Go Home, You’re Diseased

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Professor Philip Nolan, Chair of the NPHET Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group

This morning.

Today with Claire Byrne on RTÉ Radio One.

NPHET’s Professor Philip Nolan said:

“Leaving your home with Covid-like or flu-like symptoms has to become socially unacceptable in the same way that drink driving has become socially unacceptable. It is dangerous now for people to mix if one of them has any kind of symptoms and we really need to err on the side of caution here and we’re better off staying at home, if you have anything that suggests you have this disease.

“You could infect that unvaccinated person, the one-in-ten, potentially, in your workplace even though you’re vaccinated, if you feel sick with this.”



‘Leaving home with Covid symptoms should become socially unacceptable in same way as drink driving’ – Prof Philip Nolan (Independent.ie)


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34 thoughts on “Go Home, You’re Diseased

        1. Nullzero

          The real danger comes from when I’m licking rats. Poor auld Daisychainsaw would be convulsions if only she knew what I got up to when I’m out and about with my tinfoil hat.

  1. Gavin

    So PUP payments will be reinstated and we will have a load of dossers calling in sick with runny noses. If someone is out in public without the Jab thats their issue to deal with.

  2. des

    SO the government is going to extend the use of covid cert, meaning anyone that was vaccinated in April will not be allowed to dine or drink indoors.

    What a pack of f ***ing morons we are “led” by

    1. Gerry

      Well that’s what we get for all those travelling to plague ridden mainland Europe
      After ten days you might contract it only to when you arrive back to go to the doctor with guess what
      Now the numbers are going up and now we are nearly all vaccinated
      Strange eh
      I am no antivaxer but now our leaders have no plan a b c d e f g h I j k l m n
      Only hope our hospitals do not crumple

      Time for private hospitals to play their part

  3. E'Matty

    This guy is one of the biggest male appendages of them all. ““You could infect that unvaccinated person, the one-in-ten, potentially, in your workplace even though you’re vaccinated, if you feel sick with this.” – what about infecting the vaccinated person Philip? The remaining unvaccinated are by and large young, fit and healthy people who were never at any serious risk from the virus to begin with. They are not under any greater danger now. Nolan is simply trying to create the illusion in the public’s mind that the unvaccinated are both the vulnerable and the plague spreaders. Neither is based in reality or empirical evidence. He is a political figure playing a very dangerous form of politics in demonizing one section of society.

  4. Mr.T

    The covid cert is here to stay, and soon you’ll need your booster to keep it

    And then later we’ll add other jabs to it, flu jabs etc if you want to “participate” in society

    1. Micko

      Dunno, I still think that this will go the way of the dodo eventually.

      It doesn’t sit well with a large proportion of the country anyway – even amongst the people who are vaccinated.

      I wouldn’t take the restrictions loving nutbars trolling on Broadsheet as a good representation of the general population. ;-)

      Either they will require continual Covid booster shots or it will become so lax that it will fade into the ether. It already has in pockets around the country.

      Speaking of boosters, there must be a few on Broadsheet that are coming up on their 6 month boosters eh? We did the 50 years olds in May

      Time to take that jab risk again in November eh?

      1. Mr.T

        Most people are easily swayed – tell them people will die and hospitals will collapse and they will do anything

        In a year permanent vaccine passports will be seen as a good, progressive idea. How did we ever go without them. Sure its for the greater good

      2. Gavin

        Seems logical, but governments didn’t spend all that money implementing certs just to throw them in the bin, Im sure there are plans for its use beyond COVID

        1. Micko

          I think governments will spend as much as they have to not to be in trouble later on. And this lot won’t be in power forever.

          At the end of all this there will be tribunals etc and everyone in Government now want to be able to put their hands up and say “we just followed the science” and “did what the doctors said.”

          It’s a massive botty covering exercise, by career politicians whose goal is not to lead, but to make money and plant seeds for future careers.

          As much as Johnson in the UK is a nightmare, at least he had the balls to say “if we don’t open up now – then when?”

          Ok can respect that (if nothing else he does)

          Our guys are spineless weak opportunists.

          1. SOQ

            Johnson was quite prepared to implement vaccine passports until the people took to the streets, and the same needs to happen here.

            There is no point in blaming a dog for barking, because that is what dogs do- politicians will not relinquish control until it is taken from them.

          2. Micko

            Perhaps you’re right.

            In good news, my wife was down the country for a girly weekend just gone and was delighted with the fact that on both sat and sun night the local pub she and her friends went to, weren’t checking passports and were completely back to normal.

            They just walked in and sat down. Bliss it was they said.

            They were never so happy as “to smell old man Guinness farts” ;-). (Their words)

            So, I have faith the Irish spirit will prevail.

  5. E'Matty

    Where are the commenters who were on here only this week telling us we were wrong because all restrictions will be gone on 22nd October. We refuted this claim and predicted this exact scenario and even timeline i.e cases would rise as we enter the normal flu and respiratory virus season, the government would use this rise to maintain restrictions, especially the Vaxx pass, and the unvaccinated would be demonized as the cause of this rise. 100% correct. Once again we are absolutely spot on in our predictions. Yet those who have gotten it wrong at every turn still act like they’re the ones getting it right.

      1. E'Matty

        Especially if they’re the ones who were in the wrong. I think most who called it right are entitled to some level of gloating.

  6. gallantman

    But the vaccine significantly reduces these ‘stay at home’ symptoms, ergo the vaccinated now pose the bigger threat as the most likely unintentional spreaders.

  7. Spider

    I’m happy with the passport system… I’m vaccinated, as are my family and friends… I still have to make sure my close family are protected against COVID. And anyone unvaccinated has the potential to spread the thing far more easily that those who are vaccinated. It’s a choice not to vaccinate, so if that’s you,then accept the consequences. It shouldn’t have to be stated that if you have symptoms, don’t put others at risk…

    1. Micko

      Genuine question Spider

      How would you feel if you weren’t considered vaccinated in a month or two (I’m assuming you’re over 30) and you had to get another vaccine – possibly indefinitely?

      Every vaccine carries a risk of side effects with it and it’s one you may have to keep taking.

        1. Micko

          Only morons think there a connection between covid and 5g Spider.

          They are few and far between thankfully. But unfortunately very vocal.

          But, thanks for being honest about the boosters and the passports.

          Honesty is rare on here. I personally would be concerned about having to continually take something to allow me the same freedoms I had only a year ago.


    2. SOQ

      There is zero evidence that vaccinated are any less infectious than unvaccinated. There is however, plenty of evidence that vaccinated can easily spread it not just to unvaccinated but also, to teach others.

      Vaccine passports serve no purpose in the fight against SARS-CoV-2 infections- NONE.

      1. Nullzero

        Vaccine passports are a virtue signaling tool for those who would be very happy thank you very much with a nice pat on the head from the Joe Duffys and Pat Kenny’s of this world.

  8. K. Cavan

    Since Covid is a type of pneumonia I doubt if you’d be heading anywhere but the hospital or GP’s office if you had it but Sars02 infection is the equivalent of any other Coronavirus, meaning a sniffly nose is a sickie, from now on.
    Happy days for workers, not so much fun for the bosses.
    I can live with that.


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