‘Is There A Lesson?’ ‘Well, He’s Dead…’

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Last night.

PBS Newshour.

Judy Woodruff spoke to Bill Gates about ‘vaccine equity’, climate change and his meetings with deceased  financier and underage sex offender Jeffrey Epstein (@10.54). From the interview:

Woodruff: “You had a number of meetings with Jeffrey Epstein, who – when you met him 10 years ago – he was convicted of soliciting prostitution from minors. What did you know about him when you were meeting with him, as you’ve said yourself, in the hopes of raising money?”

Gates:  “Uh, you know, I had dinner with him. I regret doing that. He had relationships with people he said, you know, would give to global health, which is an interest I have. Not nearly enough philanthropy goes in that direction. Those meetings were a mistake,” he added. “They didn’t result in what he purported, and I cut them off. You know, that goes back a long time ago now. There’s – you know, so there’s nothing new on that.”

Woodruff: “It was reported that you met with him over several years, in other words a number of meetings What did you do when you found out about his background?”

Gates: “Well, you know, I’ve said I’ve regretted having those dinners, and there’s absolutely nothing new on that.”

Woodruff: “Is there a lesson for you or anyone else looking at this?”

Gates: “Well, he’s dead, so, uh, in general, you always have to be careful, uh, and, you know, I’m very proud of what we’ve done and very proud of the work of the foundation. That’s what I get up every day and focus on.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation part funds the PBS Newshour.

Bill Gates Gets Really Awkward When Asked About His Ties To Jeffrey Epstein (Huffington Post UK)

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119 thoughts on “‘Is There A Lesson?’ ‘Well, He’s Dead…’

    1. Nigel

      Why brilliant? Bodger didn’t ask any of these questions of anyone, he just reposted it. Funny, for all the whining about the MSM. it’s an MSM journalist asking these questions. If Bodger did journalism like this, he might blow the whole thing wide open. Instead he waits for unspecified weather to occur at an unspecified time in the future.

      1. White Dove

        Nigel, your obsession with Bodger constantly spoils my reading of the comments section. Would it be too much to hope for a non-Bodger comment from you?

        I think we all know the MSM is not what we thought it was.

        1. Ghost of Yep

          + 1

          For all his whining, he spends an inordinate amount of time reading and commenting like he is finishing inside himself with every overwrought sentence and demands far more accountability from this fringe website than he does from other more mainstream news sources.

          PBS is hardly MSM either. The fawning over Gates of the more established and questionably funded news organisations is what I believe Bodger and others have issue with.

          I’d also suggest Nigel sets up his own website to do some “proper” journalism (maybe with Daisy) to highlight what he believes are the big issues but I reckon it would be solely links to other publications that have passed the Nigel test because from what I have read over the years he doesn’t have the ability to think objectively or even the gumption to make real change. All mouth and sweet Jesus it just runs and runs and runs and runs….

          1. Nigel

            I thought you guys enjoyed debates and differences of opinion? Aren’t we battering our way closer to the truth via the cut and thrust of ferocious argument and disputation?

          2. Nigel

            Is the standard for comments on this site that they must be constructive according to some arbitrary standard set by you, or is that suddenly only for me?

          3. johnny

            follow the money.-Anonymous hacked Epik (Q and far right host),dumped the data.


            shorter from WaPo.

            -Huge hack reveals embarrassing details of who’s behind Proud Boys and other far-right websites

            Researchers say it will allow them to gain important new insights into how extremists operate online-


        2. Pat

          I must say this (and I can’t believe I’m the only one to think it) without Nigel Daisy and others challenging the bad science, unaccountable Bodger insinuations and conspiracy woo, these comment sections would be unreadable.

          Keep holding these fools to account Nigel et al!

          (And keep kissing Bodger’s tushy, White Dove!)

          It’s all good!

          1. Frank

            Pat, this perhaps the most incisive comment I’ve read in quite awhile.
            You are totally correct. Nigel gives an excellent counterpoint to Bodger and in doing so creates quality argument you simply cannot find elsewhere. Both parties are so perfectly diametrically contrary in opinion it’s as if they were the ying to the others yang.

            Hang on…. almost too perfect….. Just one more thing (in the style of Columbo)…… What if Bodger was Nigel


          2. White Dove

            No Frank, Nigel is not Bodger.

            You’re merely engaging in a wish-fulfilment exercise where you convince yourself Nigel is Bodger so you can let yourself enjoy his constant digs at Bodger while still feeling good about yourself.

            Nigel is someone who comes on all day, every day to a site run by another person which gives great joy to others. Although it may not be why he originally visited the site, he now basically comes on to bully – the volume and content of his commenting and constant references to Bodger go beyond acceptable criticism and constitute trolling.

            Pat, no it’s not all good, not for you anyway if you think that calling out constant and repetitive bullying is ‘kissing the tush’ of the victim…

      2. K. Cavan

        Absolutely, Nigel, it’s stunning that Bill “Kiddy-jabber” Gates has never been interviewed by Broadsheet. Ditto George “Perpetual” Soros & Klaus “Anal” Schwab.
        These are just three of your neo-fascist pin-ups who never get a chance to explain their philanthropic efforts.
        It’s a disgrace, Nigel, you’re so very right.
        I don’t know why you bother. You’re wasted here.

        1. Nigel

          Real MSM journalists will do the work and Bodger will aggregate them to get the clicks while talking about ‘evil’ in the comments.

          1. K. Cavan

            Bad news, Nigel, “real MSM journalists” became extinct some time ago, as the industry’s business model crumbled when faced with, well, websites.

          2. E'Matty

            can you name any “real MSM journalists” for us Nigel? There are indeed a very small number of notable exceptions, but one could probably count them on the fingers of a single hand.

          3. Nigel

            That Judy Woodruff seems good. What about the one that works for the Miami Herald and did the expose on Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal? Julie Brown. Brought more of a storm than Q ever did.

          4. E'Matty

            @ Nigel – “What about the one that works for the Miami Herald and did the expose on Epstein’s sweetheart plea deal? Julie Brown. Brought more of a storm than Q ever did.” On this, we can agree, though it should be noted just how many mainstream media journalists failed to cover the story, concealed the story and often demonised those who tried keep it alive for the entire decade before his most recent arrest.That it took a journalist (with serious balls and a dose of naivity it must be said) from a small regional media outlet (not exactly the New York Times) to take the story on and keep it going, says a lot about the failure of the MSM to cover it at all.

            For years, it was almost exclusively the very people who were lablled cranks and conspiracy theorists by the MSM who were publicising the truth about Epstein’s crimes while the mainstream pushed it out of the limelight. How many mainstream media normies knew about Epstein’s paedophilia before his most recent arrest, even after he had been convicted in 2008? I mean, Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, and many more kept their contact with him even after that case, and they never paid any price in the MSM until the latest arrest and his subsequent “death”.

            I should add, your attempt to shoehorn Q into all of these discussions is pretty ridiculous. Q are a perfect example of one of these BS controlled opp groups msyteriously appearing, then being used by the MSM to demonise all who espouse any common point to Q. Neither I nor anyone I know, has ever bought the idea that Q was some maverick inside the intel or federal agencies. It smelled of BS from day one. The information was always garbage. But the media told you all dissenters are like Q and put up some Q morons with an anti vaxx tshirt on your screen and now anyone questioning any aspect of the Covid narrative or vaccine safety is a Q head. Can you see how easy it was to condition you?

          5. Nigel

            ‘a perfect example of one of these BS controlled opp groups’

            I feel a sudden urge to invoke the bowels of Christ.

          1. Man On Fire

            A wishful thought on your part, not in anyway part of actual reality.

            You’re rattled, stop projecting..

          2. Man On Fire

            I don’t need to type, my thoughts are automatically projected onto the screen.

            ROFL at redundant you.

          3. Papi

            These retorts may seem cool in your little head, but they really don’t come across as anything other than a toddler who needs a little nap.
            Go nap.

  1. E'Matty

    Gates had full knowledge that Epstein had been convicted on the soft charge of child prostitution (a child cannot be a prostitute, this was child rape) and still met him with numerous times over several years. Clearly this man is wholly trustworthy and should be the leading public global figure the whole world should follow in a time of a global health crisis. The global health Tzar with no medical qualifications.

    It’s amazing the extent to which the Covidians will just completey ignore the clear financial vested interests of Gates in this pandemic, nevermind his ideological background and love for elitist eugenics. The man completely obsessed with the Malthusian myth of global overpopulation really really wants to keep as many poor, weak and old people alive as possible, they believe. The largest funder of the WHO, the big pharma backed global body leading the “fight against coronavirus”, an investor in one of the leading vaccines (Moderna), head of a Foundation that pours $250million per annum into international media like the Guardian, The BBC, PBS and many more which then act as his PR agencies and demonise all who dare question Bill’s Christ-like motives. Gates is involved in so many oddball maniacal projects (e.g. SAIs to block out the sun), that if he were a villain in a movie script, he would be toned down to make him more “believeable”.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Thing is
      everyone has a financial interest
      The Materiality capable of influencing is subjective of course
      but everyone has a financial interest ‘in this pandemic’

      In the case of Bill Gates, that uber wealth creates an entirely different universe for them to reside in
      Different norms and cultures, and way of life
      Better to treat them not as individual human beings living and breathing, with the same human physiology, needs and wants, ailments etc

      But as mega faceless Multi National Corporations or Massive Government Bodies
      Because they are simply incapable for living and walking alongside the rest of humanity as single beings, with the same day to day lifestyles

      I would look at Bill Gates and just call him MicroSoft Windows, I wouldn’t even bother recognising him as a single man with a few bob
      I see him only as Corporate Entity managed by Directors and Execs worth millions if not billions themselves
      With Governance obligations, and a Company to run and protect
      Collectively only answerable to shareholders and to numerous Government Agencies around the World
      And his entire existence is the growth and going concern of MicroSoft
      and pleasing shareholders enough to maintain their AGM votes

      Stop regarding him like he is anyone of us, and subject to the same standards
      because he’s not
      He is both a Corporation and a Government

      1. E'Matty

        “The Materiality capable of influencing is subjective of course but everyone has a financial interest ‘in this pandemic’” – hmmm, Frilly can you name anyone else who has this many conflicts of interest and direct links to this pandemic. Dr. Margaret Chan, former general-director of WHO, once stated that the organization’s policies are “driven by what [she called] donor interests.”

        According to a 2012 article in Foreign Affairs, “few policy initiatives or normative standards set by the WHO are announced before they have been casually, unofficially vetted by Gates Foundation staff.” Or, as other sources told Politico in 2017, “Gates’ priorities have become the WHO’s.”

        WHO’s current general director, Ghebreyesus, was previously on the board of two organizations that Gates founded, provided seed money for and continues to fund to this day: GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, and the Global Fund.

        The Gates Foundation are the single largest funder of the WHO. Mike Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Programme, leading the team responsible for the international containment and treatment of COVID-19 worked with the Gates Foundation in Africa.

        The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) is a foundation that takes donations from public, private, philanthropic, and civil society organisations, to finance independent research projects to develop vaccines against emerging infectious diseases. CEPI was founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

        While CEPI announced the launching of a global vaccine at the Davos World Economic Forum January 2019, another important and related endeavor was underway. It’s called the ID2020 Agenda, which constitutes “an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity”.

        “The program harnesses existing birth registration and vaccination operations to provide newborns with a portable and persistent biometrically-linked digital identity”.

        The Founding Partners of ID2020 are Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) among others. GAVI was founded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

        The ID2020 Alliance held their Summit in New York, entitled “Rising to the Good ID Challenge”, on September 19, 2019, exactly one month prior to the nCov-2019 simulation exercise entitled Event 201 at John Hopkins in Baltimore. Event 201 was hosted by The John Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was a 3.5 hour pandemic table top exercise involving 15 global business, government, military, and public health leaders that simulated a global coronavirus pandemic.

        We’ll ignore the WEF and Klaus “Chip everyone by 2026” Schwab’s Great Reset, despite the clear links between Gates, Microsoft and the WEF. That’s for another comment to cover.

        Julie Sunderland co-founded the VC firm, known for making ambitious investments, after having led program-related investments for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which provided financial support to Moderna while she was there.

        On July 12 2020, Deborah Cohen, the medical correspondent of BBC2’s Newsnight, revealed an astonishing thing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) had reversed its advice on face masks, from ‘don’t wear them’ to ‘do wear them’. But the key fact was that it had not done so because of scientific information – the evidence had not backed the wearing of face coverings – but because of political lobbying.

        She revealed on Twitter that: ‘We had been told by various sources [that the] WHO committee reviewing the evidence had not backed masks but they recommended them due to political lobbying.’ She said the BBC had then put this to the WHO, which did not deny it.

        In March 2020, the WHO had said: ‘There is currently no evidence that wearing a mask (whether medical or other types) by healthy persons in the wider community setting, including universal community masking, can protect them from infection with respiratory viruses, including Covid-19.’

        The American TV news channel CNN reported on March 31 2020 that Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO health emergencies programme, had said at a briefing in Geneva: ‘There is no specific evidence to suggest that the wearing of masks by the mass population has any potential benefit.

        ‘In fact, there’s some evidence to suggest the opposite in the misuse of wearing a mask properly or fitting it properly.’

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Interesting that you would introduce one of my own party pieces
          Conflict of Interest

          Yes, the influence is overwhelming
          Which is why I choose not to recognise Bill Gates as just a single lad with a few bob
          But as a far reaching, overwhelming corporate entity, that needs continued growth to survive, and that growth requires diversifying into all sorts of industry

          as for WHO
          But shur they’re like any other quango you’d see here
          Its all about jobs for the boys, and making sure they can keep the payroll and the profile funded and fatted. They all need to maintain relevance and reputation otherwise they’re sunk, and for that they need money, money they can’t earn by billing for services, like say PWC, or from commission like say Goldman Sachs but money they get in funding and big ticket donations and grants.
          Being on the telly with high profile spokespersons, with listenable and understandable messaging is like a live telethon for them.

          I think there might be a Frilly Keane column somewhere that spoke about a similar theme
          tis all about Gaming the System to keep the show on the road for the respective players

          The shows are a whole suite of special interests, but they all just want to keep getting bigger because that guarantees dominance, and dominence promises their share of the pot.
          from Pharma & professional Healthcare services
          to Housing
          to Financial services
          to Tech and Security
          to Media
          to Travel Transport Fuel & Utilities
          to Professional Politics – at every level
          and whatever you’re having yourself of course

          Don’t blame me
          I didn’t create any of these monsters

          Greed and Ego did

          1. E'Matty

            “Don’t blame me
            I didn’t create any of these monsters

            Greed and Ego did”

            Have never blamed you and yes, the ego sits behind all of this. Totally agree. The ruling elites literally worship the ego, the Left-hand Path or Satanism (I know), as it is known. Always have. They literally condition their offspring to egotism, the mindset of a ruler. They believe that Satanism or Left-hand Path ‘magic’ seeks liberty from “the servitude of the conscience”. In essence, the Left-hand Path is an egocentric philosophistry of separation or “non-union”, that prescibes the wilful deception, manipulation, domination, and ultimately, the destruction of one’s Right side – the faculty of emotion, empathy, holistic thinking; the intuitive, compassionate, nurturing Female principle (the Mother Nature side) – in order to attain apotheosis as an individual, Intellectual ‘god’. They are trying to deify themselves. Homo Deus comes to mind as they are on the precipice of a form of omnipotent, omnipresent and (in their eyes) omnibenevolent (they claim to be ending all war in their own justifications to themselves, as seen in HG Wells writings) New Global order.

            They engage in acts of cruelty and other aberrations of social and religious norms to try free themselves from the bonds and taboos of society, to free themselves from perceived spiritual bonds. I won’t go into the details on this because it’s all a bit dark and grim. So, when we describe them as psychopaths, that’s exactly what they are, and indeed, what they actively set out to be. All of this is actually in plain sight in our culture all around us. Goes back to Babylonian times supposedly. Mostly seems like a nice little story they tell themselves to try and justify their egomanical and homicidal behaviour during their time on this earth.

            Oh, and “conflict of interest” has been mentioned by me quite a few times previously when discussing Bill Gates on here. It’s one of the basic concepts that seems to be completely lost on people nowadays. If only people remembered the old catchpharse “Follow the Money”, they’d have a much better understanding of the world around them.

    2. Nigel

      I see Gates has become the new Soros. Not that a lot of the criticism isn’t entirely warranted, but then it makes the leap to megalomaniacal Bond villain. Blue-screen Man Bad.

        1. V aka Frilly Keane

          Actually ManO
          what I’m seeing is ye’re all well and truly rattled

          Like this trying to distance Saturday’s Rally with what’s up there from last Sunday

          One thing about the people you and others like you here
          think the world of enough to uphold and defend with every post

          and we only have to dig up the whole Philip O’Dwyer – they’re taking his children off him National Party party ye had here recently

          is that when they fall out with their own
          They will doxx and livestream all sorts of dirt
          and they will have plenty more anon logins and mouthy alts like you to help them do it

          So I hope for all your sakes
          Ye can all live with the truths about yerselves
          Because when these people get wounded, they will do and say anything to save their @55s

          I’m pretty certain there are very, very close ties between some anons here
          and the people shouting Paedo – and not just the outbreak last Sunday either

          1. Nigel

            This is what happens when your approach to exposing what you claim to be the greatest act of evil in the history of the world is ‘if you’re explaining you’re losing.’

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            I don’t care
            I’m not a bit afraid of who I am

            but I will say this

            Bodger has the All Star Back Line back together here today lining out one more time

            good luck to yis, I’m going to get a kick out of watching ye
            even just for old times sake

          3. Man On Fire

            Clearly you do, plenty of effort gone into those long winded comments and reponses..

            Adjusts shades, lies back on lounger..

          4. V aka Frilly Keane

            being that laid back – on a lounger even
            might explain the banal repetitive He-peating alright

            I just like to make more of an effort

            truthfully, if it wasn’t for your avatars I wouldn’t be able to tell you and Gittygoo apart here

            but shur tis traffic
            and all traffic is good

      1. K. Cavan

        I’m shocked, Nigel, never in a dozen years would I have envisioned you trying to defend Kill Bill. Clearly, he’s not a megalomaniac, he just wants to reduce the population by 10-15%, while blocking out the sun, who hasn’t considered those at one time or another?

        1. Nigel

          If I could wave a wand and take all the money off kooky billionaires and put it into beneficial public projects and social funds with no strings from the kooky billionaires, believe me I would.

    3. K. Cavan

      E’Matty, it’s not weird at all seeing a billionaire with no medical degree, no meteorological qualifications, no degree at all, tell governments what to do about health & climate.
      It’s a perfect example of The New Normal, which could be renamed The Not Normal At All.

      1. E'Matty

        Exactly, his single greatest qualification, being one of the richest men in the world (currently no.4). Private Capital simply formalising its already dominant position in the global power hiearchy. Perfect timing too. The tech world is synthesising with the biological world (Bill is at the coal face with his dominant position in tech and global health, or biology) as we move to the new world as envisioned by the global ruling class. A transhuman, or post human world where according to Mr Schwab – “What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological world”

        “The mind-boggling innovations triggered by the fourth industrial revolution, from biotechnology to AI, are redefining what it means to be human,”

        “The future will challenge our understanding of what it means to be human, from both a biological and a social standpoint”.

        “Already, advances in neurotechnologies and biotechnologies are forcing us to question what it means to be human”.

        Not sure how people feel about being human, but that’s kind of how I’d like to stay for the rest of my living days anyway, espcially when one reads of the experiments and ideas of Dr Delgado (one of the MK Ultra programme leading lights) where direct physical control over humans can be exercised remotely simply using radio waves. Brzezinskis comment on entire continents being controlled by electromagntic frequencies in the future not seeming so abstract now. Might the tin foil hat sneer have been created as a term of derision specifically because such a basic solution might be the only means, and a very simple one too, of mitigating the effects? Who would think that social embarrassment would be such a fantastic means of social control? Well, let’s hope none of this comes to fruition anyway, or we’re all screwed.

          1. E'Matty

            yeah, except, theoretically one can move country if you don’t like how it is ruled/governed. One cannot currently move planet. It’s wrong locally, it’s wrong globally. That’s kind of our whole point tbh.

  2. freewheeling

    We’re all just a problem for Gates to solve. Great. Couldn’t even solve the virus problems in his own damn software.

      1. K. Cavan

        E’Matty, Gates has completely integrated the concept of the mass of humanity being an infectious pathogen of the planet. Once you’ve become that twisted, it’s impossible to straighten out.
        His software company rivals Big Pharma for being repeatedly found guilty of gross corruption, he’s found his “second career” in a like-minded industry.
        A while back, Microsoft announced it would become a “carbon negative” company, then within months it discontinued support for Windows 7, creating millions of tons of toxic landfill from working PCs.
        He’s clearly eager to get his poisonous injections into the Third World before nature takes it’s course & Sars02 becomes endemic. He’s missed the boat already in many places where he couldn’t bribe Public Health authorities to ban antivirals.

      1. E'Matty

        yeah, except that going forward his operating systems will be your operating system (that is, if you are kept alive at all) flaws and all. You’ll even have the regular wireless upgrades (whether you like it or not) with whatever updates Bill and the rest of the eugenics club decide the herd should have. They’re not creating automaton AI robots from scratch ye silly billies. The mindless naive herd are to be the platform for the next gen AI controlled systems. Humans integrated with a sort of microsoft office 365 for the mind. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said back in the 80’s “Can’t you see, they’re turning you into robots”. The word robot comes from the czech word Robota which literally means “corvée”, “serf labor”, and figuratively “drudgery” or “hard work” in Czech. The transnational capital class want a more efficient, more effective labour force who don’t complain and don’t rebel. Absolute control over their entire population to enable them to realise their dreams and ambitions fully. It’s kind of been the dream of power since time immemorial and they are on the cusp of it now.

        You guys can never explain at what point in history it is you believe the holders of power went from being sociopathic, murderous and self serving egomaniacs to the soft benevolent and kindly sorts devoted to the public good you seem to now believe they are? Power itself is the corrupting force on the human psyche. This basic fact is something you guys simply cannot get your little heads around and so you jump to the defence of monstrous psychopaths like Soros and Gates. You actually believe they are acting in the interests of the common good and then consider yourself virtuos for attacking anyone who dares question the motives of these billionaire “philanthropists”.

      2. K. Cavan

        His software company was corrupt & incompetent, so his entry into healthcare is nothing to worry about?
        Seems to make sense, to Nigel anyway.

  3. Nigel

    Gates is freaky and a pox, but he isn’t remotely the freakiest, poxiest blillionaire pouring money into science, media and pollitics with certain ideological ends, however cracked, in mind. He’s literally just one of the more presentable and publicly visible ones. The problem, of course, is how many of these billionaires have been putting their money towards anti-vaxx, pandemic-truther, climate-change denial, Trump-electing, pro-Brexit movements, media and disinformation. if you started looking into that seriously, how well would the neat binary narrative you’ve invented stand up? If the proxmimity of Gates is an automatic disqualifier on anything, how about the proximity of the likes of the Koch Brother(s), Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch?

          1. Nigel

            First of all, that was supposed to be Baby Shark, second of all Kill Bill actually rocks, especially the big fight scene in Vol 1.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Well that’s a good point lads

      Why aren’t all the Alt White Truther Research Die Herds looking into the other side of the big money donors
      like the Donors Trust & Donors Capital Funds alone must be upwards of 70m in the last five years

      The Koch boys feed money through a number of entities, Koch Institute Koch Foundation, again easily 50 million, and not including Candidate Campaign funds
      The Families : Adelson, Mercer, Ed Uihlein, etc
      Murdoch, Serle Freedom Trusts, Heavenly Fathers Foundation, the Bradley Impact fund

      And that’s just a billion worth there alone

      So if as Bodger says Nothing can stop what is coming

      Is it too much to ask to see who is paying for it

    2. K. Cavan

      “anti-vaxx, pandemic-truther, climate-change denial, Trump-electing, pro-Brexit movements”
      A busy bunch of people. Multitaskers.

        1. E'Matty

          well funded? So, who is funding the global media on a par with the Gates Foundation’s (as just one example of YOUR clubs funding) $250 million per annum? You do realise the entire corporate and banking world is funding the guys you are cheerleading, right? It is literally the interests of the Davos transnational capital class you are supporting. Oh, those Davos chaps have always been right rebels for the common man, said nobody ever. But, they really really care about you and your family and all the poor people in the world. The super rich and powerful have have always been known for putting the interests of the poor before their own.

          1. E'Matty

            @ Nigel – not at all. I think plenty of money has flowed into manufactured and real right wing nationalist and racist groups from the very same corporate base. You’ve named just a few of them, like the Koch’s. This has enabled them to label all dissenters as right wing and nationalist just by those same sites hosting similar topics, albeit often from a very different perspective to the classic dissenters, many of whom even originate from the Left (you know when the Left were about opposing wars of aggression, corporate greed and exploitation of the poor, environmental destruction and pollution of our rivers, seas, land, air, etc. gay rights and the host of issues the Left focused on before corporate and Frankfurt school driven ID politics took over and many became the Davos club’s biggest cheerleaders). I mean, you don’t really believe that someone like say Steve Bannon is actually a renegade against the US Establishment, right? You don’t actually believe Trump is some great anti establishment rebel, do you? The game of power is played by controlling both heads. Let the little people fight it out below you. Neither side ever realising what their common enemy is. This is hardly groundbreaking stuff Nigel, Divide and Rule has been in play since Roman times at least, or is it that you don’t think the children of the ruling class are studying the classics any longer?

          2. Nigel

            ‘This has enabled them to label all dissenters as right wing and nationalist just by those same sites hosting similar topics,’

            I think you’re mistaken about the aims of the people funding these movements and cult-like political extremists. The power of Trump’s base and the effects of their beliefs on their society are very real. They are a political force driving deregulation, privatisation, militarism, isolationism, nationalism and a host of other extremist positions that benefit the utlra-rich and concentrates power and wealth with a minority. ‘Labeling dissenters’ is irelevant. They control a rabid group who will, in lockstep, routinely insist that reality is something other than it is. When you can rally people like that around whatever cause you think benefits you, you don’t need to worry about anything as penny-ante as labelling dissenters.

        2. Chris

          That is the crux of Nigel’s worldview, there’s “two sides”. Didn’t you know that Marx was funded by bankers? the Fabien Society funded by Rockefeller?
          It all leads back to finance, all the wars – they were shaping the modern world in their image.

          Propaganda, Black Propaganda, it’s the same money – meant to keep the thinkers running in circles, imagining the day of their political saviour – that their ‘side’ might win. Finance own both sides of the dialectic.

          Quigley’s ‘Tragedy & Hope” is a good start, it will take you up to the early 60s. Jay Dyer has a series on YT where he pulls out all the main points.

    1. K. Cavan

      Yes, it’s not Gates’ fault, he’s just trying to expedite the death of millions, while stopping the climate from ever changing, again. Hardly hanging offences, Madam X, while Murdoch unashamedly continues to own some Media outlets that don’t take bribes from Gates.

      1. K. Cavan

        Maybe not to you, E’Matty but to some people false equivalence is bread & butter.
        If you don’t like Gates, you must love Murdoch, because, bruh….

        1. E'Matty

          ah, dem lads and their binary world. Attack US wars of aggression, you must be a Russian Putin supporter. Question the makey uppy zero evidence RussiaGate story and you must be a Trump supporter. Question the intentions of the major Pharma companies in a global pandemic, you must be anti science! Question the agenda of the Davos Club, you must be Far Right!. It’s pretty pathetic how easily these gullible naive and innocent types can be conditioned into demonising another group simply for challenging orthodox opinions on an issue, and then start parroting the pseudo categorisation of all dissenters on a subject with the terms provided by the mainstream media. Unthinking fools literally celebrating their herd mentality with “Listen to the experts” and “Follow the science” mantras, completely failing to understand how ridiculously contradictory their slogans actually are. Thinking and questioning is “conspiracy theory”. Unquestioning obedience to authority is so progressive and moderate and liberal and fluffy kittens. Freedom is Slavery. War is Peace.

          1. Nigel

            Binaries like ‘you must buy into my conspiracy theory that Bill Gates is trying to cull the world population and turn the survivors into meat puppets using vaccines or you are a sheeple!’

          2. E'Matty

            No, the sheeple part is where you all literally proclaim your refusal to think for yourself (apparently, doing so is some crazy Right Wing conspiraloon thing to do or something, you even have your own sneering meme/mantra about “Google research”, ignoring the fact that it is effectively the library of the world) and insist that everybody else around you do the same. The instruction is to “Listen to the experts” and “Follow the science” which are to mean do not question anything coming from a voice of authority who is held up as “science”. Nobody who does not have the very specific area of “expertise”or qualification is entitled to any opinion on the matter at all. Compartmentalised knowledge clearly not a concern for such myopic thinkers anyway. Other experts in the field, not approved by government, are also not permitted. It’s the kind of thinking of these imbeciles who judge the merit of whether something is right or wrong based on the numbers supporting one side or another. “We’re the majority, therefore we are correct”. That is not how science nor facts work. This is mob-like, herd mentality and behaviour, so yes, you are the sheeples. Own it, as you guys like to say.

          3. Nigel

            This is funny. If I thought ‘we’re the majority therefore we’re correct’ was a thing I would be pretty much obliged to accept FG/FF’s atrocious environmental record as ‘correct.’ Stop fighting straw men.

  4. johnny

    the only thing coming is more stupid.

    like trying explain the non existence of santa to a 4 year old.

    stupid 101-its pointless trying argue with this.

    -…lawyers for Mr. Coomer asked Sean Dollman, a representative of the Trump campaign, in a deposition if the campaign still believed that the election was fraudulent, he answered, “Yes, sir.”

    The lawyers then asked, “What is that opinion based on?”

    According to the court documents, Mr. Dollman gave a less than certain answer.

    “We have no underlying definite facts that it wasn’t,” he said.-

    it’s NOT a cult of stupid white trash,its not.


      1. Truther

        He’s quite correct though
        In fairness, even a stopped clock etc
        There’s been a lot of that in here today
        First Edwin Poots and now johnny as well lol


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