This morning.

And yet…

Bloody students.

Get out of bed.

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39 thoughts on “Shot Happens

    1. K. Cavan

      Maybe Ireland could play catch-up by scheduling Booster 1 & 2 to be simultaneously administered? Then we’d be in Lockstep with the UK for Booster 3, 4, 5 & 6. By the time we hit double figures, who knows, we might be ahead of the game.
      Variants never sleep.

      1. chris

        I’m neither selfish nor foolish in this instance neither would I imagine are my cohort’s. You can read an assessment as to the mechanisms by which the jabs work:

        Remember, no animal testing, no legal obligations for the shareholders. Is it really ‘selfish’ to question and inquire? Are those principles not the bedrock of science?

      2. Cui Bono?

        Ah the brainwashing is strong in you.

        Nothing selfish about a personal decision based on a full risk assessment with my doctor which was based 100% on the scientific data to date.

      3. K. Cavan

        Stay horrified, Papi, it suits you. How are the 7% selfish, though, in denying themselves the life-saving gene therapy?

    1. SOQ

      According to Oud World in Data- Ireland has 72.62% with two shots and an extra 2.72% with only one.

      I won’t use the term ‘full vaccinated’ as that is likely to change pretty soon.

      For some odd reason posts with the world of data link disappear?

      1. Cian

        You probably did something wrong….

        …like not understand how percentages are calculated and the difference between calculating the “% of adults” “versus % of total population”.

    1. K. Cavan

      The Irish are known across the globe for being the sharpest tools in the box
      We’re dab hands at suffering genocide, too.

  1. White Dove

    Given the general shaming of anti-vax people I doubt any student is going to risk losing friends by using this facility as it would show they were not vaccinated.

    I don’t believe the 93%.

    I believe there are a lot of responsible unvaccinated people who have done a risk/benefit assessment on vaccines and are quietly going about their business while taking care (although they have doubts about the COVID-19 hype) not to cause any distress to others by creating a perceived risk of infection.

    We’re used to doing this in Ireland – we did it for years in a different context when we were under British rule, then we did it with the Catholic Church – stay quiet, try as best you can to do your own thing without causing upset to other people who implicitly believe in the regime.

    Think about it – even if you believe all the hype about COVID, the following are self evident.

    If you can still catch COVID if vaccinated, vaccines can’t eliminate it, so there is no point in taking vaccine in the hope of eliminating it altogether – there can be no possibility of zero COVID.

    If – as we are told – you suffer significantly less severely when vaccinated, then your choice not to be vaccinated is not putting the already vaccinated at significant risk so you are not being selfish.

    The only risk is to yourself and as human beings we are entitled to do a personal risk/benefit assessment before putting things into our bodies.

    It is a matter of personal choice but I for one respect people’s decision not to be vaccinated, I don’t believe that it is putting the vaccinated at significantly greater harm and I expect there are a lot more unvaccinated out there than people realise.

    1. SOQ

      Totally agree White Dove- I have been saying this for a long time, and the data coming out of countries with high vaccination rates is now proving it- there is no communitarian argument for these vaccines, it is a personal choice alone.

      1. Kim Cardassian

        If it’s such a “personal choice” then what has you here every day commenting on those who have taken it, often mocking those who chose to get vaccinated? Is the personal choice of the majority of the population any of your business then?

        1. SOQ

          I don’t mock anyone- it is as above, a personal choice. I strongly object to discriminatory passports and injecting children however- as do many others.

    2. Cian

      Do you think the HSE are lying about the number vaccinated?
      Because it sounds like you are accusing them of that.

      1. SOQ

        Well it wouldn’t be the first time in this crisis now would it? Even Leo has admitted to that.

        How come such a discrepancy with world of data- which is up to 20th September?

        1. John

          The world of data number is a percentage of the full population which includes under 12s.
          I would have doubts about the 12+ number as it is really close to the 16+ number implying that the percentage of 12 to 16 year olds with a vaccine is in the 70 to 80% range which is doubtful.

      2. Cian

        says there are
        Total 1st Dose Vaccines Administered 3,755,964 (includes 235,010 J&J 1-shot)
        Total 2nd Dose Vaccines Administered 3,390,362
        Total Vaccines Administered 7,146,326

        If we take the total population at 5,000,000 that is
        Total 1st Dose Vaccines Administered 3,755,964 [75.1%]
        Total 2nd Dose Vaccines Administered 3,390,362 [67.8%]

        If you add the J&J (1 shot) 235,010 [4.7%] you get [67.8%+4.7%] = 72.5% fully vaccinated.

        Going by total population this matches closely with OurWorldInData.

      3. Darren

        This isn’t live line cian. If you hear a man say a thing then that’s what you heard. Offering back al a regurgetada to see if upon closer inspection it is his … well that’s just bullying… affecting a sort of presumed social pressure according to what you think of his diet… also true is that the use of our world in data as a source of data is not in itself an attack on the hse..

    3. Nigel

      ‘Given the general shaming of anti-vax people’

      Anti-vaxx people should be shamed. People who don’t take the vaxx should have their choice respected – they will have their reasons. The two things are not the same.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    When you see who’s advocating against vaccinations, it’s not difficult to see why uptake has been so strong here.

    1. Chris

      “When you see who” – the snare that caught many. Treating the whole exercise as a tribal one as opposed to relying on one’s conscience.
      Propaganda 101.

  3. ANO

    Great numbers.

    No-one could argue that the Irish people haven’t done their part.

    Must be near time to fully reopen without the need for vaccine certs and the like.

    When no-one flicks on the mythical 5G switch that was set to kill all of those who got the vaccination it may hopefully lead to some to consider where they get their information from.

    1. SOQ

      Err no- that is not how it works.

      You see, people are still infectious and people are still getting sick so you will soon need a third shot before you are vaccinated and your passport is valid.

      And by January, you will obviously need a forth because by then, the ninja mutant variant will be everywhere.

      And don’t worry about the extra risk of clots or heart conditions or god know what else- sure you are going to die sometime anyways.

  4. K. Cavan

    You’re right, ANO, global depopulation is a big job & the Irish have never been backward when it comes to dying, en masse.

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