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Eoin Glackin – Our Way

Roam where you want to.

Dublin singer/songwriter Eoin Glackin (top) raises a smile with a message of positivity on his new single – and the cherry on top is the charming picturesque video.

Eoin writes:

“Although we’ve certainly missed out on a lot over the course of the pandemic, a positive has been that people have had time to reconsider the track that certain aspects of their lives were on. Both small and big choices have been given fresh perspectives, and there’s no harm in that. That’s where this song comes from, realising that our future really is ours and nobody else’s. It’s a call to embrace that feeling of uncertainty and just follow your own feet.”

Nick says: Go Eoin.

Eoin Glackin

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3 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Micko

    That’s a nice happy tune.

    Wouldn’t normally be my thing but nice to see something happy and upbeat and to see someone actually smile in a photo

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