This morning’s irish Daily Mail

‘...the screw will be turned on vaccine draft-dodgers as ministers warn that 300,000 unvaccinated people cannot hold the country to ransom without any consequences.…’


We prefer ‘conscientious objector’.


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41 thoughts on “‘Draft-Dodgers’

  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    so consequences for the pregnant or breastfeeding who don’t a) fancy a still birth b) endangering their baby

    1. E'Matty

      Exactly. I’m surprised the headline wasn’t something like “Silly Women”. The authoritarian curtain twitchers have truly taken Irish society over once again.

    1. SOQ

      Actually I think it is very suitable language. Draft dodgers is a term used in relation to military conscription and to those who are salivating at the prospect of a totalitarian society- conscientious objectors are to be demonised at all costs.

      Fortunately, the technology upon which this tranny is being built is failing fast and soon, you will need 3-4-5 jabs to live a normal life. As more and more people become injured with such, so the resistance will grow.

      If you still need to produce papers in order to function, the headline of ‘Covid curbs are to come to an end’ is complete BS of course- it is actually a much worse situation than before.

      1. paul

        “you will need 3-4-5 jabs to live a normal life”.

        I’ve yet to see you provide any evidence of this or even one booster for the general public. Just trying to make people as scared you clearly are.

          1. paul

            I try to stay as mindful as I can on this, as far as I can without getting consumed by depression and anxiety and if it comes down to another jab, I’ll just take it to protect those I work with and for.

            I get the outlook of ‘preparing for the worst’ (it’s pragmatic and makes sense) but I don’t get what I see on here sometimes of ‘hoping for the worst’.

            Anyway, lunchtime soon :)

          2. SOQ

            But paul, we are already on the third jab now- how long do you think it will take before, just like Israel, a passport is only valid after three jabs? And if you think that is not going to happen they you are either being incredibly naïve or wilfully stupid.

            If these experiential injections are failing elsewhere- which they are, then they are guaranteed to fail here too.

            Why do we already have such a high vaccination rate AND such a high infection rate?

          3. Micko

            That’s fair enough Paul. To each their own.

            Although, maybe an antibody test for everyone BEFORE they receive a booster would be more prudent.

            It’s cheap and effective and means that a) we wouldn’t waste vaccines and b) there wouldn’t be a risk to those who are protected already.

            But, since the government refuses to accept antibody tests even exist now, I can’t see them embracing this more scientific approach.

        1. E'Matty

          Hi Paul. I’m willing today to engage in a wager with you that before next May, we will have followed Israel’s lead and boosters for the general population will have been introduced. Fancy a bet? €100 to make it fun. We can donate the money to a charity of the winners choosing. Can even have an added €50 side bet that refusal to get a booster will see people lose their vaccine pass. How about it?

          1. paul

            What do I gain from this? If I’m right, I won’t care (and neither will you). If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it and take the jab to keep my patients safe.

            How about a ‘gentlemens bet’ to satisfy whatever you want to get from this? I’ll keep up my (irregular) donations to Barnardos to tick that box and you can do whatever you want?

          2. E'Matty

            @Paul, fair enough. I only introduced the money element as I think it focuses people’s mind. Put your money where your mouth is, as they say. Giving it to charity takes away the personal financial gain element to make it more of an honour bet, but happy to go with your suggested no cash gentlemen’s bet.

            I note you say you’d get the booster to keep your patients safe. Interesting that view still holding now that we see just how transmissable the virus is amongst the vaccinated population. Nursing home outbreaks now, probably the most vaxxed population in the country.

          3. Nigel

            Since it’s the controversial part of your thesis, rather than the boosters themselves, surely the bet should involve the emergence of clear proof that this is part of a population cull?

          4. jungleman

            €100?! Nice try, but you’d be better off getting off the dole and getting a real job. You’ll have to grow up and get the jab before they’ll let you into work of course. But it will beat offering bets to random punters on the internet.

          1. SOQ

            Not with an experimental mNRA never used in humans with no long term safety data before, and certainly never to access basic services or work.

  2. Bruncvik

    I wonder how the unvaccinated will be blamed when everything reopens with Covid passes still in effect, and the numbers will keep going up. I’m all for vaccination, but I’m afraid that at this point the focus is on the wrong issue, and that’s distracting from identifying the real issues and tackling them.

    1. ian-oG

      Indeed, you and him will engage in beech walks, basket weaving and enjoy a nice Beaujolais after supper in your respective rocking chairs.

      What’s the problem?

      He could also give you a discount on shoes as well….


      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        I put it to you Sir that there’s no such thing as a nice Beaujolais, so in fact an excellent choice of wine for your comment

        1. ian-oG

          I stand corrected! In a nice pair for shoes I got a 10% discount on from Brent!

          Retirement with him ain’t so bad…..

      2. Fergalito

        Ah … Popey’s “Three B’s” then Ian-oG …. this stuff is starting to write itself.

        It’s like an Alan Partridge TV show pitch.

        Youth-Hosteling with Chris Eubank …

        Cooking in Prison ….

        Inner City Sumo … and Planning Your Retirement with Brent Pope !

        So what next for the Oirish Daily Mail …

        Fly-fishing with Ken Hammond?

        Campanology – Ringing a Bell with Ronan Keating ?

    2. Rosette of Sirius

      T’aint rocket science. Plan for your retirement with a pension plan and lots of AVCs. It’s the only way if you don’t have any other investments.

      Also, and here’s a top tip…. Most funds have performed very well over the past few years and a lot tied to American stock performance. Market is overheated imo and I see a bit of a contraction coming. If you’re over 50, now could be a good time to take out some of your 25% tax free and do something useful with it. And, this is important, if you’re over 55, you should definitely be locking in to a low risk investment plan now.

  3. Harry

    Anyone cop it yet that hundreds of new cases due to international travel
    But it’s not been reported here

    This virus was imported and as long as new cases come in it’s like king Knute trying to hold back the tide

    1. Zaccone

      We have a completely uncontrolled land border with Northern Ireland that has 400+ border crossings, that over 60,000 people a day cross. That we are completely unable to close for logistical, legal and political reasons.

      Delta spread in Ireland faster than anywhere else in the EU, despite us being the only EU country with a Mandatory Hotel Quarantine at the time, for just that reason. The huge economic, logistical and personal costs of MHQ were for exactly naught.

      Its completely pointless trying to limit international travel given that, as many people did try to point out at the time.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        we should really be blaming everyone on the sold out trains for Belfast for the nights out….oh no wait…the unvaccinated ffs

        1. SOQ

          Not just trains, hotels very busy too. And Belfast seems to be really going for it- never seen so many gigs and big name festivals as was this year.

        2. Micko

          Wait Janet…

          are you talking about the unvaccinated who have been locked out of participating in Irish social society since mid July through the use of Vaccination Passes

          They have been very successful in keeping cases down here.

          Sure on the 19th July when they were introduced there was 1033 cases in Ireland of Covid 19, and since we have locked the unvaccinated out of polite society there has been a significant reduction in. case…

          … oh wait.

          Yeah.. it’s just the unvaccinated fault. Let’s go with that so ;P

        3. Harry

          Well it’s time then that we end any restrictions bring life back to normal and live with the deaths
          Let’s face it rather a week dying from Covid than months from cancer
          Sick and tired of the remote working excuse being used by many companies

          1. SOQ

            But that is the point Harry- they should have done it three months ago when the conditions were such as to see a manageable rise in infections. They done the same thing last year when they opened for Christmas, in the full knowledge that they would be closing afterwards because of it.

            History will not be kind to these people because they are subversives- and they have blood on their hands.

      2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

        It’s an open border. Saying it’s ‘uncontrolled’ is just plain stupid in the current political context.

        But yes, the two different approaches to managing the virus North and South failed to acknowledge that people travel freely between the two jurisdictions for work, education and leisure.

        1. Cian

          And the North has had twice as many Covid deaths as we had.

          And there are real – 1000s of excess deaths.

        2. Zaccone

          “uncontrolled” is an entirely accurate description. There are no border controls on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

          Its also not just that people freely travel between the two jurisdictions of Northern Ireland and Ireland, its that people freely travel between the rest of the UK and Northern Ireland. So we in Ireland have currently, and have always have had during the crisis despite our hugely damaging MHQ, uncontrolled/free travel between ourselves and the UK for anyone who wants to.

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