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  1. johnny

    Blood Money.

    “Digicel, the mobile telecommunications company, will implement a 40% increase on withdrawal fees from its mobile wallet application, MonCash, starting Oct. 18.”


    In Haiti, only 16 percent of the population have bank accounts, while over 60 percent own mobile phones.

    in many improvised third world countries-MonCash is/was utilized to distribute covid assistance to the neediest .


  2. johnny

    drops today TGIF.

    The Velvet Underground — Official Trailer.

    -A hypnotic new documentary and the first major film to tell the band’s legendary story. Playing in theaters and on Apple TV-


    The VU’s Yoko has a retrospective,that ‘everyone’ is talking bout.

    ( Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden will present the largest-ever U.S. exhibition of artwork by groundbreaking multimedia artist, performer, musician, and writer Laurie Anderson )


  3. Nigel


    ‘As 20,000 government leaders, journalists, activists and celebrities from around the world prepare to descend on Glasgow for a crucial climate summit starting late this month, another high-level international environmental meeting got started this week. The problem it seeks to tackle: A rapid collapse of species and systems that collectively sustain life on earth.
    The stakes at the two meetings are equally high, many leading scientists say, but the biodiversity crisis has received far less attention.
    “If the global community continues to see it as a side event, and they continue thinking that climate change is now the thing to really listen to, by the time they wake up on biodiversity it might be too late,” said Francis Ogwal, one of the leaders of the working group charged with shaping an agreement among nations.’

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