Requiem For A Bream



This afternoon.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1.

Climate activist Ying Sun (above) and Extinction Rebellion stage a ‘Bycatch Parade of Dead Sea Life’ to ‘demand better legislation to protect our oceans’.

The parade is currently marching from the Garden of Remembrance to Dail Eireannand included members from Extinction Rebellion Ireland, the Irish Wildlife Trust, marine conservation group Sea Change.

Leah Farrell/RollingNews

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51 thoughts on “Requiem For A Bream

  1. Mr.T

    who funds extinction rebellion?

    They seem to have these elaborate parades/protests here and in the UK every few months, much more than a simple volunteer effort

        1. Nigel

          So? It isn’t as if the ideals themselves are all that hard to devise from basic observation and logic

      1. Lurch

        Sorry Bodger , but you are woefully misinformed to suggest that these people are paid.
        The Extinction Rebellion movement is extremely transparent. Anyone can join. The reason it has grown so quickly is due to the scale of the environmental crisis which is plain for all to see. Cannot understand people who are so determined to undermine such a noble cause.

          1. Nigel

            Amazing. The rules seem to be that you can protest the effects of massive amounts of money on politics, society and the envirnment, but you’re not actually allowed to spend anyt money to do it. Meanwhile the people with money can spend it entirely on greenwashing themselves and making sure politicians delay or dilute environmental policies. What a fabulously rigged game this is.

            ‘But the emails also reveal deep and understandable frustration among the scientists at the huge amount of time and energy they were being asked to give up to deal with the requests. This was particularly galling as the sceptics making the requests were, in the scientists’ eyes, more interested in picking holes in their analyses to suit an anti-global warming agenda, than carrying out research that would advance human knowledge’

            Wasting their time, deliberately and maliciously.

          2. Nigel

            Oh, and, you conflated Extinction Rebellion with ‘some climate scientists circa 2010,’ good job.

          3. Chris

            No I didn’t Nigel, I offered proof that ‘Climate Change’ isn’t science if the only people allowed to view the data are on the payroll.

            Wasting time? Nonsense all they had to do was publish the raw data once, that they didn’t tells me what going on.

          4. Nigel

            ‘Nonsense all they had to do was publish the raw data once’

            Now tell me, does that describe the actual experiences of the scientsts subjected to this harassment, or just your own disconnected fantasy?

          5. Chris

            Why should scientists have to file repeated FOI claims Nigel? I didn’t see any proof of harassment either – just justifications for stone walling any independent analysis.

          6. Nigel

            ‘Why should scientists have to file repeated FOI claims Nigel?’

            People who claim to be scientists do it to harass, intimidate and bog down working scientists, that’s why. You could check who funds the people doing the harassment, too.

          7. Chris

            Ah you’re back to – ‘goodies and baddies’ . Grow up, there’s just power and it’s interests – feeding narratives to the gullible.

            As I’ve already said – if they published the raw data there would be no need for FOIs but no, they won’t allow transparency hence it is Scientism, not science.

          8. Nigel

            There had to be a flood of FOIs because the purpose was to harass, intimidate, lie and abuse. You could call it, ‘an exercise of power by certain interests who benefit from pushing false climate change skepticism’ if it helps you understand.

        1. Mr.T

          Plenty of volunteer driven movement with much larger turnouts and peoples, fail to produce anything as refined as extinction rebellion. Most concerned volunteers have neither the time nor the money to produce ornate costumes and parade-style floats.

          Even the Macnas parades in Galway have huge banks of volunteers and need loads of fundraisers, donations, and I think they even get paid to parade in the US. And they only manage one parade per year, EX-R seem to manage several.

          1. Lurch

            I know that pre-covid they would meet up on occasional Thursday evenings in East Wall and make costumes, signs etc. Think the space was shared with Mens shed etc. A jar would be passed round and a few quid a head would cover the cost, before that they would meet in the Teachers Club and same thing a jar would go round to cover the cost.
            The boat was donated by someone who had it in a field in Wicklow (i think) A few of them painted it pink and decorated it.
            These are facts. They are just ordinary people who want the environmental destruction to stop. The truth is just too virtuous for some people. Must be sad to live in a world without altruism.

          2. Nigel

            A lot of my neighbours are involved, put a load of work in and are definitely not getting paid for any of it, and I help out where I can, and nobody’s offered me a few billion from evil mega-rich lizard people yet.

          1. Nigel

            ‘Most of the thousands of activists who brought chaos to London last week were unpaid volunteers, but a select number are claiming the funds which enable them to dedicate their efforts to the protest group, also known as XR.’

            Exhaustive and careful in your reporting as always.

          2. Nigel

            Are they? You’ll forgive me if I treat even your most inoffensive statements with skepticism, since even your own link undermined your initial statement. I’m glad we’re narrowing it down a bit from ‘the protestors’ to ‘(some? all?) of the performers at the protests, assuming it’s the same here as in the UK, for which no evidence has been presented.’ But great, if they are. Why should they have to save the world in a state of abject poverty?

            How fun it is that we’re talking about this and not about the state of the oceans, though. Nice work.

          1. Nigel

            Are you under the impression womone has shown that the protestors above have been paid? Funded? Because I haven’t seen anything here to that effect. There was a link clamining that some organisers in the UK are paid, or are funded, or receive some expenses – it’s all a bit Daily Mail in the reporting – which is not the same thing.

      2. ZywTof

        Please don’t post fake information. We were all volunteers, I missed school, and there wasn’t too much people anyway.
        I don’t get why people post fake things to discredit others, it was a peaceful, voluntary protest, and there wasn’t much possible money in it

  2. Nigel

    By the way, the state of the oceans is pretty bad. They’re warming up, they’re overexploited, fish populations are a fraction of what they used to be, the coral reefs are dying, there are large patches of plastic floating here and there, oil spills, nuclear waste, algal blooms, the strong likelhood of the Gulf Stream switching off in the coming decades, but the girl with the fish mask might have gotten a few euro for her trouble so who knows?

  3. E'Matty

    According to the Financial Times April 2019, Farhana Yamin, a leading voice in Extinction Rebellion, and international lawyer, is also a trustee of Greenpeace UK and will soon take up an advisory role at the World Wildlife Fund, wants to “build a bridge with existing organisations to forge a much bigger “movement of movements”. “We need to tap into the new form of leadership that’s being asked of us now,” she says.

    Former Vogue “climate warrior” (2015), Yamin is the founder and CEO of Track 0. Partners of Track 0 include GCCA (TckTckTck), CAN (Climate Action Network), Avaaz, ClimateWorks (The Climate Group, We Mean Business), The Rockefeller Foundation, E3G (founder of GCCA), The Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders Group, European Climate Foundation and Chatham House. She is also a member of the Global Agenda Council on Climate Change at the World Economic Forum.

    1. Nigel

      Good. You do recognise the need for people to be operating at the level, right? Pushing a pink boat up and down is all well and good, but there is actual work involved organising funding, lobbying, meeting officials, drafting laws, international agreements, policy proposals and all the rest? Or are only evil rich people allowed to do those tihngs?

        1. Nigel

          It was a big deal at the time, but people don’t bring it up much nowadays because the whole campaign was discredited, all its claims turned out to be fraudlulent from selective cherrypicking and deliberate misinterpretation of data and the abuse and harassment received by the scientists was unreal.

  4. ZywTof

    The parade was great, everyone was very nice to us, and everyone’s costumes were amazing, I especially loved the octopus style one paper mask.
    The chalk fish skeleton drawings on the pavement along the way were a great addition.
    Loads of people were filming us, so hopefully it works ^^

    1. Lurch

      Well done ZywTof. The wanton destruction of our oceans and seas is really worrying. Glad you and your crew were brave enough to demonstrate on this issue today. Much appreciated.

  5. Nigel

    ‘Over the last decade, the world warmed by 0.25 °C, in-line with the roughly linear trend since the 1970s. Here we present updated analyses showing that this seemingly small shift has led to the emergence of heat extremes that would be virtually impossible without anthropogenic global warming. Also, record rainfall extremes have continued to increase worldwide and, on average, 1 in 4 rainfall records in the last decade can be attributed to climate change. Tropical regions, comprised of vulnerable countries that typically contributed least to anthropogenic climate change, continue to see the strongest increase in extremes.’

  6. ce

    I think the Lizard people are just still bitter about the whole asteroid/dinosaur thing…
    That’s why they hate us…
    That’s why the want to sow mistrust, division, fake news, fake vaxx, fake climate, and enslave us…

  7. V aka Frilly Keane

    Do you know who else all themselves Activists?
    The Stop the Steal, the Election was rigged and the assortment of Lets take our Democracy back groups and militias

    Just one example of funding Activists – The Arizona Forensic Audit

    Cyber Ninjas were awarded the Contract, no election count experience, and not even Arizona based or experience of their polling facilities, but CEO Doug Logan still put in a bid for the Contract that was only ever going to pay $150k; because that’s all the State was permitted to pay.

    So I dug about a bit. Only got to throw this post together now. I have been meaning to have a good go at ‘Merican Elections for a while, mainly their voting and count infrastructure -v- ours. Just never got to it. But this thread helped put a bit of a steer. Sorry Bodger.

    Recounts here are tame affairs, and entirely predictable, but we have our tradition of the tally to be the ultimate oracle. Pen Paper and a Clip Board.
    Yet still formally conducted by the Count Centre Staff under the auspices of the Local Returning Officer, so you know your ballot paper is always in the right hands, even if greasy noses are tippling over cattle rails to sniff it.
    Yet the voters that the real “We the People” refer to are not so well served by their election and count apparatus and oversight.

    Here are some facts about the recent recount in Arizona, in the Maricopa District, a constituency with a similar ‘live register’ count as a Presidential Election or Referendum here in Ireland.

    First things first, it was not recount but an Audit.
    In America, your principal returning officer is The Secretary of State for the State of… and we will say Arizona. These are generally party people. Currently a Democrat in AZ, Katie Hobbs, but each side generally get a turn. It pays around $70k a year and is generally considered a full-time gig.

    Back in November 2020, election rules automatically triggered an audit in the State by virtue of the closeness of result, which would be the same here btw,
    and nothing was found that would alter the decision made by Arizona Voters.

    We all know by now that that wasn’t enough, history had to be made, and a second audit was soon underway. An Audit – or recount that actually had its own Twitter account @ArizonaAudit

    The Audit Firm engaged was a small security firm from Florida, Cyber Ninjas. Their CEO Doug Logan insisted they could not complete the task for the 150k it was paying, so not a registered licenced Audit practice then. (a registered licence firm have to be able to prove they can complete the audit for the fee available/ approved btw.)

    However, the State Senate helpfully reminded the whoever cared by way of a public statement, tweets, and a press conference, that while private funding of an election campaign is subject to federal regulations, funding a forensic audit of ballots is not.
    So how much in total was donated to supplement the State of Arizona’s $150k, and who exactly gave what? Nobody knows the complete answer to that.

    One important note about this audit, it was only engaged in auditing the ballots for two of the elections put in front of Maricopa voters last November, the US Senate race and the US Presidential race.
    But here’s just some of what Cyber Ninjas collected for themselves and their sub-contractors, to hand count 2.1 million ballots and find Joe Biden 300 odd more votes.
    America Project, aka Patrick Byrne $3,250,000
    America’s Future, aka Michael Flynn $ 975.000
    Voices & Votes, aka OAN stars Chanel Rion & Christiana Bobb $ 605,000
    Defending the Republic, aka Sydney Powell $ 550.000
    Election Integrity Funds for the American Republic, aka Trumpties $ 280.000
    Doug Logan has officially confirmed these receipts, as well as “tens and thousands of your prayers.”
    There are two things I want to put in front of anyone reading this
    Each count group was – supposedly, in groups of three, a Republican + a Democrat+ Independent Observer. No Journalists were permitted entry unless they volunteered to work as one of the Observers. The composition of each group has never been verified as having followed the protocol promised by Cyber Ninjas, but what has been established is that the personnel engaged as temporary audit contractors were all paid different rates of pay depending on who recruited them and or their relationship with the Republican Party. Some of them not at all btw – so expect them to start telling tales. Meanwhile, these working groups were in greater numbers of three when visiting registered voters in their own homes, without appointment. Many of them were not vetted. Including Supervisors. So expect another more to come.

    While the Audit didn’t get to overturn the results it set out to, it didn’t come away empty handed. It was well compensated for low tech work, no different to stocktaking in a tinned beans warehouse. But the Audit also collected in-depth background into how Maricopa County runs its elections, its machinery, depositories, scanner defaults, who votes, how they vote and where they are from, and all those little gaps in the systems that resulted in early discrepancies and doubts. In other words, the weak spots.
    Ron Watkins, the QAnon Landmark and who has started calling himself “the Digital Rosa Parks”, has announced his intention to run for the US Congress. Arizona.

    I put this together has there was an attempted misconstruction about Activitists getting paid to – be activists. For all I know those climate change activists could just be jobbing street performers. Like the PR girls in mini skirts with giant toothbrushes/ kissing Mr Tayto on Grafton Street that used to be a Broadsheet staple one time.
    Nonetheless, if you want to insist on truth democracy transparency and all that jazz, be about it for everyone else.

    More importantly.
    Numbers never lie. Whether its votes or dollars.
    The real answers are always in the numbers. How you tell the story of them is what makes you a Fundraiser Ninja millionaire. Probably.

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