This afternoon.

Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Good times.

Clinton hails work of women in peace process as she becomes Queen’s University’s first female chancellor (Belfast Telegraph)

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9 thoughts on “I’m With Her

  1. Nigel

    Not to go off on a completely different subject, but I see that ‘The Storm That Is Coming That Cannot Be Stopped’ will not be arriving in the form of that Arizona election audit, which has ended up increasing Biden’s victory margin. Storm rescheduled. Hilary Clinton still not in jail.

    1. hmmm

      A selective leak to control the narrative – why now wait for the final report at 1pm Arizona time.

      Is somebody worried?

      1. Nigel

        The people relying on the audit to prove Trump won the election? I’d say they’re worried, but I can’t tell if they believe what they’re shoveling, so more likely just on to the next thing.

          1. Nigel

            The whole thing is a nakedly cynical Big Lie by Republicans to pander to Trump’s base and deligitimise democratic victories by Democrats, so it is contemptible.

  2. Fergalito

    A mere tangent however recall hearing someone describe the Clintons as “sex between the Bushes.”

    Made me lol anyway ….

  3. TheSampsons

    How anyone can sit in the same room as a person with as much blood on their hands as Hillary Clinton baffles me.

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