (or WASP for short even), but for Daisy and Co. to lump them with protesters of last Saturday (or vice-versa,as the case may be) shows a stark lack of intelligence.

          1. Fearganainm

            The only stark lack of intelligence being manifested here is your own. No matter how frantically you’d like to believe that ‘regulars’ aren’t capable of inventing some name on the hoof and therefore it has to be a new, unknown, sinister grouping that was there at the weekend it simply isn’t true. It’s the regular head-the-balls.

            They’re the supporters and organisers that you want to pretend aren’t scum.

            Most people know better.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            I hadn’t put you down as having Daisy’s low level of intelligence to be honest Fearganainm.
            I learn something new every day.

          3. Bitnboxy

            Eyeroll at Giggz. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel as per. “We are Sovereign People”. ROFL. A more apposite rendering would be “We are Scrounger People”. Indolent mouths looking for their next hate cause to pass the time.

            And what have I told you about smearing other’s intelligence Giggz? Eh? You, given the your circumstances, are decidedly in no position to do this. You have no standing whatsoever.

            So run along, scan your own code and troll elsewhere old man Giggz.

          4. Dell

            You seem awfully defensive and dare I say it, triggered, giggidy? You can pretend that the lunatic fringe aren’t involved in organising or, at a minimum, aren’t with you all on your protests but they are and if we can see them and we can hear them from the outside, you are either stupid or being wilfully blind to them on the inside.

          5. V aka Frilly Keane

            You know Gitty
            I’ve noticed a large number of your replies to commenters
            and when I say large number, I really mean most of your replies to commenters
            make specific mention to their intelligence, in fact you make it a point to slag off and undermine their intellect
            as if it were less than your own

            your posts in the main are fulltime slurs,
            slurs that you can’t possibly prove one way or another
            nor are you entitled to btw
            about the commenter in question’s mental acuity or their intellectual here-with-all

            tell us who you are and your capacity to pass opinion and judgement on a person’s intellect and faculties for reasoning
            otherwise find alternative content for your posts

            If Broadsheet are happy to keep hosting this relentless slur’ry sludging
            is there any chance you can all prove ‘so and so is a dunce and not as smart as GiggittyGoop

            because I reckon a lot of their output might match some of this stuff here
            Racism, sexism, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, libel, persistent name-calling, bullying, incitement to hatred, gratuitous aggression, being a persistent troll or an obnoxious bore,

            Anti vax people love to say do your research
            so lets have some
            Is the user of the login GiggidyGoo a practicing Clinical Psychiatrist or a phd’ed Educationalist or whatever in those fields that tests human brain power, and therefore in a position to diagnose other login names here

          6. GiggidyGoo

            You’re not shy of passing opinions on people.
            You’re not shy of trying to lie about posts you made here either (it takes a year for you to drop your guard, but drop your guard you did).

            You then, frequently throw your toys out of the pram with ‘Delete my stuff, I’ve had it here’.

            Now, when I am the first to start a thread here, up pops the usual ‘intellectuals’ – your mate Boxy in particular – with nothing to say, except to slur me. Quid pro quo.

            By the way – I’ll put whatever content I like in my posts. If they’re edited or deleted, so be it, but no two-bit pastry chef will tell me what to do.

          7. Dell

            Skuttley little boy on fire .. skuttling in, something something, ridiculous arrogant one liner, something something .. skuttle out. Like the little nasty rat that he proves he is , day in, day out .

          8. Man On Fire

            Insincere Dell shooting himself in the foot, requires a digout from guy in cubicle next to him imaginatively named “John”..

            Low level lads

          9. John

            You really should get out more instead of making a fool of yourself on your keyboard. The low life, low rent dregs of society that are constantly promoted and linked to by BS articles that attended the rally last Saturday constantly regurgitate themselves at politicians homes. Look at the video outside of Varadkars and its the usual crew of dangerous far right anti vaxxers, Q’Anon’s zombies and religious nuts.

            Demonstrably by your posts, you’re intelligence is impossible to underestimate.

          10. Dell

            Skuttle skuttle little rat on fire .. don’t be silly. The only ones who are rattled are yourself and the rest of the conspiracy nuts on here because faces have been put on your leaders and organisers and they aren’t so pretty . Bullies and thugs, with a huge sense of self importance, not unlike yourself. Funny how you are all disowning them now or pretend you have no idea who they are , though we have all been telling you for 18 months. you’re not so great at owning your own nastiness anyway so no surprise there . ROFL at a small business being empty….. Nasty little rat.

          11. Man On Fire

            They’re not my leaders, they’re yours, I’ve no idea who they are.

            All I know is you’re rattled and your insincerity and underhanded agenda are coming to the fore.

            Cheap petty insults and diversions about sme’s.

            You’re rattled..

          12. Dell

            Don’t flatter yourself rat on fire . The only thing that’s rattled is your own nest of rats. No one believes you don’t know these guys. Do you know why? Because bodger, your hero , has been promoting them for over a year and you are his biggest chearbully. As much as I am not impressed with what bodger has done to encourage this , he does have some integrity, you have none.

          13. Man On Fire

            Insincere Dell flapping like a bird on fire, you’re rattled and your agenda is there for all to see.

            Papi flappi resorting to meaningless childish insults in an attempt to masquerade his insecurity.

            I have yous both, the low level lads..

          14. Dell

            Let’s clear a couple of things up rat on fire… I’m not a lad , I’m a woman, a mother and small business owner. I only set up in the last few years as I spent the most part of the decade before that in and out of hospitals with a child with a heart condition and I could only work part-time. If you think your little jibes or any of your petty comments are capable of reaching a height that could rattle me at this stage of my life , you’re even more delusional than I had first thought. You do realise some of us don’t reside in our mothers basement and we have real life problems that don’t involve some man/rat on the internet who probably hasn’t been responsible for one living thing in his life outside making sure he has internet connection to look up his conspiracy theories and cheer bodger on. Answer me honestly here , are you a teenager ? Your petty comments and retorts are making me think you might be.

          15. Man On Fire

            Your insincerity is as palpable as your agenda.

            What is in no doubt whatsoever is the fact that you are rattled, to the point of spittle.

            There there..

          16. Dell

            Oh my goodness .. look at you rat-tling (or is it rat licking) everyone today it seems ROFL.. skuttle skuttle rat boy .. I’m pretty sure you should be in class now . I would say I hit the nail right on the head describing you .. probably still at home with the parents .. probably not working. This pandemic must have been a godsend for your paranoid little mind … Finally all your years of research paying off… It’s given you and yours such a heightened sense of importance it’s laughable . Or it would be if it didn’t involve your friends and leaders from this article.

          17. Dell

            Totes some teenage boy living in his parents box room with a vocab like that . If not, then I’m actually embarrassed for you… Silly little rat-tled boy

          1. Fearganainm

            Presumably you’re not dumb enough to believe that for one minute, so I’ll write off your feeble remark as a bit of failed snark.

            It must hurt you to see your ideological buddies exposed for what they are.

      2. Daisy Chainsaw

        Own the crazies you attract. They’ve been front and centre at these things for months.

        I’m absolutely breaking my patootie laughing at you all running around like headless chickens trying to disavow them now.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          As I say – grow up. You don’t know me, so you can break your patootie laughing at yourself. And if you’re trying to make out that the Saturday protesters (you know, the ones that included a picture of a child at the protest) are all something to do with the WASP crowd, you really need to try growing up.
          Maybe try Bruce Y Lee again.?

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Maybe Brucey can give you something to calm you down, you’ll get a hernia from all that backpedalling! So what if there was a child at the fash love-in on Saturday. Don’t fascists and racists have children too? Poor children have been dragged along to these rallies, organised by your fascist, racist, ultra religious pals for the last 18 months.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            You’re really struggling now Daisy. I suppose the Fash children were outside Varadkar’s house too?

            What’ll tomorrow’s generalizations be?

            By the way, you’re the one who came out all guns blazing with a link to Bruce Y Lee – remember?. Except you only read the headline and made a complete show of yourself, again.

            Grow up

          3. Bitnboxy

            This is of course the same old man gummy Giggz that drooled over the antics of firework man last year.

            Go figure. Birds of a feather.

          4. Fearganainm

            You’re so far down a hole that no rope could reach you. You really want to believe that Graham Carey, Dara O’Flaherty, Andrew Heasman and other ‘faces’ weren’t outside Varadkar’s place? Or that ‘Dee Wall’/Dolores Webster wasn’t at Donnelly’s home previously? All of them GPO ranters, Custom House attendees, ‘organisers’ and ever-presents at ‘protests’ all over Ireland? You are incapable of seeing that the same minority of head-the-balls are behind, at or in front of all the ‘popular protests’? You think that some hitherto unnamed bunch of decent people are heading up the protests? I can see why you wouldn’t want the actual rabble who are making noise to be ‘your leaders’ but that’s who you’re supporting.

          5. GiggidyGoo

            @Boxy. Your Maladaptive Agressive disorder comes to the fore once again.
            Nice to see you ‘supporting’ V, when you were there a couple of days ago doing quite the opposite with your ‘Poor Old Divil’ handle.

            My, we have a contingent of intellectuals on at the moment.

            Daisy came out and told a blatant lie that the people that were protesting on Saturday ‘then’ went to Varadkar’s house. They didn’t. But the line up of ‘intellectuals’ agree with her.

          6. Daisy Chainsaw

            Where’s the lie Giggidy? The same dregs who were at your rally on Saturday were at Varadkar’s place on Sunday.

          7. Poor oul divil

            I’m sorry- I had vowed not to reply to you ever again there Giggidy as you are so far out on a limb, but I wanted everyone else to know I am assuredly not the same person who posts under the Boxy handle. Part of your user persona Giggidy is this frankly unhinged-seeming paranoia

          1. Nigel

            It’s funny how you guys fall back on being ignorant and clueless as a defence when so much of the rest of your schtick is how you’ve acheived an extra level of awareness than us normies.

          2. Cui Bono?

            It’s funny how you can’t realise that most people against lockdowns and this particular set of vaccines have nothing to do with this tiny group of idiots.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Which kid?

          You’re desperately grasping at some very tenuous straws in an attempt to try and not be wrong. It’s not working. The dregs who led the rally on Saturday turned up at Varadkar’s house on Sunday. You’d have to ask whoever dragged their kids along on Saturday if they dragged them along to shout paedo on Sunday.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Can you only process literal statements? I didn’t say the entire tiny group of bigots and fash went straight to Leo’s place. Take a few minutes to try process that.

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Maybe process your thoughts before your write. If that’s not too taxing on your brain. Your line was clear. It was one sentence. You lumped all into it. And now you’re scurrying to distance yourself from it. To be expected, mind you, given the low intelligence posts you’re prone to writing.

  1. SOQ

    I recognise this sort of thing- from back in the day up north. It would be very interesting to see who or what is behind it.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      You are
      so to speak

      You + all the other yous

      and btw folks
      if this was controlled opposition
      it wouldn’t have taken place outside a family home
      or in a residential area

      a constituency office
      or an event

      1. goldenbrown


        as I’m no longer a student LOL the only protests I really have any real interest (and time) in participating in are old school political ones around major practical issues of policy like housing, water and showing support when I can for victims of the State’s various blunt force traumas and shithousery perpetrated on it’s citizens, have attended various party meetings over the years in the run up to elections

        recently it has become very obvious to me that protest has been weaponised and used in various disruptive disingenuous ways (including disruption of 100% legit protest meetings themselves) and I’ve long suspected the use of renta-vague-crowd services by certain parties…to garner publicity, sympathy or turn a narrative in a certain way

        I have no idea who these clowns are and less idea about what they thought they were achieving but it has a bang of dark arts off it e.g.


        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Oh yeah
          posted a teaser on the papers there earlier

          I better get on that Lemon curd and Lime fondent swiss roll I promised for Cake night

          I’m afraid I might do too much talking here now anyway
          and upset too many of ye

      2. Cui Bono?

        If this was controlled opposition it could well take place where it did. Why wouldn’t it? It’s a great place for impact in the media.

        Politics and the holding on to power is full of tactics like this. These games have been played for centuries on the naive and unsuspecting ignorant masses.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          well they wouldn’t be using lads who will shout and roar about anything for the price of a bag of cans

          they’d be using people with far higher notions of themselves and their ‘respectability’

          1. E'Matty

            if the idea behind the controlled opposition was to undermine the credibility of normal protesters, using scrotes outside a politicans home is exacty what they would do. Using anyone with a sembalnce of “respectability” would undermine that message. Now they will be arguing for increased legal protections and garda protection for thier homes. The politicians clearly getting worried. This protest smells of BS, and has agent provocateur written all over it.

          2. SOQ

            Which is why I said it reminded me of up north back in the day E’Matty.

            The one thing which the Irish political establishment are petrified of is people taking to the streets so it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if these was some semblance of a false flag in operation there.

            Why one or more individuals on this site are bending over backwards to paint everyone as similar remains to be seen, but pretty sure the Kinzen story has something to do with it.

          3. Nigel

            ‘The one thing which the Irish political establishment are petrified of is people taking to the streets’

            You wish. Feck it, I wish.

        1. bisted

          …guilty Mano’…I was part of that posse taken in by Gilmore, Rabbits, et al…no longer but to my eternal shame…

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      lemme get this right
      cause I don’t want to have to check google & youtube

      Is Graham Carey the lad that goes off on mad uncontrollable rants in his hi-ace van
      he always seems to protest on his own at these things

      1. Fearganainm

        His ‘messages to the people’ are mainly done from the front seat, right enough. Absolute rants many of them, which end up with him frothing, his face contorted with rage. There have been a few other offerings where he’s trudging the streets, lamenting that ‘after all he’s done’ ‘they’ never mentioned him/wouldn’t let him speak, and one or two featuring himself and others having what they may well term ‘brainstorming’ sessions, albeit without the brains. ‘Uncontrollable rants’ would about sum him up.

      2. John

        He does that and worse. Just one of many far right religious nut jobs that BS provides links to promoting its anti vaxxer, conspiracy bilge

  2. ANO

    The closing paragraphs of the IT piece seem to do a pretty good job of laying out the makeup of the group.

    Andy Heasman, last seen hiding behind his mammy’s mobility scooter after getting her to pay a Garda fine for him, is directly named.

    Footage from the ‘protest’ also showed Dara O’Flaherty and Angela Ray present , regular faces at these kinds of events.

    Angela would be a close associate of the Dolores Webster mentioned in the Times.

    Dara has charges outstanding against him after allegedly getting drunk and threatening to murder a Garda and his family.


    Dara and Andy have taken on an ‘Only Fools’ type role at recent events, selling natty green t-shirts from suitcases though which one’s Del and which one’s Rodney has yet to be confirmed.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      well Dara O’Flaherty is a former Candidate for election
      and very anti immigration – if one of his election leaflets is anything to go by

      Know nothing about this Heasman other than it was his court case John Waters and Gemma O’Doherty attended – something about masks. And in fairness, John Waters spoke very well into a live stream and it is worth viewing, about masks on kids. Well lookit, it was provoking and food for thought.

      And I was told recently that the two, O’Flaherty & Heasman are big campaigners and supporters of the Professor
      and they share an online fundraiser that helps them get out and about to towns around Ireland, to spread the gospel of their truths (‾◡◝) and sell tshirts

      the other two girls, Dee and Angela, are definitely ACI people, last count anyway
      Unfortunately I have a tendency to feel sorry for Angela, I’m not sure she has had much break in life tbh
      As for the other one, NO COMMENT

      1. Kdoc

        The two ladies are no longer involved with Gemtrails; there was a falling out. Gemma has a long list of former associates. As far as I can make out, there’s friction among the various far-right groups, or at least their leaders. They are in competition for dosh. It’s worth noting that a Galway based lady collected a nice 140,000 euro in a Go Fund Me campaign check out Tracey O’Mahoney.
        Carey is a dangerous character, a friend of former cruiserweight boxing champion, Ian Tim’s, who appears to have been ‘security’ at some of these demos. He also featured at the front of the Grafton Street protest. As these people are fond of saying: ‘do your research’ and you’ll will be shocked to find who the Gardai believe he has ties to. If anyone doesn’t know who these people are they must have been residing under a rock for the past couple of years. They have been protesting on a weekly basis at the GPO, the Garden of Remembrance or The Custom House and our city’s streets. They are the same anti immigrant, anti refugee, anti RTE, anti 5g and anti whatever you’re having yourself. An evil disgusting bunch.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          I’m aware of Tracey alright, but only from online – browsing I suppose
          And Eddie Hobbs tweets her on a lot
          I’ve never encountered her professionally or by association with my other stuff
          But I did have a discussion here a while back
          Dunno the thread or anything, but I was making the argument that any money raised by that particular fundraiser should pay Gemma O’Doherty & John Water’s legal fees
          Since legal fees was the purpose intended for the donations

          In the main I think most of the names flying around here from being at the weekend protests are mostly easily led
          None of them are leaders of anything
          And there’s no way any of them came up with
          RTÉ are the virus
          That was stitched into them, by others, who lately wouldn’t be seen anywhere near them

          1. Fearganainm

            O’Flaherty and Heasman’s t-shirts actually bear the legend ‘RTE is the virus’

            And while you mightn’t regard them and their buddies as having any sort of leadership qualities many of them actually think that they ARE leaders of some kind,

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            And that’s exactly it Fergie

            That they all think they are something, or more likely
            That they SHOULD be something
            Is what makes them easy fools for who is giving them ‘suggestions’
            and exploiting their own doubts and anxieties about themselves, and their lot in life

            Controlled opposition – ye’re all actually right to a point, as it isn’t absent
            but the Controllers as such, or Directors more like
            Are the malicious egos further up the food chain, well they think they are, who are treated like celebrities by this bunch of no hopers
            You only have to see their carry on during elections and particularly in Count Centres
            Its not just desperate, its tragic to witness

            Be in no doubt folks
            whether RTE is the Virus or Was the Virus
            Those slogans originated elsewhere and were put into their mouths
            along with a few other soundbites
            And are told they are Patriots by people who are really only taking the weewee out’ve them

      1. ANO

        It’s not hard to find details on these people if you have a working internet connection and an interest in those who’ve been acting the jackass over the last 18 months or so.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Well, for someone who has all of the answers, what was going on with those brown envelopes pray tell? Delivering Anti Fash stuff? Was Mattie at the protests? Or did you just find a photograph, had nothing to say, but try to insinuate something underhand going on?
      Tune in tomorrow for the latest Daisy and Mr. No-name episode of ‘facts you didn’t know’

      1. Fearganainm

        Why are you asking me? Why not ask Mattie what he was doing posing with a convicted criminal? Do your research!

          1. Fearganainm

            To push you towards finding the answer to your question, of course.

            It was a trap, and you fell right into it.

            Now do your research.

            You know that you’ll never sleep soundly again until you know exactly what was going on.

    2. Kdoc

      Heasman has 25 convictions and his buddy O’Flaherty is also very familiar with the inside of courts and Garda stations.

  3. Fergalito

    Who was Ben Gilroy representing as he whipped up a crowd of people up who were chanting of “paedo! paedo!” at the mention of Michael D. Higgin’s?

  4. Daisy Chainsaw

    Since the start of the pandemic, the anti lockdown/mask/vax protests have always been led by right wing groups with racist and bigoted afiliations and this has been pointed out on Broadsheet every single time. It’s a bit rich at this point, after publicising their rally, https://www.broadsheet.ie/2021/09/17/hesitants-assemble/ to claim that they’re not your fellow travellers.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        And the leaders of that rally and some of their antivaxx/antimask pals turned up at Leo’s gaff on Sunday. Same banners, same green “RTE is the virus” tees.

        Why are you suddenly turning on the very people you’ve been promoting and supporting for the last 18 months?

        1. Cui Bono?

          The vast majority at the actual freedom protests from what I have seen are left wing and now ex Sinn Fein and PBP voters.

          They have nothing to do with this other group, whoever they are.

          2 very different groups who both might agree on lockdowns being bad. Many different types of people can see the fraud. Left wing and right wing and non voters too.

          1. SOQ

            And yet, there are actors on this site who INSIST that is not the case- despite the evidence from both here and aboard.

            I am at two minds as to why that is.

            One is that such are paid to repeat the same message as nauseum, and there is certainly some evidence of that.

            The others are old left wingers who have difficulty accepting that they have morphed into exactly what they originally rebelled against.

          2. Nigel

            But pretty much every aspect of the pandemic-truther anti-vaxx movement takes its cues from the Qanonesque anti-reality US extreme Trumpist culture-war right. Doesn’t matter where you position yourself on the political spectrum once you start sucking your diesel from that tank.

          3. Nigel

            Tell that to Bodger, not to me.

            (Does this mean you don’t think Trump really won the election? Praise be!)

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            What handbook is that Bodger? The “disavow your fellow travellers when their bigotry is shown to a mainstream audience”?

            Next time BS goes down for maintenance, will it be to remove the copious evidence of your support for them?

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            I’m not ridiculing you. I’m pointing out that you’ve been supporting and publicising rallies, organised by the same people who turned up to Varadkar’s place, for months.

            No handbook required to point that out.

            But if you’re feeling ridiculous for having supported and promoted them, then don’t let me stop you.

          3. Nigel

            Whoever came up with ridicule as ‘man’s most potent weapon’ must have been working for people with financial, political and military power.

          4. Nigel

            And he ‘ghost-wrote’ Obama’s books, or so they say.

            Bodger – how dare you lump me in with the extreme US culture war right!
            Also Bodger – uses extreme US culture war right post 9-11 talking points.

          5. f_lawless

            Daisy’s using the old ‘guilt by association’ logical fallacy


            “The guilt by association fallacy seeks to discredit an argument or a speaker based on an association with a demonized group or person. In the case of an argument, the fallacy is employed by stating the vilified group also held the same belief or argument. When the guilt by association fallacy is used against a speaker, it seeks to discredit any position they may advance due to an association deemed undesirable.. “

          6. SOQ

            And she wasn’t the only one- lockdowns, bankruptcies, suicides, cancers, vaccines- none of that matter if you are on the same side as ‘them’.

            Pathetic juvenile stuff.

          7. scottser

            some very interesting rules there bodger. number 9 for instance:
            “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. “

          8. V aka Frilly Keane

            Big difference in simple everyday association or third party professional / employed engagements, F-law

            and The promotion, endorsement, platforming, acting for and following instructions of, voting for and supporting.

            and to reuse your own pulled quote
            “The guilt by association fallacy seeks to discredit an argument or a speaker based on an association with a demonized group or person

            Wouldn’t you all have to agree that Minister Roderic O’Gorman was entitled to the benefit of exactly that when a number of the familiar ranty heads outside Leo Varadkar’s gaff, joined their home sides in the National Party and or the Irish Freedom Party outside the Oireachtas in July last year, with nooses?

            Or is that just a bit too honest and transparent, and actually Democratic for ye all?

      2. John

        Apart from giving free publicity and linking to anti-vaxxers and their associated conspiracy theory low life’s, the far right, fascists, homophobes and religious nut jobs…

        What else would endear a reader to BS ?

    1. White Dove

      Grow up Daisy, not all anti vaxers are right wing conservatives. life and opinions are more nuanced than some would have us believe. Over simplistic, stupid and dangerous to engage in such broad generalisations.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        You’ve been saying that since all this malarkey started, but you’ve been more than happy to support the right wing groups who’ve been organising these rallies and marches It’s useful idiots like yourself who’ve allowed these people represent you and now that they’ve been exposed to a wider, mainstream audience you’re upset at being tarred with the same brush when they’ve been doing your dirty work for months.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Being angry at me because your antivaxx antimask pals have been exposed for the fascist, bigoted dregs they are won’t change the fact that you’ve been their main cheerleader for the last 18 months.

            You’ve reaped the whirlwind.

          2. Truther

            I think it’s very unfair to lump Bodger in with any of these sorts of people.
            The fact Bodger is skeptical about aspects of the way governance is being directed during the pandemic in no way can be taken as an endorsement of fascist bullyboy tactics. It’s pretty sad that people are trying to tar Bodger with that sort of brush and I feel it reflects poorly on the person behind the Daisy handle.

            What’s terrifying is that you work for the government Daisy and yet appear to have so much time on your hands to be so unnecessarily aggressive. online during the day. It also seems there is little oversight over your online activities here during working hours. I write this as someone who does not agree with Bodger’s view on the vax issue for example.

          3. tom2

            Unfair? The pro trump, qanon man is unfairly lumped in with fascists because he just so happens to share all the same beliefs.

          4. realPolithicks

            “Daisy, you are a mutant fash/communist hybrid. I have to say, I find you terrifying.”

            You ought to ashamed of yourself for making that comment, there was a time bodger when you would have removed a comment like this and given the poster a bollocking. You’re not a poster but the administrator of this site but you’ve lost sight of that. You should seriously rethink what you are doing here as its extraordinarily unprofessional.

          5. Poor oul divil

            I see a queue of people with clearly nothing better to do lining up to tell Bodger how to run his own website. Get up the yard folks

  5. SOQ

    And so half a dozen or so nutcases conveniently roll up outside Leo’s gaff on a Sunday and everyone who questions the official narrative is the same now is it? Have yee learned nothing over the past 18 months? Are you really so consumed with ‘the other side’ as to not see what is about to happen?

    Businesses which are barely afloat are going to be forced to close because they cannot pay redundancy to those they had to let go. People are going to lose everything- but that doesn’t appear to matter in this twilight world where there are fascists and Nazis hiding around every street corner.

    Cop the frig on.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Deflecting from your fellow “nutcases” who’ve been spearheading these rallies up and down the country for months.


        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          My income has never been disrupted but those I know who’ve waited months to get back to business never supported you and your fash buddies antivaxx, antimask behaviour.

          1. SOQ

            No, your income has never been disrupted, that much is very clear.

            As for the rest- strange that I can go to similar in Belfast and be considered to be on a civil rights rally- so do I somehow go through a miraculous political conversion upon crossing the border? Or- are you just talking poo?

          2. SOQ

            Oh so the reason people are protesting doesn’t matter, only who is involved in it?

            Easy knowing you are not affected, that is for sure.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Looking to go there soon. It’s gorgeous and warm there this time of yearvand the sunsets in Sliema are glorious.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Ryanair flights are cheap, as are off season hotels in Malta. A lot of the money I didn’t spend on going out over the last year has been put aside for just this type of scenario.

    2. Fred

      In fairness, I seen some later footage outside of Leo’s ranch and the same mob were blasting out the Bob Marley.

  6. U N M U T U A L

    University of Ottawa Heart Institute Retrospective Study Finds 1 in 1,000 mRNA Vaccinations Leads to Myopericarditis

  7. just millie

    I’m embarrassed reading some of the comments here. Such petty, childish carry on.

    You’d find more nuanced discourse on the daily mail.

      1. Cian

        Norway has slightly lower levels of vaccination than Ireland.
        75% total have at least one shot; 65% fully. (75% and 73% for ireland).

        We’re opening soon.

        1. Cui Bono?

          Norway also had far less measures than Ireland and even less than Sweden for many months.

          Lowest deaths in Europe too with no masks, and mostly no lockdowns.

  8. K. Cavan

    One attends a protest to express your own political beliefs, not to extol the politics, clothes sense or record collection of everyone else who attends.
    The Govt/Soros drones know this, they’re being disingenuous but the finger-pointing for being in the same street simultaneously with someone among this cast of characters they’re clearly familiar with, well, It’s entertaining, charming even. Well, maybe not charming, too much woke-veneered snobbery.
    We know the vast majority of protestors were at home having a cup of tea when Varadkergate happened, I was having a lovely Tagliatelle alla carbonara, before pints, myself.
    I Imagine it requires coping mechanisms to convince yourself it’s ”progressive” to support the political agenda of the 1% & the State’s goose-stepping authoritarianism, so parochial gossiping, seasoned with a bit of mud-slinging, seems to keep their Self & their Righteousness in balance.
    Their Chakra’s too, no doubt.
    Thanks, that was fun.

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