This afternoon.

Via RTÉ News:

The Deputy Chief Medical Officer has advised people to work from home where possible as Ireland moves into the autumn and winter period.

Dr Ronan Glynn said that with “vast parts of society open” people are now mixing and interacting on a scale “far greater than at any point in the pandemic to date”.

“So let’s continue to wash our hands regularly, let’s ensure that we don’t meet up with other people and socialise if we’ve got symptoms, and let’s work from home where possible over this Autumn and Winter.”

‘Work from home where possible’ this autumn and winter – Glynn  (RTÉ)

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20 thoughts on “Stay Casual

  1. Nilbert

    why oh why oh why doesn’t this fascsist stooge Glynn go to Boardsheat wheir he can get the TRUTH spelled our for HIm from People (NOt SheeplE!!) who actually know WHERe the real science can be FOUND!!1!!

    H’es clearly a cult (SATan:ST!1!!!). The WOrld is finally W@king up to tihs scumbag!11!!!

    wink wink :)

      1. Micko


        Are you going off the rails a bit divil ?

        Stay well. Don’t be going down that road. It’s not good for ya man.

  2. mister mister

    jeez, its nothin but covid stuff on this site. so sick of covid (pun intended), not bothered reading about it or vaccines anymore. it is what it is, get on with it, stop analysing every aspect of it its boring

  3. Gavin

    There have been 20,356 tests taken and 1,690 positive cases. Am I reading this wrong or is that misleading?

    1. K. Cavan

      Positive Tests…the majority of which will be false positives.
      “Cases” does have a specific medical meaning, involving observable symptoms & the vast majority of positive test subjects show no symptoms. Probably because they haven’t been infected.
      But anyway, Gavin, anything that lessens the panic or hysteria is clearly misleading & a Conspiracy Theory, to boot.

  4. K. Cavan

    Urging the vaccinated to get tested if symptomatic is an admission that these experimental therapies aren’t working & aren’t, in fact, vaccines. No vaccine ever gave you protection that lasts a few months, at best & given the lack of any attempt by the Pharma companies to actually monitor what they disingenuously claim is a trial, they may be providing no immunity whatsoever, for all anyone knows.
    What’s happening is the equivalent of injecting lab rats with some substance, then completely failing to monitor the effects. I suppose lab rats are more valuable than human guinea pigs & all those scientists need lots of time off to make bank lodgements.

    1. Gavin

      “No vaccine ever gave you the protection that lasts a few months”…never thought of that funnily enough

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