One View Over The Cuckoo’s Nest


Proposed apartment development Crown Square site in Mervue, Galway

This morning.

Via The Connaught Tribune:

The green light has been given for the construction of 345 apartments at the Crown Square site in Mervue – the majority of which will be put on the rental market and operated by a ‘cuckoo fund’ for a minimum of fifteen years.

Crown Square Developments, which is owned by developer Padraic Rhatigan, has secured permission from An Bord Pleanála for the ‘Build to Rent’ development, with four blocks ranging ranging from four to nine storeys in height.

There will be 240 two-bed apartments, 86 one-beds and 19 three-beds, all of which will be specifically for the rental market and not available to purchase.

Good times.

Planners approve homes for ‘cuckoo fund’ investor (Connaught Tribune)

Thanks Bebe

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7 thoughts on “One View Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

  1. ce

    Want to work from home? Want your home to look like it’s in an office block office to create the right vibe fore that? Want to need to sell a kidney at some point to make rent? Well you can have all of these things at Mervue…

  2. scottser

    It has the potential to be a complete poohole. Communities need permanent stakeholders; if everyone is transient then nobody will give a monkeys about the place.
    Hard pass..

  3. johnny

    planning application here,they did a deal wth Goldman on the Rad Blu Dublin debt,most likely forward purcahser.

    originally was going be 5 office buildings and a hotel,his dad was a well respected and a good builder,but the son is a terrible developer with little or no style or taste,i can smell the farm manure from here,its a cheap junk build sold to foreigners rented by them,no irish please we cant afford them unless the govt artificially supports the rent or try controls it,how’s that gonna end ?

  4. Boe__Jiden

    Ah sure, don’t we need rental accommodation, meanwhile we’re just gonna put this ladder marked “property” in storage, won’t be needing it.

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