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  1. ce

    Shatner returns to Earth pic in the Independent – take a look at the right hand side… did they bring back a weird bucket-head Alien thingy too?

    1. Cú Chulainn

      Has a look alright.. likely an alien pilot on low pay, working so he can save enough to out of our solar system..

  2. Steph Pinker

    The bastardisation of words such as ‘Epic’, ‘Awesome’ or ‘Elysian’ has always made me appreciate Wilde, O’ Casey, Heaney, O’ Brien and Yeats more than I knew I ever would.

    Words are special; they have meaning and context and convey so much in every language and culture as a form of communication which, in my opinion, shouldn’t be abused.

    1. Verbatim

      Totally agree Steph Pinker.
      I was in a restaurant recently in the US and after my every order the waiter exclaimed “awesome”! I said I’d have water for drinks, well that was “awesome” too. I gently said to him that the Grand Canyon was awesome not me getting a pitcher of water!

    2. ian-oG

      “and Jesus walked on water and Peter said “awesome” suddenly we got Jesus hanging ten across the sea of Galilee, Christ’s bogus adventure, you know? Deuteronomy 90210 it’s such a weird belief.”

      Bill Hicks

      1. goldenbrown

        “The proposed phase of reopening on 22 October is due to see the majority of restrictions lifted, including requirements for physical distancing and mask wearing outdoors and in private indoor settings”

        oops….forgot to mention the bit about mass gatherings

    1. ian-oG

      Eamonn Ryan looks like he is plotting in that picture in the link above….

      ”Soon the entire country will be one big cycle lane…..mwahahaha….., then….THE WORLD!”

  3. johnny

    -Digicel Haiti’s local partner, the GB Group, is one of the most successful commercial and industrial entities in Haiti. Mr. Gilbert Bigio, Chairman of the GB Group, said, “We welcome our partnership with Digicel and share a vision of providing a world-class telecommunications”-

    deep dive on Haiti’s richest man.

    “Other documents show that Lockver appears to have been used later as a holding company through which the family at one point took a big stake in the cellphone company Digicel Haiti International.”


  4. johnny

    yank vulture fund Avenue Capital (Ave Cap) was founded by March Lasry,who was forced resign from media darling Ozzy after one its founders was caught impersonating a YouTube exec on a funding all with GS..

    One the most successful families in NY has a rule about its real estate assets,it only buys them if they can walk there,from their headquarters at Bryant Park,what they mean is all real estate is local,so they focus there.

    Yank investors who raise funds for overseas adventures in say Ireland,are kinda normally a bit of a joke in NY, excluding the Black’s,rock and stone.Its for pirates and buccaneers,Ave Cap and Lasry,exemplifies Irelands new absentee landlord class ,welcomed with open arms by FFG,you ended up with a bunch comedians masquedaaring as businessesmen,all rushing the exits like Barrack and Lasry who are just not serious people.

    “Four days later Lasry resigned. “I believe that going forward Ozy requires experience in areas like crisis management and investigations, where I do not have particular expertise,” he said.”

    FT paywall,NYT also,but Ozzy media is well covered by The Onion.

    who the F is Ave cap – why should we care in Irl-if he goes all this goes to,just ask Johnny Ronan what happens with flaky yank funds go bad.

    -Since partnering with Pollen Street Capital in 2016, Pollen Street Capital has provided financing to Castlehaven Finance in excess of €385 million and Castlehaven Finance has grown to providing funding nationwide and is now one of the top development and bridging finance lenders in Ireland. Castlehaven is on course to complete over €300 million in lending in 2019, including major projects such as a residential development of 74 new homes at Chapel Road in Delganey for Patrick Durkan’s development entity DRES and a 149 bedroom hotel on James Street for The Dublin Loft company owned by Mark, Andrew and Kelly Cosgrave. –



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