This afternoon.

United Nations, New York, New York, USA.

Top of the globalists, Ma.

LIVE: Taoiseach chairs UN Security Council climate talks (RTÉ)

Earlier: The Frog Chorus

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11 thoughts on “The Hot Seat

  1. hmmm

    Well that man seems to be trying to pass himself off as the President of Ireland when he isn’t so I think we should ignore everything he says.

    1. M

      Martin does not care about anything other than his self advancement..

      40 years in politics and zero f**ks given about anything..

      But now he cares about the environment. Sure, yeah..

  2. Boe__Jiden

    if Ireland’s carbon output went to 0 tomorrow it would have 0 effect on global emissions, we’re being sold a lie so megacorps and the military industrial complex can continue to pollute then use carbon credits to cover their output.

  3. eamonn

    Stand down Greta, MM’s got our backs now!
    Climate Change is the defining challenge of our generation” and adds it is essential that we act now to prevent further warm…………hope they tackle it with more fervour than they tackled the housing situation here.

  4. Liam Deliverance

    The Irish Prime Minister says some words, in other news Wally the Walrus has been spotted near Iceland

  5. Gavin

    Christ, if we are dependent on the current crop of world leaders to save us from climate change we may as well start throwing the end of days party now. They arent even going to reach the 2030 goals set out in the Paris agreement

  6. DOC

    MeHole was asked would be dropping over to have a chat with Ms Zappone
    He said it was not on his schedule
    Even though she has been barely out of the news in the last two months

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