A Piper’s Lament [Updated]


This afternoon.

Glendalough, county Wicklow.

Mourners gather after the funeral mass at St Kevin’s church for Paddy Moloney. From top: Kevin Conneff, former member of The Chieftains, Brian Keenan, Matt Molloy and President Higgins with Rita Moloney, Paddy’s widow.


This morning.

Glendalough, county Wicklow.

President of Ireland Michael D Higgins and Sabina arrive at St Kevin’s Church for the funeral mass for Paddy Moloney, founder of The Chieftains.

More as we get it.

Damien Eagers/RollingNews

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6 thoughts on “A Piper’s Lament [Updated]

      1. SOQ

        No just hatred of the midget who approved the ‘papers please’ without a whimper. His predecessor would at least referred, because she was educated enough to do so.

        Also, as she was up and down the M1 like a fiddlers elbow and did not have the first part of a tin whistle permanently stuck her ass.

  1. Danny

    I spent a couple of days with the Chieftains in Texas and New Mexico as a fly on the wall photographer, Paddy was excellent company, I had never met him before, but he was excellent company and a brilliant story teller – he’s was something of a hypochondriac so I guess he had to go sometime.

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