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Via RTÉ News:

A retired garda superintendent has been charged over a €600,000 cannabis seizure at his home in Dublin last week.

John Murphy, 61, was arrested last Wednesday and detained at Irishtown Garda Station for questioning.

He was charged just after 8pm last night and appeared before Dublin District Court this morning, where he was charged with possession of cannabis worth more than €13,000 at his home in a north Dublin suburb.

Detective Sergeant Hanley did not object to bail but told Bryan Judge Smyth that he was seeking several conditions, including that Mr Murphy not contact four people who cannot be named.

Former garda superintendent charged over cannabis seizure at Dublin home (RTÉ)


John Murphy, is one of the garda’s youngest superintendents, and decided to hand in his badge at the age of 50, having served on the force for 30 years.

Supt Murphy served in the detective branch in Dublin for much of his career, and on promotion was in the Traffic Department at Dublin Castle, later becoming the district commander at the Bridewell station.

John enjoyed a fitting farewell party at the Aviva, surrounded by hundreds of friends, colleagues and family.

His dad, John Snr, the famous former chief of detectives in Dublin, was in attendance as was Commissioner Fachtna Murphy.

John has been a senior detective in Raheny and later Pearse Street.

On promotion to Superintendent he moved to Cavan and then Dublin Traffic. In 2008, he took command at the Bridewell.

As District Officer, John’s been in charge of the courts and played a major role in setting up the new court complex.

Top Detective Retires In Style With Pals At new Aviva (Irish Independent, May 24, 2010)


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11 thoughts on “Charged

    1. Sara

      The tip of the iceberg. This might just be optics. Let’s see how many others will be arrested. The Gardai are corrupt from root to branch.

    2. chris

      I think the over 13000 puts the charge into a different category – nothing to do with the amount actually seized.

  1. Verbatim

    It would be interesting to understand how, why and when John Murphy allegedly ‘decided’ to go criminal.

    An interesting case, that was a bombshell at the time in Lyons, was Michel Neyet who was a legendary top cop. After a period of time he inched his way over the line to criminality and ended up in prison for corruption. From all accounts, he was extremely competent, brilliant and charismatic, but he got up too close to the targets, friendships were formed with the guys he was meant to be tracking. One big problems was that he paid off informers with cannabis he had confiscated from other drug dealers.
    The series the Wire really showed up the fragility of the ‘cops and robbers’ narrative.

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