This afternoon.

The Natural History Museum, Dublin 2.

Fearful youngsters – many on the mitch – call for action on climate change, part of a spontaneous, from the ground up, not adult-led ‘Climate Strike’ taking place across the country and the world.

They are the future.

Save yourselves.

Sam Boal/RollingNews

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17 thoughts on “How Dare You

  1. Nigel

    Good to see the activism get rolling again. Pity Bodger’s too smart to get taken in by their clever ruse to save the planet from environmental apocalypse.

    1. K. Cavan

      Not environmental apocalypse, Nigel, it’s the “Climate Emergency”, please stay on message.
      “Climate Change” was beginning to look too ridiculous, even for schoolkids, since the climate has been changing since there’s been a climate.
      Nice to see that unequivocal sign “Uproot The System”, says it all, really but since Water Vapour is by far the biggest “greenhouse gas”, we need more young people holding signs that read “Ban Clouds Now”.

        1. Chris

          Stupidity would be to assume the ‘climate’ isn’t being used as another tool to trap and control the populations of the world. Corporate jets are excempt from carbon taxes btw.

          1. Nigel

            Stupidity would be to assume that just because you have paranoid fantasies about the global elite controlling the populations of the world through climate, doesn’t mean that the planet is heating and biodiversity is being destroyed and both are apocalyptic.

  2. eamonn

    Go back to school kids – Micheál Martin has had words with the UN- all will be well, m’kay.
    Eco Shock to UN from Taoiseach (the greens are getting to him!).

  3. K. Cavan

    The Irish Greens are, as far as I know, unique in their approach to the “Climate Crisis” in that they’re doing their best to hurry it along. Their first stint in government was probably the most environmentally damaging regime we’ve ever endured, with the construction of ghost estates usurping the GAA as the nation’s favourite sporting activity.

  4. eamonn

    Polarisation once again.,
    Give em a stupid name, laugh like you expect the whole room to laugh, job done.
    There is no issue with the way we treat the planet – cos the protesters have a silly moniker.
    Solved. blah blah china..india…..developing world……why should i do anything ?

    may we live in interesting times , at least we will still have stock exchanges to pray to.

  5. Lurch

    Yes, all these young people have been mirocro-chipped by Bill Gates et al. The words they use are not their own, they are programmed by adults, dead right Mr. Bodger. And there is certainly no famine in Madagascar and if there was it would be normal,; as for wild fires in Australia, Canada, California, Siberia, Greece, these are normal stupid… cyclones Idai and Kenneth.. normal stupid; floods in south Asia and central Europe….completely normal you moron; East Africa drought…. normal – suck it you East African snowflakes ; crop failures in central america….. stop whinging and get a deliveroo already; and get those kids back to school so they can learn something important.

  6. TheSampsons

    Why are they outside there and not outside the many data centres/tech campus’ who make up the bulk of our rather negligible carbon footprint?

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