Minister for Health Stepehen Donnelly arrives at Dublin Castle this morning

This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.


Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has hinted face masks may remain as part of “sector specific measures” past October 22, and not just for public transport, shops and hospitals.

Despite Cabinet ministers signing off earlier this year on masks only remaining in those settings, Mr Donnelly opened the door to masks remaining in other situations as part of “sector specific measures”.

“The intention is that there will be continuing requirements in relation to mask wearing in a range of settings including healthcare settings, indoor retail and on public transport,” he said.

Face masks may also continue to be needed to be worn in certain environments as part of sector specific measures to ensure a safe environment.”

Donnelly hints face masks may remain as part of ‘sector specific measures’ (

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

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14 thoughts on “Man Of The Cloth

  1. Nilbert

    A group of anti-vaxxers who targeted broadcaster Jeremy Vine have threatened to visit the homes of journalists, politicians and judges deemed to support coronavirus vaccines.

    An activist claimed they “know where everybody lives” and that “no one is safe”, during a coordinated campaign across the UK.

    Around a dozen people went to Mr Vine’s home on Sunday morning, saying they wanted to deliver a “notice of liability” alleging that Covid vaccines are harmful.

  2. Micko

    Sure why would they get rid of them when they’re such an effective tool to split the population, so the Gov can continue to do a pee poor job.

    “Don’t worry about the health service or the budget, just look at that guy over there not wearing a mask. What a monster!”

  3. Cian

    The other option is to drop masks completely but provide every man, woman, and child with a regular supply of Ivermectin. Which would be mandatory.

  4. f_lawless

    If we were to assume for a moment that the continuation of mask mandates is purely medically motivated, what’s the end goal here from a medical perspective? What set of criteria have to be reached for mask mandates to be permanently dropped? The vast majority of the population is now double-jabbed. Where do you go from here? Keep masking-up in the hope that one day it will somehow finally stop transmission of Covid forever? Are indefinite rounds of boosters – which like the originals, aren’t designed to prevent transmission – really going to change things in that regard? Of course not.

    If the public is still being mandated to wear a mask indefinitely in a whole range of settings including healthcare settings, indoor retail, churches, public transport, etc, etc how can that be deemed a “successful vaccination campaign”?

    I think civil disobedience is the only way out of this. It won’t end until enough people say “enough is enough, I’m not doing this anymore”

    1. Zaccone

      This is the rather large problem. I had nothing against masks in the acute stages of the pandemic. They mightn’t be hugely effective, but even if they helped _slightly_ that was useful in January say for keeping some pressure off the hospitals.

      But we’ve gotten a vaccine. And are now finished the vaccination program. There is no other solution coming forward. So the question has to become if we aren’t getting rid of masks now then when will we? What is the criteria? Because it certainly can’t be a permanent thing.


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