‘A Profound Sense Of Something Gone Terribly Wrong’


Police outside the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday afternoon

This morning.

Further to continuing protests against covid measures across Australia….

…public health physician David Bell writes:

‘As an Australian, I want to write something on the significance of what happened in Melbourne this week, and the destruction of societal values. About the scenes of black-clad police firing rubber bullets at protestors at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.

The Shrine of Remembrance is as close as non-Aboriginal Australia comes to a sacred place. It’s an unusually moving place of quiet and reflection. It evokes the memory of many who chose to risk death, and died, so that others would be free, not live under totalitarian regimes.

This was not empty garbage. As a child I knew people who had suffered greatly and survived, an uncle died well before I was born. A family member still had the nightmares 30 years on. As many have, in many countries, in the sufferings of war.

Australia, despite many faults and suffering internally, particularly for indigenous people, has been an unusually inclusive society.

Police have never, to my knowledge, fired rubber bullets.They don’t use armoured vehicles. They only recently started dressing in black.

To see these black-clad police, replete with weapons and body armour, firing on civilians at the Shrine, forcing the type of regime that the Shrine’s solemn defiance is set against, with the excuse of ‘public health’, brings a profound sense of something gone terribly wrong.

We have to realise the enormity of what is being done, through promotion of fear, and through incitement of hatred against others for thinking differently.

Not just in Australia, but wherever people hold that all are born equal, and oppression is wrong.

If we don’t work together to stop this, stop the people doing this, and tell them this is unacceptable, the Shrine will signify effort spent in vain.

The effort of those who have fought to keep truth, openness and respect as a basis for society will have been betrayed.’

Hundreds arrested for illegally protesting across Melbourne (9News)

Pic: Sky News

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25 thoughts on “‘A Profound Sense Of Something Gone Terribly Wrong’

      1. M

        The testimony of Fiona Barnett tells us why this is happening…

        And she was mocked, vilified, marginalised and threatened.

        It’s right there in the Victoria Police Badge.. for those with eyes to see…

  1. Pat

    Strewth! What’s the world coming to when a fella can’t put on a hi-vizzie and smash a few windows without being shot in the goolies with a beanbag? Is this what Skippy stood for? I think not

        1. Mr.T

          Aye, and sure those catholics in NI were widdling on shrines when the rubber bullets came out for them too!

          Theres always sillies willing to defend the indefensible, as before, so in the future.

  2. SOQ

    The imagery coming out of Australia is shocking- state sponsored thuggery. Using rubber bullets on unarmed civilians was something which was rightly condemned up north and has no place in any democracy.

    I wonder when the next election is?

    1. K. Cavan

      Brilliant, Kdoc, “something” has gone wrong with “some people”. You’ve hit the nail on the point.

    2. E'Matty

      the comments below the video all overwhelmingly in support of the protesters in their battle against the aggressive fascist Aussie police. In the first video, they appear to simply be smashing the police lines after an attempt to kettle them in on that road. Perfectly acceptable to smash through the police lines where they are seeking to corral, corner and suppress a legitimate protest. And thanks, I actually really enjoyed watching that. G’wan the Aussies!

      1. K. Cavan

        There’s some astonishing footage but it won’t be on the MSM, that’s one of the milder incidents. Those Aussie builders are fearless & there’s a short interview on Rebel News where a giant guy in high viz apologises to the Australian public for not standing up sooner but promising they will not be standing down anytime soon.

        1. SOQ

          Also, the Victoria police are to be given a ‘no jab no job’ ultimatum soon- you are likely to see a lot more dissent from within the ranks if and when that happens.

  3. K. Cavan

    Australia, geographically isolated as it is, has become ground zero for the “violent enforcement” part of the NWO installation process.
    The image of the robocop pointing the gun at the construction worker’s chest, while screaming “move! move! move!” will probably become iconic, as will the construction worker’s refusal to budge & his response, “f*ck off, you pig”.
    It’s noticeable that the ugly goons & retards the Aussies have posing as politicians rivals even Ireland’s collection of subhuman sock-cookers in shiny suits.
    Anyone witnessing what’s now happening and still blathering & drooling about “conspiracy theories” needs a factory reset.

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