Kennedy’s Shots No Magic Bullet


Singer Brian Kennedy

He’s a ‘breakthrough’ artist…eh?

I’ll get my mask.



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36 thoughts on “Kennedy’s Shots No Magic Bullet

    1. johnny

      (is he bloated,looks kinda fat but yet not really that fat,given he wants discuss his private medical info?)

  1. chris

    There was a cold going round Galway the past two weeks. I got it and had mild symptoms for two days, vaccinated freinds that caught it were bed ridden.

    Vit C & Vid D 4000u and zinc should help bolster your immune response.

    1. Pat

      That’s nothing. I got a mild headache the other day. Popped a couple of Panadol and was right as rain in about 40 minutes. A vaccinated friend of mine got the same headache, burst into flames and ended up in hospital with no legs, septicaemia and AIDS.

      Coincidence? Dream on Covidians.

      1. chris

        Save for the burst into flames – everything else is a distinct possibly. Why not laugh at all the other conditions too?

    2. K. Cavan

      That’s exactly what primed immune systems behave like but I wonder how the immune systems of your vaccinated friends ended up like that?
      It’s a complete mystery. Maybe it was the unvaccinated?
      Probably it was definitely the unvaccinated. Let’s ask Pat Kenny, the vaccinated eejit or Joe “double-jabbed” Duffy, they’ll know, for sure, probably or maybe Claire Byrne, she’s on the telly, she knows stuff.
      Is it too much to ask that these unvaccinated people are rounded up & put into camps before they cause another Lockdown?

  2. Spider

    Dear Broadsheet, getting tired of this continuous and targeted rhetoric.
    The tone of the site has changed and the lightheaded jibes have turned into angry rants.

    That’s not what I come here for.

    1. Cui Bono?

      The tone of the site has changed and rightfully so.

      There’s serious crimes being committed and the masses seem completely unaware due to the biggest propaganda campaign of our lifetime.

    2. K. Cavan

      Angry rants, Spider? I missed all those angry rants, damn.
      You can probably get light-headed by wearing three masks, plus, you’ll be treble-protected against ending up with RNA up your schnozzle.
      If I was you, I’d be ranting angrily about angry rants, too but at least there’s no Angry Aunts to worry about on Broadsheet, they’re really scary.
      Actually, can anyone ascertain why the Covididiots are so bloody angry? Is it the way the miracle experimental gene therapies have turned out to be too experimental & not theraputic enough, unless you think killing & injuring thousands of people is theraputic?
      Can we not just blame the unvaccinated for angry rants & round them up into camps, for their own good?
      Is this an angry rant, Spider? Grrrrr!

      1. chris

        They are not ‘normal’ vaccines – they’re mRNA treatments that haven’t been used on humans before.

        1. K. Cavan

          Actually, chris, I’m beginning to suspect that some of the mRNA injections are merely saline solution, as those German doctors are claiming. Still, the people who got the saline didn’t get heart attacks or strokes & will have to wait til they get their boosters & booster-boosters to get their own chance to get sick for the common good, not to mention that all these boosters will be free, gratis & for nothing.

          1. chris

            It carries code into your cells and tells them to produce a protein, so that your immune system can recognise it.

          2. chris

            As in the first part, them being saline. I’d also hope that enough can hop off the booster train before they do themselves damage.

  3. Free Lunch

    Well, that’s one guest for next week’s Late Late Show sorted.

    Does Imelda May have a new record out yet?

  4. SOQ

    Nobody mentioning the elephant in the room from Con Murphy- which is that the more vaccinations, the more sick people.

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