Minister Eamon Ryan speaking to media before entering Dublin Castle for this morning’s meeting of the Cabinet.

This afternoon.

Dublin Commuter Coalition’s Chairperson, Kevin Carter, said: 

“We’ve been hearing of delays to MetroLink and DART+ since the 19th of September and we still haven’t received an explanation from the Minister for Transport about why these delays are occurring or a firm estimate of when the projects are expected to finish.

In the case of MetroLink, four years into a ten year project, we were hoping for something more concrete than the Minister saying he’s hopeful about it opening under seven years late

“The people of North Dublin have been told about these plans for the past 50 years with one proposal for a metro already designed and cancelled in recent years. They deserve a lot more from the government than the confusion and rumours that have surrounded these projects for the past 10 days.” 


Dublin Metro will be open by 2034, transport minister Eamon Ryan hopes (The Times)


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2 thoughts on “Brand New Metro

  1. Zaccone

    This was originally due to be finished in 2007. The continual delays and postponements are rather damning evidence of the NIMBY dominated, incompetent, Irish planning system for large infrastructure projects.

  2. paddy apathy

    When we bought our house in 2012 the estate agent listing included being close to the route of MetroLink as one it’s attractive selling points.
    Dublin Transport Office first proposed this in their Platform for Change in 2001. I suspect I will be retired before this is up and running.


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