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Via RTÉ News:

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Minister Harris it is not a binary choice whether to continue to reopen or not, but to “ask the question is there a way to proceed with openings [while] retaining vaccine certs or face masks for a bit longer.”

The former minister for health said that a level of scrutiny of the options is required and the Government will consult with public health authorities ahead of any decision.

He also urged the 70,000 people who have had a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to come forward for a second dose.

Mr Harris said that a more widespread booster [or third] vaccine programme could be beneficial…

‘Pause or proceed’, Harris says Govt must decide how best to ease restrictions (RTÉ)


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46 thoughts on “Options

  1. des

    Testing is up 11%, cases are up 11%

    Hospital numbers are manageable, the public have done all they can.

    This is a deliberate ploy by NPHET (who are all HSE employees, by the way), to keep their lives easy with numbers in hospitals lower than they have been in 30 years, and by government to retain the use of covid certs forever

    It’s sinister, wrong and hopefully will be the nail in the coffins of the blueshirts and their spineless partners in power.
    As for the Greens, who?

    1. Cian

      1. up 11% since when?
      2. The are currently manageable but are taking a lot of beds (especially ICU beds). 92% of the adult public have done all they can.
      2. 19 member of NPHET (as of 2020) were not HSE

      1. Micko

        “92% of the adult public have done all they can.”

        Yes they have. And the remainder won’t – so what’s the endga….

        Wait wait… sorry. I forgot my “new stance”


        Yes, it’s very serious Cian and we should very carefully open everything up next week and keep the passports and masks forever.

        Yup that’s it.

        Phew… I think I got away with that.

  2. SOQ

    Why is the Minister for Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science making such pronouncements- surely that is Donnelly’s job?

    Still think ‘papers please’ will be binned on the 22nd? Dream on.

    And now we have the boosters- are they to be tied to the passports by any chance? It’s only a matter of time.

    1. Cian

      Minister being interviewed.
      Minister asked question (not 100% relevant to department)
      Minister answered question

      SOQ complains.

  3. Kim Cardassian

    The proof is in the pudding. 66% of ICU cases are unvaccinated. The unvaccinated represent a small percentage of Irish society. Therefore continue the reopening for vaccinated people. Sure the unvaccinated can still drinks their coffees in the lobby of the train station. Simples.

    1. SOQ

      Except the age profile of those in ICU is likely to be older- a group who would have been well vetted for vaccination, if it was possible.

      As for passports- it is on a loop but it still doesn’t register- vaccinated can be just as infectious as not. What else can explain the rising figures?

      1. Kim Cardassian

        And have you stats to back up that claim for ICU? I bet you don’t.

        Also you’re not fully reflecting the difference between vax based unvax. Firstly, vaccinated aren’t as infectious as unvaccinated people. [1]. Secondly vaccination greatly reduces the risk of hospitalisations, serious illness and death. Theres ample evidence for this, I don’t know need to show you.

        As for explaining the rising figures, that’s yet to be tested in Ireland’s case but anecdotally and looking at evidence from other countries, the high prevalence of the virus at the time the vaccination was rolled out, the lack of enforcement and adherence with restrictions are mostly likely to be contributing to Ireland’s poor track record compared to other EU states with high rates of vaccination.

        [1] . (Ref: Effect of vaccination on transmission of COVID-19: an observational study in healthcare workers and their households

        Anoop SV Shah, Ciara Gribben, Jennifer Bishop, Peter Hanlon, David Caldwell, Rachael Wood, Martin Reid, Jim McMenamin, David Goldberg, Diane Stockton, Sharon Hutchinson, Chris Robertson, Paul M McKeigue, Helen M Colhoun, David A McAllister)

        1. SOQ

          CoVid-19 is very age dependant which is why most who die form it are in their late seventies or early eighties. It therefore follows that those in ICU are largely in their fifties and sixties- not always of course, comorbidities play a part- but in the main. They would have had an opportunity to be vaccinated previously.

          As for infectiousness- explain Israel? Singapore? Gibraltar?

          1. Cian

            Unless you have the vaccination status of those in ICU this month you know nothing.

            80% of all ICU admissions are between 45 and 80; but there are a (relitively) small number of people in this age group unvaccinated. They could all be unvaccinated (hugely unlikely) or they could all be vaccinated (equally unlikely). There is most likely a mix of unvaccinated/vaccinated. The proportion is needed.

            But until the actual numbers are releases we can’t know one way or the other.

            There is a second problem: we don’t know how many people are unvaccinated, this can only be estimated. In fact all the “92% of adults are vaccinated” are based off estimates.

        2. f_lawless

          Kim I had a look at your reference

          “[1] . (Ref: Effect of vaccination on transmission of COVID-19: an observational study in healthcare workers and their households”

          It was first posted in back in March 2021! The period observed was only “from 8th December 2020 to 3rd March 2021”. You’re really way behind the curve. Wait until you hear about the rapidly waning effects of the vaccines over time and the arrival of new vaccine resistant variants like the Delta.

          1. Kim Cardassian

            Produce any peer reviewed study you can that contradicts the ample research around transmission. Or perhaps, share your science background?

            No YouTube or Facebook links please

          2. Kim Cardassian

            You’re also welcome to produce any of the studies around waning vaccination and then give your hypothesis as to what it means, doctor.

    2. E'Matty

      Are you parroting Glynns deceitful misrepresentation of the figures where he slipped the ICU figures for April to Oct in alongside the case numbers for the past week?

          1. Kim The Cardassian

            You’re not very good at this are you.

            Back to YouTube for you, I saw a video that says dogs are pack animals that needs to be debunked.

        1. Mr.T

          HPSC’s surveillance reports came out with the figure that 69% of ICU admissions between April and October were unvaccinated. This is a cumulative stat which includes majority of population being unvaccinated in April right through to mid Summer, which skews the figures massively.

          Theres no way that given the HPSCs own figures, that we could currently be seeing 70%+ of ICU admissions unvaccinated. Unless the vaccine has somehow gotten MORE effective in the last 2 months than previous. Statistically incredibly unlikely.

    3. Nilbert

      Your wasting your time Kim. This place has gone to the dogs.
      The growing number of cases in ICU is explained by the unvaccinated. Its still manageable thankfully. The reamining cases are breakthrough cases, and are a tiny fraction of what would have happened if vaccination rates were not so impressive.
      The link between serious illness and the virus has been hugely reduced for the vaccinated, but it still exists. That’s the nature of a vaccine. For the small minority of unvaccinated, the risk is growing all the time.
      Expert immunologists and epidemiologists are working hard to contain an ever changing situation, and freely admit the complexity of the problem, their shortcomings, and their frustrations.

      Meanwhile, the same crowd on here are still crowing about what they ‘believe’, what their ‘opinions’ are, and how nobody else understands it.

      Whining about the ongoing sacricifices that everone has has made, but which are beneath them and their vast understanding of medical science, politics, and satanism.

      Leave them to it. Let them slap each other on the back all day, throwing their eyes to heaven and bitterly attacking the people who are woking hard to fix this awful situation. This site is ruined. But elsewhere, in the real world, huge progress has been made.

  4. E'Matty

    They’re even talking of expanding the vaccine pass to other areas of life now. So much for the commenters on here who were absolutely confident they would only be temporary and were days away from being abandoned altogether. We are also seeing all of the focus on demonising the unvaccinated. PROFESSOR KARINA BUTLER, chair of the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) the latest shill out focusing all attention on the unvaccinated. Day by day our predictions of a vaccine pass society with the State deciding what is injected into you as regularly as they want is coming into focus. Covid boosters every 6 months or exclusion from society. The State can add any new vaccine they like to this too, whenever they like. The State will have total control over the biology of its citizens. Good times.

    1. Kim Cardassian

      You’re giving a lot of credit to a state that didn’t have the know how to link 2 Luas lines together for years nor could they build a children’s hospital but yet you think they’re masterminds over our biology? LOL

        1. bisted

          …thankfully, we’ve had NPHET and the incredible solidarity among the vast majority of people…despite everything from Golfgate to the dithering of government the numbers have been much lower in terms of deaths compared to other places…

      1. Broadbag

        Wake up Kim, it’s the NWO wot done it, our govt are mere puppets to the global elite, otherwise they’d let us have the Ivermectin and we’d be living in a Covid-free utopia like that magical state in India where it saved everyone, open your eyes and don’t stand too close to metal objects or you’ll be stuck to them with the rest of the sheeple!

  5. Micko

    Oh man. I hope they go with the opening everything up and keeping the passports, masks whatever other rubbish.

    The passports etc are a load of pants and total security theatre. They are already lax ta feck about them

    The Guards have no involvement in policing any of them anymore (even masks) so the burden is on the establishment owner.

    Yes, there are a few “ze papers pleeze” places, but pretty soon they will be uncool and a distant memory. It’s Ireland for fecks sake.

    The important thing is we get EVERYTHING open and back to full capacity so arts and culture can recover.

    So everyone on social media start saying yes to the vaccine passports with full opening. (Yes, yes it’s very dangerous. We need passports bs)

    I know the passports are terrible and I hate the idea of them more than anyone, but we have to beat the idiotic Covidians at their own game.

    They’ll think they’ve got their own way ;)

    Once we’re open – we’re never feckin closing again!


  6. chris

    The pass is here to stay, the next step will be making it’s validity contingent on a third shot. How many will obey? Given people have become habituated, and already associate jabs with their freedom, it could be a lot.

  7. johnny

    FFS-the fighting irish,bunch big girls in FFG,you really really seem have such a high tolerance for a nanny state.

    Put on your big boy pants Simon and grow a pair,you are simply NEVER hitting the warm and cuddly comfort “level” you desperately need,so climb out from beneath the covers,i know i know its all a bit scary but…people are going die either way so,get it on.

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