Your Call Is Important To Us


Bob Collins (above left), chairman of the Policing Authority and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris this afternoon

This afternoon.

The Policing Authority.


The number of the least.


The Garda Commissioner has said a number of Gardaí are under investigation after they continued to cancel 999 calls without going through the proper procedure.

The Policing Authority has been told that a further 53 emergency calls were cancelled without a proper policing response, even after previous improper cancellations had been highlighted publicly and new procedures had been put in place.

Commissioner Drew Harris said even though the number was relatively small, he was shocked by what had happened.

The Authority Chairman Bob Collins described the actions of the Garda members as “incredible“, “wholly inappropriate” and “utterly dismissive” of people who call 999.

Gardaí under investigation for continued cancellation of 999 calls (RTÉ)

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5 thoughts on “Your Call Is Important To Us

  1. Frank

    if you’ve had the misfortune to deal with the guards you’ll know they are utterly utterly utterly inept.

  2. Cccc

    So if it’s some stupid prank call or cat stuck in tree report by a weirdo, Garda have to go through a process. No wonder there are never guards on the beat anymore, too busy filling out waste of time forms

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