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Lisa Gorry – It Was You (And Me)

Confessional Kildare singer/songwriter Lisa Gorry (top) opens up about her new single – the title track of her new EP out on October 28.

Lisa says:

“‘It Was You (and Me)’ was the last song to be written for the EP and it was written for the purpose of having a single with the EP’s name as I thought the message was important.

“This single, and the EP as a whole I suppose, is answering the title of the first EP, ‘Is It Me?’, and was a reminder to myself of the work that I had done in the wake of past relationships to become stronger and more self-reliant, and how, while it was helped along by a loving partner who sought to understand, it was me who had to put in the foundational work first to then be able to express myself and set boundaries within a new relationship.”

Nick says: Love’s rich pageant.

Lisa Gorry

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