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  1. Tom

    RIP David Amess, may you see the face of God in eternity.

    I note that a senior Labour figure branded Conservatives “scum” recently. I hope she is reflecting on that tonight. Whether or not a causal connection exists in this instance, dehumanising language dehumanises. You can judge a person mistaken without judging them scum.

    1. Hank

      Sounds like god has a nice face. Would it be sort of along the lines of people like Natalie Portman or Johnny Depp, that sort of thing?

    2. goldenbrown


      I have a feeling you’re going to be lecturing us shortly on the reasons we should embrace ze Poppy


    1. StevieP

      Count me in.
      Two shots already, flu jab, daily maximum doses of zinc and vitamin D.
      And an added bonus in a medical trial out this week – statins may provide extra protection.
      I like to get my retaliation in early.

  2. johnny

    in my opinion housing irish people IS the national emergency as such FFG need’s step in here,they invited these yanks into Ireland,Barrack who did this deal is out on bail,BUT he was welcomed by FG,he is their invited guest who is,now behaving like a bunch loan sharks or hard money lenders.

    This,this is just not how good business is conducted never mind high stakes development of national importance,the social impact of years of messy litigation with only the legal professionals,majority of whom facilitated this big ($$$) mess,benefits,its long past time for FFG to kick these yank predators to the curb.

    Whatever you think about Ronan,he probably is one Irelands most important national developers,he can build houses cant he…unlike these vulture fund yanks,they are here to clean up Barrack’s,big hot mess,any way they can,one mission liquidate yesterday,everything with prejudice,burn it down grab what we can, get liquid fast and out of dodge,yeah thanks FFG its been fun.

    -In that letter, it was alleged a facility agreement between Waterside Block 9 Developments Ltd as borrower, and ColEmerald 4 SARL as lender was repayable in full on September 15. It was alleged the facility had not been repaid, an event of default had occurred and, at close of business on September 15, €316.9m was owing. The letter demanded repayment of that sum by 4pm on October 12 failing, which it was stated all of ColEmerald 4’s rights, including to appoint a receiver, may be exercised.-


      1. johnny

        …Ronan is no Michael Jackson,but still this was just so goddam predatory,say hi to Fortress who held his loans and its filthy dirty blood money,thanks FFG.

        -Jackson’s financial problems stemmed from a staggering $272.5 million, or €235 million, personal loan that was reportedly costing him $4.5 million, or €3.9 million, in monthly interest, along with an uncontrollable spending habit. The loan was secured against Jackson’s share of the valuable Sony/ATV Music Publishing catalogue, which Sony feared could get into the wrong hands if Jackson defaulted on his payments, according to a 2006 report in the New York Times.-


      1. Nigel

        That’s like sitting in a flooding house and saying it’s not happening because someone somewhere might have said something about the roof blowing off and it didn’t.

          1. chris

            Remember when they said all the trees in Europe would rot and die because acid was falling out of the sky?

          2. Nigel

            You mean when acid rain was a serious and growing problem and they took action to solve it before it got out of control? Yeah, good example.

          3. Nigel

            If polar bears manage to survive, that’s a good thing, but they’re classed as endangered and their populations are generally dropping and only likely to drop more as the ice melts. But there’s also a larger biodiversity crisis ongoing related to but not necessariy caused by climtae change.

            I’m not sure irish grapes compensate adequately for parts of the planet being rendered uninhabitabe.

          4. Man On Fire

            Just another climate fad that never actually happened or will happen. Much like the polar bears.

          5. Nigel

            You brought this grape thing up, I thought maybe you were excited at the prospect. Polar bears aren’t a fad, they are endangered. Arctic ice loss isn’t a fad, it’s a fact.

          6. Nigel

            A bare-faced lie. The trend has been a steady decline since 1980 despite wide variations on individual years.

          7. hmmm

            I said trending up since 2012, which is exactly what your graph shows.

            You should withdraw the slur.

            And then ask what was the trend before 1980?

            How long have they been measuring ice this way anyhow (satellite)? 50 years? Hardly enough to get a long term data set considering an ice age can last about 100,000 years.

          8. Nigel

            ‘Just how much is the zero carbon transition going to cost the hapless citizens?’

            Ask the people living in the new 50 degree zones about paying the costs. What’s the Zero Hedge editorial stance on taxing the rich?

            ‘I said trending up since 2012, which is exactly what your graph shows. You should withdraw the slur.’

            Your argument is that the sea ice is doing fine, you had to be hyper selective in your deceptive wording in order to lie about how well the Arctic sea ice is doing. And the graph is from the link you gave.

            We’re not curently concerned with 100,000 year trends, we are concerned with the current trends stretching out over decades and the next century as they are the time periods we will be living in, making them vitally relevant to our interests.

          9. goldenbrown

            Nigel I guarantee you that if average joe was faced with casting a vote to retain the right to keep his diesel Passat estate on the road or keep the polar bears alive he’d be happy enough to let them live on in memory via the medium of an Attenborough dvd

          10. hmmm

            You’re the one making selective data choices to suit your failing narrative. Data since 1980 is not enough to give reliable trends. However, as a snapshot over the last 50 years the ice data show the most important fact: there is still ice at the poles. And lately, more than there was a decade ago. It’s going (at the moment) exactly the opposite way to the way you insist it is going.

            What is it about the doom pr0n that gets you so wet?

            Is it guilt? The impotence? The lies and the fraud?

          11. Nigel

            ‘Nigel, can you recount a single climate change scenario that has come true?’

            Global temperatures have risen, leading to extreme weather events, floods, droughts, wildfires ocean acidification, loss of arctic sea ice, ocean level rise, habitat loss, agricultural and supply chain disruption and displacement of people. That is the scenario, and it is happening right now.

            ‘Nigel I guarantee you that if average joe was faced with casting a vote to retain the right to keep his diesel Passat estate on the road or keep the polar bears alive he’d be happy enough to let them live on in memory via the medium of an Attenborough dvd’

            Maybe, maybe not, but so what? If they feel like that, you start talking about the effects of air pollution from fossil fuel engines and the annual death toll and effects on human health. I think the percentage of the populaton sentimentally attached to peterol or diesel is in practice quite tiny.

            ‘Data since 1980 is not enough to give reliable trends.’

            More reliable than your first go at one year and your second go at eight and more useful than your third go at 100,000.

            ‘exactly the opposite way to the way you insist it is going.’

            This is a lie.

            ‘What is it about the doom pr0n that gets you so wet?’

            What is it about the truth that makes you lie?

          12. goldenbrown


            “I think the percentage of the populaton sentimentally attached to peterol or diesel is in practice quite tiny”

            sentiment vs practical – two VERY different things

            just how many rich middle class people do you think exist who can shell out the major money required to buy into the EV revolution? in a country with such utterly rubbish public transport options?

            are you on board with (LOL) FG’s delusional projection that there will be 1,000,000 EV’s on Irish roads by 2030?

            how about he fact that the price being paid for used petrol and diesel cars are up nearly 50%? and people are still queueing up to buy them and cant get enough of them? people still buying used diesel Tiguan’s despite the fact that not a lot more money would get them in an EV?

            my point is that the strategy (if the idea is to get everyone in an EV, rich or poor) is pants, your Govt aren’t remotely seriously about leading in this area. the evidence speaks for itself. sorry :(

          13. Nigel

            I’m glad we’re talking strategy now. Yes, it is down to practicality and convenience. It’s insane to exchange one single-occupancy form of transport for another. Without investment in public transport, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, without an overhaul on planning to design cities that aren’t primarily settings for hellish commuting, then the EV targets are nonsensical.

            Of course the government isn’t serious about this. The sooner people realise this and vote in a government that is, or yell so loudly that it becomes a priority for all parties, the sooner life will be a lot nicer for everyone.

          14. Nigel

            ‘Global temperatures haven’t risen hence global warming isn’t a thing anymore.’

            This is a lie.


            ‘The study also confirms what researchers have been saying for some time now: that Earth’s global temperature increase since 1880 – about 2 degrees Fahrenheit, or a little more than 1 degree Celsius’

          15. Nigel

            ‘I reckon you’ll be able to knock another good six months out of that meme.’

            As one of our fellow commenters might remark, it’s basically a white flag.

          16. Nigel

            ‘In scientific terms that’s called error.’

            In scientific terms that’s more than enough to change the climate.

          17. Nigel

            Thanks for highlighting the importance of transitioning away from fossil fuels as energy sources or we’ll end up fueling EVs with diesel.

          18. hmmm

            The astounding thing about your ignorance is that you insist that everyone else must share your lack of knowledge and understanding – you must bring everyone else down to your level of stupidity – otherwise, you have no leverage.

            “Fossil Fuels”, for example, is is a meaningless phrase with no scientific basis.

            Only idiots use it to push their idiotic agenda.

            The facts are that Hydrocarbons are continuously created by the earth, exist in a super abundance and are continuously pushed into the atmosphere though the earths natural methane vents and volcanic action.

            No life without Carbon Dioxide remember? Yet you must feign ignorance of the most fundamental natural processes so you cab browbeat others with your ignorance.

            Hydrocarbons being a practically limitless fuel resource undermines the GlowBulls ignoble climate change agenda so you must destroy actual science and facts in order to push your pointless virtue.

            ‘member the Peak Oil scam from 20 years ago?

            You’re pushing the same ignorance now.

          19. Nigel he raps of

            Wow a love letter to fossil fuels from the anti-globalist? Wild. Yeah the astonishing endless hyperabundance of hydrocarbons, which is why we get fracking and tar sands (to say nothing of Putin’s hand on the taps of Europe’s gas supply) and have you seen how environmentally beneficial those completely natural extraction processes are? All natural and beautiful.

          20. Nigel

            Moderatorbot ate my first reply. Maybe it’ll turn up again, but meantime here’s another.

            ‘“Fossil Fuels”, for example, is is a meaningless phrase with no scientific basis.’

            And yet everyone knows exactly what is meant by the phrase ‘fossil fuels’ which makes it a fantastically useful. In an era when phrases can be bent and hammered out of shape and meaning practically overnight, ‘fossil fuels’ isn’t budging. That’s a phrase to hang on to. That’s a phrase to cherish, a fixed point in the chaos of linguistic drift.

          21. hmmm

            And there it is: the admission that “fossil fuel” is not science, it is persuasion propaganda – It is Unscience.

            yYou are the man from the Babylon Bee.

          22. Nigel

            It says a lot that you think a phrase that accurately describes what it represents and which is pretty much universally understood is invalid ‘because science.’ You make such grand sweeping assertions and yet all your arguments come down to this type of braindead quibbling. ‘Without carbon there is no life.’ Yeah, and without water there is no life, which is why nobody ever drowns.

          23. hmmm

            This just in from UnScience News!

            Water Vapor is a dangerous, malignant greenhouse gas.

            We demand Net Zero Water Vapor now!!

            How Dare You!

  3. SOQ

    It’s all kicking off in Italy so- vaccine passports have become mandatory in order to work from today. Either that or testing every two days which you pay for yourself.

    Ports are already being blocked and other strikes imminent. Make no mistake, if this starts to be rolled out across the EU, then it will happen here too.

    Extraordinary abuse of power by the Italian government- Benito Mussolini is alive and well it appears.


    1. Cui Bono?

      Yep, my worst fears for this covid scam are gradually happening one country at a time.

      Anyone who accepts this and doesn’t join in with the protests is a disgrace to humanity.

    2. goldenbrown

      a) dailymail ?
      b) I love Italy and I love the Italians but in all fairness they are a little bit bonkers at the best of times so don’t panic. yet.
      c) the real deal will come when you’ll need an api for digital credit scoring to access services and stuff you need to run your daily life, it’s close now
      d) but hopefully we’ll have already moved on to whatever next life exists by the time society falls into Logan’s Run territory for our grandchildren’s sake or somesuch, peace to you and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Verbatim

    Worthwhile to read the Chomsky interview and his thoughts on Ireland’s Greed to see if he has any important points to make to the Irish Times reader.

        1. Fergalito

          Apparently Scotland is the only place you can buy a shoulder of Buckfast (or liquid amphetamine if you prefer). Scotland asked and the monks listened.

          There’s a brilliant episode of Rab C Nesbitt where himself and Jamesie make a pilgrimage to the Buckfast monastery. Worth a look, great show :)

          1. Paulus

            If there’s a compilation of highlights it should be called The Vest of Rab C. Nesbitt. Great show.

          2. Fergalito

            Hah! Vest and suit jacket.

            Gently philosophical in its own way. Wouldn’t mind having a look at it again to see how it holds up.

            “There’s a funnel up his arse and a breeze between his ears. All the same I suppose his guess is as good as ours y’know? All he knows is ‘shut up and keep going’. I mean, I for one, I can’t make any philosophical advance on that. I mean, honestly – can you?”

        1. SOQ

          We won’t be having that ‘far right’ stuff on Broadsheet- you’ll be quoting the likes of Zuby next.

          1. chris

            @ Tom J I was being sarcastic. There was an opinion piece awhile ago that stated that the reason all the guests at Obama’s birthday party were unmasked was because they’re sophisticated.

    1. SOQ

      …who would’ve guessed… abusive troll… who didn’t know the difference between Daisy Hill Hospital Newry and Craigavon Area Hospital… despite best friend dying in one… or was it the other?

          1. chris

            I don’t know what JAQ means and if you think I’m alt-right you really haven’t being paying attention to anything I’ve wrote

    2. Poor oul divil

      There are variants
      Some rat lickers believe the climate stuff is all geo engineering for example

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