Love Conkers All


The results are in.

Recently, with an A3 signed print by Wicklow artist, Maiden Moose from Jam Art Prints on offer, we asked for your favourite thing about Autumn, or the Fall (for American readers)

Your entries tumbled in, but sadly there could be only one winner.

Mark at Jam Art chose reader Millie‘s atmospheric and poetic offering:

‘My favourite thing is the leaves. Even now, you can see the leaves starting to lose their verdancy, curling a bit at the edges, turning shades of ochre and orange and red. It’s one final show before the long, dun-coloured months ahead.

I love when they start to fall in earnest.

There’s a street not too far from where I live, lined with loads of established native trees and the greatest abundance of leaves for stomping through. You can find conkers and helicopters underfoot, when scuffing your feet through the fallen leaves. My daughter collects them like treasure on her walk home from school.

We often go up there at this time of year to kick our way through the mountains of leaves, and there is something incredibly nostalgic and comforting and good about holding my daughter’s hand in mine and running at the biggest pile of leaves. This year my son is able to run about with us and he stumbles on wobbly feet through the leaves, often attempting to escape across the street.

And afterwards, we collect the leaves, bring them home and make autumn pictures, which are always inevitably ugly, but it’s not really about that anyway.’

Jam Art Prints

The Jam Art Prints competition runs here every second Thursday.

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12 thoughts on “Love Conkers All

  1. just millie

    Ah thanks lads! You’ve just made my weekend :D

    They really are a gorgeous bunch of prints too!

  2. Slightly Bemused

    Congratulations, millie! You must lose the run of yourself again, especially with your daughter and son.

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