The Last Corner Shop

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Dun Laoghaire, county Dublin

ESB writes:

Honestly, I loved this place. I cannot believe it: [proprieter] John Hyland is a legend. And now it’s closing down?


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3 thoughts on “The Last Corner Shop

  1. Free Lunch

    Yes, that establishment is a total ledge and bought much needed character to a devasted and mediocre town.

    Organised chaos in a great way. And Alex’s shop too before that.

    I think John is retiring. Well earned rest. Let’s hope it doesn’t become another lousy coffee shop.

  2. Micko

    Ah no way.

    John is a legend alright.

    A great place to get newspapers from a few days back if you missed them. Great for businesses like ad agencies and publicists. John would always keep them.

    Best of luck John!

  3. Mudzer

    Sorry to hear this- always made sure to purchase some paper or magazine when I passed every few weeks. Buy a telly bingo and it prints out like a bus ticket. More blandness awaits I fear


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