Like Tears In The Rain

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David Jazay

A damning indictment

Any excuse.

David Jazay

Ireland Before The ~Tiger (David Jazay)

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14 thoughts on “Like Tears In The Rain

    1. Gerry

      Left Dublin just after Celtic tiger got going
      Just made a visit and what a kip
      The cycle Lane bus tram roads are an absolute disaster junkies now have taken the centre by storm hardly a gardai
      Gone are the times of the diceman and old Alan Parker producing a film about a city full of music talent and dubs
      We now have a European city of no identity

  1. Boe__Jiden

    Dublin is fine, I’ve walked around the city centre a few times recently and haven’t seen any problems, people just like to moan.

    1. Mr.T

      Yes, I too love to walk around generic western city #70.
      How great is it to have storefronts such as Starbucks™, Apple™, McDonalds™ and more big brands all along our streets. My particular favorite is Spar® for their breakfast rolls, the pinnacle of Dublin culture. You can’t get it anywhere else but one of the many Spar® shops that Dublin city™ has to offer!

  2. Liam Deliverance

    Dublin is loved by it’s citizens and it’s visitors but increasingly the details that give it it’s character are being demolished or covered over and the love is diminishing.

    There should be more willingness to compromise, instead Dublin City Council go for their objectives or nothing.

    For example Merchants Arch, the pathway through from Dame Street, down past Temple bar square, down the alley, through the arch to be be greeted by the wonderful vista of the Liffey and the magnificent Ha’penny Bridge in front of you. Yes it may be a bit damp, smelly, dark, foreboding but that is part of its charm, it’s those characteristics that make it live long in the memory for Dubliner and visitor alike

    If that stupid hotel goes in yes they may keep the arch but it won’t have the same walls, the same flagstones, the same feel. Once gone, that’s it, gone forever.

    The one thing that might save Dublin and bring back the love is a police force that actually patrols the city streets and protects the denizens from an abundance of toerags that have themselves taken over.

    David, thanks for your work, your wonderful photos, keep the faith, we don’t give up that easy.

  3. K. Cavan

    Everyone knows he’s correct, Dublin city centre has been one of the most obvious victims of globohomo’s takeover of Ireland. It’s hard to know if it’s our obsequious attitude to all things American, the arrival of the neo-fascist Tech giants, if we imported it from our parent culture in the UK or if we were targeted by globalists because of the nice but conservative nature of our society or indeed all of the above but it’s over for Dublin.
    Despite Dublin not being my hometown, I was planning to stay on but now I’m hoping to follow most of my family out by early next year & I don’t think I’ll miss it, too much.

  4. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    Love that Taffin clip.
    There comes a time when the attractions of a place that you cling to are no longer worth the high rents. It’s a personal choice. The cycle of urbanisation mirrors that of life – some people just grow out of the city lifestyle and retreat.


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