Dangerous Carriers


“Infected children are potential “reservoirs” for the evolution of new variants as well as potential spreaders of current variants Kids with COVID-19, even if asymptomatic, are infectious and can harbor SARS-CoV-2 variants. Variants could potentially impact both the severity of the disease and the efficacy of vaccines, as we are seeing with the Delta variant. When we cultured the live virus, we found a wide variety of genetic variants. New variants have the potential to be more contagious and also make kids sicker.”

Lael Yonker, pediatric pulmonologist at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital

Children could be dangerous carriers of virus (Harvard Gazette)

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13 thoughts on “Dangerous Carriers

    1. E'Matty

      It’s like an entirely predictable playbook. Oddly though, it is those who have been wrong in their predictions of how events would unfold who are the ones going around claiming to be “following the science”, whilst those who have been correctly predicting the path of this pandemic are dismissed as conspiraloons.

  1. Nilbert

    what a load of Balloux.

    Typical of the ‘Won’t someone PLEASE think of the children!’ hysterical nonsense beloved of Quanon.

    1. E'Matty

      So, should we take this to mean you would support the vaccination of all under 12s then? Is there an age you would cut off at, and if so, why?

  2. scottser

    Well I’m glad I’ve been warned. My children are now safely vacuum wrapped in plastic bags until I can get them stuffed.

  3. Harry

    A plastic bag can also transmit Covid 19 for 72 hours if a Covid sufferer sneezes it or licks it
    Beware of that toilet seat lads

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