You Are Not Welcome Here



Firm but fair?

Or plainly inhumane?

Only you can decide.

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73 thoughts on “You Are Not Welcome Here

  1. George

    Sounds fair. If a well known anti-vaxxer is in your pub then everyone knows the pub is breaking the law and they are liable.

    The publican was pretty nice about it by not turning him away to begin with.

    1. johnny

      …last time i was back,home shortly actually,the bar did a lock in,i went light a smoke….
      you cant f***g smoke here Johnny,get out….but,but your serving late…you know something i and most the other regulars here are not F sorry you went ‘merica…so i cant smoke then but i can drink late…..get the F outside Johnny..

          1. johnny

            its called a self own,but carry on regardless.
            (you can just scroll on by,but you cant stop wont stop:)
            jayzus talk bout longest goodbye like EVER-zzzzz.

          2. just millie

            You seem to do a lot of ‘self-owning’. I’m glad you found something you’re good at.

            Have a nice weekend.

  2. SOQ

    It is quite obvious that the owner is not complying but just doesn’t want it broadcasted because of the usual busybodies. Small towns don’t bother with that nonsense because people will go elsewhere- it is very unpopular with the general public.

    1. Pat

      Nonsense. Headtheball got treated with politeness and respect by a decent publican, gets his pints and then goes on Twitter.

      ‘A good friend before’. What a sap

      1. SOQ

        Did he name the pub? If not then what is the problem with him raising the issue on twitter? Its a free country after all- just about.

        Pretty sure that pub will see a marked decrease in business mind, once that gets around.

      1. SOQ

        I know of a medium sized town where not one pub is checking- plus plenty of other reports- they are in the border region of course, where people have a choice.

          1. SOQ

            Actually no they don’t- most unknowingly buy washed diesel because it damages the engines but sure never let a good slur go to waste eh?

            At the risk of repeating myself- being anti vaccine passport is a left wing position of course- but of course you are far from being left wing.

          2. jungleman

            Being anti vaccine passport is very much a right-wing position. It falls in line with the right’s desire for less government control.

            Are you ever not wrong? It must be exhausting.

          3. SOQ

            If being anti vaccine passport is such a right wing position then why did every Irish left of centre party vote against it?

            It’s a civil rights issue- of course it is left wing.

          4. jungleman

            It’s a public health issue. It is not a civil rights issue. You antivaxxers are not some separate ethnicity. As you can see, the vast majority have now gotten the vaccine and you are in a very small minority. Time for you to give up and move on to the next ridiculous cause.

      2. SOQ

        Just a point on the popularity- or not- of this discrimination.

        If it is so popular then why is a law needed? Assuming it is cancelled in October, if it is so popular then surely pubs and restaurants continue to implement it?

        There is nothing stopping businesses from doing so in the north at present of course- but they don’t.

        1. George

          The question is “is the law popular” so stop this obfuscation. You’ve no evidence that the law is “very unpopular with the general public”.

          1. SOQ

            If it is so popular then why are business in the UK not implementing it?

            If it is so popular then why won’t businesses implement it after the law is changed?

            Because it is not- the few pubs in England that did try to implement it back peddled double quick.

  3. ce

    I think you can buy a star of david on the internet to sow onto your clothes… makes the point/pint even better than on twitter…

      1. ce

        Working on it for the new routine….

        Passports will set you free???

        …. anyway, morons comparing their “discrimination because of their covid freedom fighting activities” to the discrimination, torture and ultimate murder faced by Jews, Gypsy, Slav, Gay people, political prisoners etc… under the Nazis… now that’s hilarious…

    1. Nullzero

      It’s just jot the same when you don’t use the stupid buzz words. Give us an auld ratlicker. Or even a Conspiraloon for old times sake.

  4. Micko

    I get the impression that the pub owner was telling him never to come anymore – even after the 22nd Oct.

    Small towns eh?

    1. D-troll

      if he didnt use “barred for life” then id say fine in a couple of months to go back

      some of the comments people have said to me in the heat of covid emergency, id say all will be forgotten and forgiven in a few months.

      1. ce

        First they said I couldn’t come in wearing runner, then they said I couldn’t come in with a GAA or Premiership geansaí hanging off me, then they asked me for my covid papers…

  5. Papi

    A consequence? For my publicized actions?
    The shock and horror of it all! I shall need the fainting couch, immediately.

        1. Johnny

          …bunch dirty cops and degenerates,are you ESL or something,what’s with the stumbling bumbling english….it’s not an exam …..rotters the lot them yeah,more likely drug dealers/growers and guys on the run,but not a rotter amongst us,….wtf gramps,try some herb and chill out,do I need a restraining order boopy boo.

  6. just millie

    OP seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill tbh.
    The publican (who OP refers to as ‘a good friend’) bent the rules for this person and then quietly had a word about it being a once off. Not making a fuss or making it into some ideological warfare.
    Surely the publican, who likely has struggled financially because of covid restrictions and lockdown, is entitled to protect his business.

    1. E'Matty

      “Surely the publican, who likely has struggled financially because of covid restrictions and lockdown, is entitled to protect his business” yeah, though it’s a bit rich that the publican is now only serving the people who supported the closure of his business for months and not serving those who actively fought for his business to be open all that time.

      1. just millie

        It’s not really ‘a bit rich’ at all, imo.

        Your comment is implies that the publican owes this person (who is, by his own admission, vocal about vaccines) some sort of debt or favour for being one of those who actively fought for his business to be open all that time by not protecting his business now, when it is allowed to be open.

        1. ce

          “Your comment is implies that the publican owes this person ” Freedom isn’t free… and freedom fighting is thirsty work…

    2. SOQ

      But that is the point Millie- he is not protecting his business, quite the opposite in fact. I do have sympathy for publicans mind because they have been put in a very difficult position, but outside of the large city centres, in order to keep their regulars, publicans have to tread a very diplomatic line.

      Most are operating a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ strategy which is playing the long term game because people will hold grudges long after this is all over. There was a government expectation that like the smoking ban, it would police itself, but it has nowhere near the same level of support.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        He’s protecting his business from someone who put it on social media that the publican broke the rules for him.

  7. newsjustin

    If Mickey was any kind of a friend he’d get vaccinated and not put his buddy in that crappy position.

        1. johnny

          ahem,he’s an awful lot more credible than you and he’s as fecking irish as they come ‘papi’ or daddy,is it.

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