No Mark, No Marks


A vaccination centre in Berlin, Germany on Monday night

This afternoon.

Via Reuters:

Germany will stop paying compensation to unvaccinated workers who are forced into quarantine by coronavirus measures as it is unfair to ask taxpayers to subsidise those who refuse to get inoculated, Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Wednesday.

The rules, which will be implemented by the governments of Germany’s 16 federal states, will take effect by Oct. 11 at the latest, Spahn said, confirming the details of a draft document seen earlier by Reuters.

…..Critics have said such rules would be equivalent to a mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations because many workers cannot afford to stay at home without pay.

*begins building wall*

Germany to end quarantine pay for those without vaccinations (Reuters)

Pic: Reuters

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21 thoughts on “No Mark, No Marks

  1. ANO

    Fair but only if vaccines are available out of hours or paid time off is provided – at least for a defined period.

          1. thefatlad

            Oh its written on a website? Must be true so.

            If you’re going to link to a site to back your theories Chris, try to make it a site with factual scientific data

    1. Oh...

      Surely under health and safety and the welfare of staff it falls in the same bracket as manual handling and fire safety?

      Either way we had no problem having all our staff go get the vaccine without taking any time off. We viewed it as not only a safety issue for other staff but also for customers.

      1. E'Matty

        “We viewed it as not only a safety issue for other staff but also for customers.” oh go on, I’ll bite. Tell us all how it’s a safety issue for your customers?

          1. E'Matty

            but your staff can still contract the virus and transmit it to those over 70’s. If they are a close contact and asymptomatic, they will not have to go for a test, yet could still be a carrier and transmit. The unvaccinated asymptomatic person must go for a test and so will know whether they are a risk or not, and take precautionary measures to avoid transmission. So, arguably, unless you have any asymptomatic close contact staff tested, you may actually be a less safe environment for your elderly customers. I hope you haven’t taken the government referring to you as the “immune” to actually mean you are immune?

  2. ANO

    To start that conversation the employer would have to be demanding that their staff get vaccinated which isn’t what the quoted article is about.

  3. Micko


    a) Take the contact tracing app off your phone

    b) Tell your employer you’re vaccinated – they can’t check anyway.

    c) (Optional for going to lunch with work colleagues ). Get a copy of mates Vaccine pass and get a fake ID in his name and DoB. About 40 quid online if you know where to look.

    Problem solved.

    Note: Option C is conditional on having mates that you trust and trust you. Might be a problem for some…

    1. Fred

      You remind me of Denzel in Training Day there Micko, ‘Whos the Big MFing McFish now MFer’ classique cinemaing!

  4. f_lawless

    Not sure if anyone has already posted this clip of the President of Croatia dissenting against the Covid vaccine roll out. I wonder how this will pan out – will he be brought to heel or could it inspire others to speak out?

    Reporter: “Croatia is not sufficiently vaccinated, unlike the EU average. We are at 50%.”

    President of Croatia: “I don’t care. We’re vaccinated enough, and everyone knows it. – We will not go more than 50%. Let them fence us with wire.”

    “We need to know what the goal of this frenzy is. If the goal is to completely eradicate the virus, I haven’t heard this is the goal. If someone tells me this is the goal, I’ll them them they’re out of their mind.. We want to eradicate Covid-19?! That is impossible….”

    Clip posted here:

    1. SOQ

      The man is talking sense- we all need to know what the goal of this frenzy is- but apart from Pharma profits, nobody seems to have an answer.

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